Goodell says there’s momentum for expanding the playoffs


The league has its reasons for expanding the playoffs.  47.1 million of them, precisely.

That’s the size of the audience for Sunday’s wild-card game between the 49ers and Packers.

Speaking at an event in New York City on Tuesday night, Commissioner Roger Goodell acknowledged that momentum exists for expanding the postseason, via Bart Hubbuch of the New York Post.

Expansion, which recently was touted by Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, would entail the addition of one team per conference.  That team, a third non-division winner and No. 7 seed overall, would play the No. 2 seed in the wild-card round.  Thus, only two teams per year — the top team in each conference — would get a bye.

The addition of two playoff teams wouldn’t necessarily spark a shuffling of the current seeds, with division winners potentially losing their automatic home games in the opening round.  Goodell said there’s no momentum within the league for change in the seeding, even though he acknowledged that there may indeed be momentum within the media.

As we explained on Monday night’s edition of Pro Football Talk on NBCSN, the current system potentially makes for improved wild-card games by requiring the team with the better record to play the lesser team in its own building.  With the 12-4 49ers traveling to face the 8-7-1 Packers and the 11-5 Saints going on the road to play the 10-6 Eagles, the home-field advantage arguably equalized the talent gap and mades for more competitive games.

More importantly, a different seeding structure wouldn’t result in more money for the league.  Expanding the playoffs would generate more revenue by making two more big-ticket games available — especially in light of Sunday’s audience for the game at Lambeau Field.

Goodell said that the expanded wild-card round could begin on Friday, something he mentioned at quarterly meetings in October.  But that would result in teams having only five days’ rest before playing an inherently intense and physically demanding playoff game.

It would make more sense — and more money — to stick with the current structure on Saturday, add a night game on Sunday, and place the second extra game on Monday night, with the winner of the Monday night game guaranteed to play on the following Sunday in the divisional round.

On the issue of expanded revenue (one of the favorite topics of any business), it also would make sense to play a divisional-round game on Monday night, along with a conference title game on Monday night.

Sure, it’d create inconveniences and potential unfairness.  But inconveniences and unfairness can easily be justified if the outcome entails an expansion of the league’s overall cash pie.

The first step, which will more than offset the inevitable reduction of the preseason, will come from an expanded playoff field.  While it’s not final, it’s inevitable.

200 responses to “Goodell says there’s momentum for expanding the playoffs

  1. Let’s make it easy. EVERYONE makes the playoffs. The regular season is just for playoff seeding. Hell, let’s play until May because there is no such thing as “too much” and the owners can never satisfy that hunger for more money.

  2. I’m guessing the goal is to continue adding teams until the Cowboys can make the playoffs.

  3. You mean Jerrah’s trying insure some shot at the playoffs?
    How much is he paying you Roger?

  4. He’s determined to get those extra weeks and the owners extra money. Leave it alone Roger.

  5. As someone who watches football all day, every Sunday… I don’t know, I would be extremely disappointed if they expand the playoffs. I might or might not stop watching as much.

    I couldn’t get as excited for the regular season, knowing almost half the teams are in the playoffs. I could definitely find other things to do with my Sundays.

  6. If this doofus expands the playoffs and yet again implements a change for the worse of the NFL I am done watching.

    Please owners, get rid of this clown NOW!

  7. Goodell and Jerry Jones need to be expanded. Expanded away from the NFL. Or the league could become the next NHL or NBA. Every team makes the playoff, that do it for you Jerry?

  8. There are teams that have made the playoffs the last few years that clearly dont belong, why try to add teams that couldnt make it that far in the first place? Why do people want to add mediocre teams to the playoffs? Its already ridiculous that they have a playoff game in the middle of the day on saturday.

  9. Why have a regular season at all?!?

    Let’s just start with a 32 team double elimination tournament!!!

    And let’s require that…

    1) The Cowboys make the Final 8 by default…

    2) Only teams Rodge and his posse determine “optimum markets” be allowed in the final four…

    3) And each year we rotate to various native American Indian Tribes the option to pick the color of the flags the teams will use as we will no longer have tackle football by the year 2020….

  10. I’m for wiping out divisions and having NFC vs AFC. Now the best teams in each conference will make the playoffs. No more lazy 8-7-1 or 7-9 teams making the playoffs because their division is crap.

  11. Similar to thursday night football…more football SHOULD be viewed as a great thing…but its not. TNF games are garbage, and allowing more 7-9 teams in the playoffs would be too much.

  12. No more. You barely sold out three of the 4 games last weekend. There is no need to water down the regular season by adding another team.

    Spend some money on making refereeing a full time job. Maybe that will make a difference in providing us with a better product. The problem is that you’ll always have second guessing with different camera angles and replay. Respect for referees is pretty much doomed because of those things.

  13. Boo! Playoffs are supposed to be hard to make. These changes will essentially allow 1/2 the league to make the playoffs. What good is that?

    Oh yeah, I forgot…it’s not about the fans and the game, it’s about the money.

  14. Goodell is officially frustrating the hell out of me. Stop listening to the idiot owner of the texans and cowboys and start listening to the maras and Rooneys.

  15. Losers want playoff expansion. Period.

    And to further that point, ask the teams that EARN a bye if they’re willing to just go ahead and play a game instead for the sake of a television audience.

  16. I think we’ve heard a similar song and dance before. Didn’t end too well for Goodell the first time…

  17. I say leave it but I’d prefer this to expanding the regular season. If I’m forced to choose 1 I’ll take the extra wild card game over an 18 game schedule

  18. Didn’t think anyone could top Tagliabue’s incompetence but Rogers doing it. Stop messing with what’s not broken!

  19. U Know its funny how some haters say greenbay was so easy of a team to beat….kapp went in there with in coldest weather conditions and played to win that game…its not easy to beat green bay at home in those conditions!!! And just remember this guy has won playoff games and lead the 49ers to a superbowl!!! And seattle have fun with the saints this week with ur so called offense that could not beat the cards with 4 feekin turnovers!!!!!lol And the 49ers went up to the cards house 1 week later and beat them when u was un able to beat them with the 12th man!!! gooooooo 49ers

  20. The schedule and playoff format is just about as perfect of a system as you’re going to get.

    Why mess with a good thing? The NFL is having a hard enough time selling out wild card games as it is…..are people really going to be throwing money down on playoff tickets for teams that limp in with .500 records?

  21. I would definitely like it. It’s more football, my favorite professional sport. It really only adds 2 games, and still less than half the league makes the playoffs. Also gives more incentive to be the #1 team in the conference. If you are the best team, just win and nothing will change. Cardinals should’ve made the playoffs this year, and the Bears should’ve made the playoffs last year. I think 10-6 should get you in. Regular season records wouldn’t be messed with either.

  22. Absolutely stupid idea….NBA and NHL already diluted by allowing at least half teams in playoffs. Now NFL wants 2 more teams? Playoffs should be a reward for a good season, not the mediocrity of the 8-8 Cowboys.

  23. In related news, fan attendance at regular season games will decrease due to those games not meaning as much anymore.


    I call this the Kansas City Chiefs rule – so they can finally get a playoff win after 21 years.


  24. Expansion, which recently was touted by Cowboys owner Jerry Jones,

    This is who the NFL listens to! Please, that’s like Dennis Roman as commissioner of the NBA. Or should I say North Korea.

  25. So you failed at making an 18 game regular season so now you want to expand the playoffs. Is this also because “the people want expanded playoffs”?! You money greedy sob’s leave the NFL the way it is you dumb mfers. It’s gained it’s popularity the way it is, no one wants a watered down product because of injuries from a lengthy season which btw aren’t you for player safety you stupid MFERS!!!!!!

  26. They can add 3 more teams and Dallas would find a way to miss or be one and out so leave it as is

  27. Arizona finished 10-6 and did not make the playoffs. They won two more games that Green Bay, who got to hose a home playoff game.

    We are going to be pissed at watching two more games?

    More than two would be a lot, but I am alright with two. I am also good with reducing pre-season. I see everyone else’s point though, certainly getting close to letting unworthy teams get a shot. We already have last year’s Raven and 2011’s Giants sang rings. No knock to those guys, they one several really tough games in a row, but I think we entered a time of giving the team that is hot at the right time the green light long before this.

  28. Just another way for the owners to increase the amount they make in servicing their enormous greed without increasing league liability.

    I believe the NFL has peaked and will soon begin losing fans if they keep watering down the product.

    They’ve already made it so if you blink at a receiver its a PI, if somebody’s head snaps back when they’re hit its a helmet to helmet even if the hit was nowhere near the head, etc etc. Now they’re going to start sending 7-9 and 6-10 teams to the playoffs ???

    ZERO interest in seeing this happen.

  29. “Money, get away
    Get a good job with more pay and your O.K.
    Money it’s a gas
    Grab that cash with both hands and make a stash
    New car, caviar, four star daydream,
    Think I’ll buy me a football team”

    — Roger Goodell …. oops, cr@p … I mean Waters

  30. Just like there was “momentum” for an outdoor Super Bowl in the northeast (Sure was nice out here at the Rose Bowl last night wearing shorts and flip flops)? And “momentum” for more Thursday games. And “momentum” for more games in London. And “momentum” for an 18 game season. And “momentum” for full season pricing for preseason games.

    I think there’s momentum for Roger and his gang of greedy owners to receive full frontal lobotomies.

  31. Welp, it looks almost unanimous. No one here wants for this to happen. I think it’s a safe assumption that if you’re commenting on here you’ve most likely commented here before. I think it’s also safe to assume that if you’re a regular commenter you’re also a pretty die hard football fan.

    That’s the thing here. Goodell isn’t worried about us because he knows we aren’t going anywhere. You can pretend and say you will stop watching football if he keep dicking with it, but will you actually? Doubt it.

    Adding more playoff teams is attractive to the casual fan because it’s more football. The casual fan doesn’t care about watering down the product and the casual fan vastly outnumber us. We’re screwed.

  32. More more more more more more more!!!!! Sunday, Monday, Thursday, Saturday! More more more more!!! London, offense, two new teams in LA!!! More more more more more!!! Expanded playoffs, no extra point, no kickoff, no hitting above the waist or below the thigh. Money money money money! More more more more!!!! Two hours of commercials per game! More more more more!!!

    Pretty much sums up today’s NFL under RG. I guess nobody has learned from the housing bubble and Wall Street collapses. Fans are already being priced out of attending games, now we are being force fed a watered down product with a sham of a playoff system? I pray it never happens.

  33. Quit lying Goodell, there is NO momentum for expanded playoffs or an 18 game season. Quit trying to fix what is NOT broken.

  34. Here is another situation where things should be well enough alone. 8 division winners, four wild cards and a substantial award for the top two seed is working nicely.

    This is like the 18 game season and expansion to London – unpopular with fans and yet the league keeps launching trial balloons.

  35. I’d much rather keep the current format, but people saying it would water it down have short memories. The current format was installed when there were 28 teams. How is 12 of 28 teams less watered down then 14 of 32 teams? That argument makes no sense

  36. I am obviously in the minority here, but it sounds promising to me. I think adding one playoff team and one playoff game per conference seems imminently smart and reasonable.

  37. make it variable and say every year only teams with a winning record make the playoffs get rid of the 8-8 teams or worse. then at least there is reward for having a decent season

  38. The momentum is amongst the 32 owners only! every poll result I have seen says leave it alone.

    This is the same silliness as “their is demand for an 18 game schedule.”

    roger has laid low this season to rebuild his credibility and then he pulls this silliness and puts himself back in the dumpster. Dumb.

    Oh, stop having Jerry Jones act as the front man. everyone knows he’s a shill.

  39. Why make the extra game on Monday. Present schedule–


    New Schedule–
    Sat–1pm, 4.30PM, 8.10PM
    Sun–same just like in the regular season

  40. Definition of Momentum: Players are replaceable pieces of meat – our billionaire owners need more money.

  41. They had difficulty selling out the playoff games because, for example, the Colts had to compete with sold out Pacer and IU games. That, and the fact that the ticket prices were astronomical, 4x the regular season price, as I understand. But the real money is in the TV revenue

    Personally, I would have welcomed getting Arizona a playoff spot. The AFC this year was more problematic, but if Miami and Baltimore had won in week 17, we would have had the same situation in the AFC. They could easily add 2 games by starting at 1:00 on Saturday and Sunday and having night games both days. 1:00, 4:00 and 8:00. It seems like a good idea to me. It would raise the cap some and give more fans a team to root for. Not so very different than Basketball and Hockey. Nobody seems to mind their large playoff fields.

  42. Greed!! Before we know it, we’ll have 6 game, full priced preseason games, and 8 teams in the playoffs. Looks like Mr. Goodell is looking for a raise.

  43. What makes the NFL so exciting compared to other sports is the post season is selective. Too much of a good thing is not better. Goodell is going to ruin the NFL.

  44. Not trying to pick a fight with anyone, because the consensus is to “leave it alone”. I really don’t care one way or the other. I care more about re-seeding, than expansion/contraction of playoffs and/or even the regular season. Of course, to really make it simple, why not just end the regular season and have Denver and Seattle [old AFC West battle!] for the NFL title ? One more team per conference just doesn’t seem like a big deal to me, and with 4 divisions per conference, you end up with teams with good records going on the road playing teams with inferior records. Now that is wrong, IMHO. I also don’t understand the argument, “Leave it alone”. It wasn’t always this way. The worst thing with 2 and 3 divisions per conference was the occasional 10+ win team not making the playoffs but not being knocked out by a 9-7, 8-8, or 8-7-1 team. I don’t agree we should leave that alone.

  45. Don’t worry, the 18 game schedule will be next. This is not an either/or thing. If anything, they’ll use the extra playoff team as an excuse for adding to the regular season. They’re going to continue to milk this golden goose until they kill it!

  46. Why not only have 2 divisions per conference?
    That way only top 2 spots go to division winners and the rest go to the teams with the best records.

    Then lets see how many 10 win teams miss the playoffs.

  47. Lower ticket prices and end the stupid Blackout rule. More people watching the games on T.V means more revenue for the league, Lower ticket prices insures sold out stadiums.

  48. Owners better be careful that they don’t kill the goose that laid the golden egg. Just ask the NHL what the hazards are of diluting the quality of play.

  49. If the NFL actually cared about its future, it would go back to a 28-team, 14-game format. There would be four division winners and one wild-card team per conference. The fact that a bevy of .500 teams remain in the playoff hunt each season is a joke.
    Fewer regular-season games and a contraction of teams would make games more meaningful and teams a lot stronger. The playoffs should be exclusively for the league’s ELITE teams.
    The NFL won’t rest until a 6-10 team wins the Super Bowl.

  50. Can’t wait until he destroys the league. Think about it. Sundays are too precious to sit around watching tv all day

  51. I hate Thursday night football so I don’t want to see any more days added. The NFL is perfect as is, don’t let greed ruin it.

  52. Expand the playoffs by 1 team.
    Do NOT take away winning the division and going on the road.

    Division wins are earned. Everyone has that chance. Don’t win yours = you’re going on the road.
    No mercy.

  53. This is nothing but a money grab, and it’s bad for the game. We already have 8-8 and 7-9 teams making the playoffs. Let’s not reward mediocrity any more than we already have.

    I’m really getting tired of Goodell trying to make even more money for the owners at the expense of the players.

  54. I’ll be honest … I have grown resistant to any idea that Roger Goodell might suggest, both now and in the future. I’m at the point where if he thinks it’s a good idea, I become certain more than ever that the idea must really suck.

    For whatever reason, Goodell reminds me of the proud inventor of the “Jump To Conclusions” game from Office Space. Dude, please stop coming up with ideas.

  55. He needs to look at NASCAR and the half empty stands to see how to screw up a popular sport for the sole purpose of more money.

  56. Lol all the dislikes coming from fans who choose to expand because their team isnt good enough to make it. Instead of drafting and trading to get better, teams want to save money and say they are “good enough” cause they made the post season…

  57. You mean the owners would ruin the NFL further, because they think they may make some more money to pay off all their debts due to lavish lifestyles? Shocking….

  58. Stooped. Maybe Arizona shoulda been in the Dance this year. But more often than not, teams are there that really shouldn’t be.

    Besides, let Goodel get some CTE or a permanently damaged limb. Then maybe upgrading the Lear at someone else expense wouldn’t seem so pressing.

  59. More teams won’t make it more interesting. Too many rules as it is. Make the game more interesting by moving the kickoff back to where it was, adopt a 35 second clock and take the radios out of the helmets.

  60. The owners are ridiculous. No one wants 18 game regular seasons and half the teams making the playoffs. They have done a masterful job of making Goodell (their mouthpiece) take all the blame for their greedy policy changes. Sad.

  61. Now if he can somehow gwt his chargers to win the superbowl…then he can get that new stadium he wants built for them…now how can he do it..hmmm

  62. The playoffs are perfect the way they are… the ONLY thing I would consider tweaking. Not a full on reseeding, because I believe that if you win your division your earn a home game. Lets say though if for this post season. If GB and New Orleans would have made it to the NFC championship.

    The Saints would get to host it, because of the better record, and GB all ready hosted a home game for their division win.

    That’s the only thing I would consider changing other than that leave them alone.

  63. I’m not a huge NFL fan, but I would prefer to leave things as they are.

    But if they do go forward with this, why play a game on Monday? The first game on Saturday doesn’t start until 4:30, so why not just add a 1:00 start on Saturday? Saturday and Sunday triple headers, everything the NFL junkies in this country seem to crave.

  64. NFL makes more money = Rogers makes more money. The NFL is making so much money right now, the owners and roger should be happy. If it isn’t broken, don’t try and fix it! Don’t get greedy!

  65. Here we go again. Roger Goodollas fixing something that isn’t broken to squeeze a few more bucks out of the product. He is the worst thing that has ever happened to the NFL. I hate him with every fiber of my being.

  66. Such outrage. Such indignation on this board at the mere suggestion.

    If the Cardinals were playing the Panthers on Friday and say the Steelers at Patriots on Monday
    night, no one would clearly tune in…I mean, it’s the principle of the thing.

    Yeah, right. You’d all be watching, just like me. You might rage, but you’d watch.

  67. Great…..Why don’t you just create additional bowl games like college for all those teams feeling left out.

    Please don’t make the NFL like the NBA.

    12 teams is perfect.

  68. I don’t understand why people have such extreme response. I mean that quite literally, they take the news that one team per conference MIGHT be added to the playoffs and respond “let’s just let all the teams in and we can be like the NBA!!” Math was not my strong suit in school however the NBA doesn’t hold a playoff tournament where every franchise plays. Currently 16 of the 32 teams make the postseason tournament, which is 50% of the league. Granted, that is a higher percentage than the 37.5% the make the playoffs in the NFL. What part of this idea makes one jump from less than half of the NFL making the playoffs, even if two spots are added, to saying every team should make it? That’s pretty extreme.

    Maybe it stems from NFL fans needing to justify their rabid fandom by speaking badly of other leagues in order to make their chosen favorite sport seem even greater, therefore justifying their decision. The NFL fan boom of the last decade is driving me away from the league. It has spawned a legion of over zealous know-it-all Johnny-come-latelys that are maddening. What happened to the civil, less extreme NFL fans?

  69. Roger’s reign of incompetence continues.

    Why mess with a system that is almost perfect & water down the playoffs like the NHL & NBA? If you eliminate the bye for the two seed & one team is running away with best record, every other team more than a couple games over 500 will start sitting their starters in week 15.

    The extra money they gain from the extra playoff game will more than be offset with the diminished attention paid to the regular season. Goodell needs to go! He’s making Bud Selig look like a genus, which is no small feat.

  70. That first cold beer tastes great. The second and third go down just as smooth and are refreshing. The six and seventh beer are still pretty damn good. By the 12th I am drunk and don’t even taste them any more it is just drinking to get drunk. I wake up and don’t want to drink for awhile.

    The thing that makes the NFL so great is that there is enough of a break to let our desires be rekindled. We get a break after the Super Bowl and the draft comes in a few months, it gets us excited for camp. The season being longer and more playoff games are the 12th beer. It’s too much. The season is long enough to make us wanting more but more is not always the answer. The season and playoffs are long enough to make us happy but not too long as to have us be burned out. More is not always better. Stop trying to kill the Golden Goose.

  71. It seems most are against this, as am I. I’d be interested if Goodell ran a survey of season ticket holders league wide as to their thoughts.

  72. Do away with divisions and make 2 16-team conferences. Each team plays every team in the conf, a 15 game schedule. Then have the top 8 teams make the playoffs. 1 plays 8, 2 plays 7, etc.

    And while you’re at it, if you want the bye week so badly, take it in the middle of the season after week 8 so all the teams have the same bye week.

  73. No thank you. These already too many mediocre teams in the playoffs. I’m tired of seeing 8-7-1 records make the playoffs.

    Unfortunately we more than likely WILL see expanded playoffs. Why? Because the NFL doesn’t care about integrity or quality, they care about DOLLARS.

    The NFL cares about dollars so much that it donates only 10%, yes TEN percent of its pink merchandise apparel to breast cancer awareness.

    Stay classy, Rpger Goodell

  74. I’m OK with this as long as the NFL does it as a five year trial only.

    – Change something someplace else such shortening the preseason from 4 to 3 games.
    -Do something about divisional winners with 9-7 records hosting teams with better records than them.
    -No 18 games season as once planned.
    -Only two weekends to settle playoffs one of those weekends being the bye. In other words, it will be football orgy.

    This is a soft economy, so if this 5 year trial shows the game did not fare well, then revert back to the original. But keep 3 preseason games.

  75. This would be ideal, and by going to seven teams per conference, we also could do one other thing that has been long needed: Make home field based SOLELY on record as is done in the NBA with home court (in the NBA, if a lower seed has a better record than a higher seed, the lower seed gets home court). The only exception as I would do it would be where a division champion would get home field over a wild card if they have identical records AND the wild card did not beat the division champion during the regular season (if in different divisions).

    This is how it would have looked if it were in effect this season:

    #1 Seed and first-round Bye: Broncos

    First Round:
    #7 Steelers (8-8) at #2 Patriots (12-4)
    #6 Chargers (9-7)** at #3 Bengals (11-5)
    #5 Chiefs (11-5)** at #4 Colts (11-5)

    **– If the Chiefs had been able to improve to the #3 seed by beating the Chargers, they likely would not have rested their starters and we could have then seen that game end differently. If the Chiefs had won, they would have been the #3 seed and hosting the Steelers (moved up to the #6 seed) while the Ravens would have become the #7 seed and been in New England against the Patriots (seeded second) in the first round.

    #1 Seed and first-round Bye: Seahawks

    First Round:
    #7 Packers (8-7-1) at #2 Panthers (12-4)
    #6 Cardinals (10-6)* at #3 49ers (12-4)
    #5 Eagles (10-6)* at #4 Saints (11-5)

    *- If the Cardinals had defeated the 49ers in their regular season finale, they still would have played each other in round 1 of the playoffs in SF, but with the Cards seeded fifth and 49ers seeded fourth. The Eagles-Saints matchup would also have remained the same except for it being a 6-3 matchup if the Cardinals had won (since the Cards would have been 11-5).

    Seeding solely by record is how it should be done.

  76. Goodell is an ass. He knows what is better for the game, and he bullishly pushes the option that will grab cash now and will dilute and eventually ruin a good thing.

  77. It really is quite frustrating to see the commissioner trying to force a playoff expansion that over 80% his fans do NOT want.

    Its time to organize against this egotistical megalomaniac and make it clear, that if the playoffs are expanded it will just be about the money and nothing else. And every one will know that Goodell once again is giving a big FU to the people ultimately playing his overinflated salary.

  78. Sure there’s momentum for expansion of the playoffs; because there are more losers then winners.

    Case in point: Jerry Jones and his sorry team that has gone 8-8 three years in a row and can’t make the playoffs legitimately.

    Don’t listen to all those losers. The initial number of teams in the playoffs is fine as is.

  79. Not every Commissioner can be like Pete Rozelle and make an epic move that is a cash cow for the league.

    I wish the NFL would focus on making more money from the web, radio, apps, fantasy games & paid content that provides more in-depth coverage.

    Stop poking the goose and scramble the eggs instead.

  80. “But inconveniences and unfairness can easily be justified if the outcome entails an expansion of the league’s overall cash pie.”

    I really like this idea but I’ll also say that if the decision is made based purely on league revenue, this is yet another reason why I’m becoming less and less a NFL fan. How much is enough? I couldn’t watch the NBC games last weekend because my local cable company is bickering over contract terms with NBC. Am I to believe this has 0% to do with how much NBC pays the NFL to broadcast games? Sorry fellows, I’m calling BS.

  81. I like it because it truly rewards the regular season conference champ. so often the two and three seeds are decided by tiebreaker for who gets the all important bye week.

  82. I assure you we haven’t even gotten close to the over saturation of the NFL that the league has planned. Personally I see it as more games to gamble on but we are getting close to calling these playoff games “Bowl” games.

  83. How about we have an 82 game season like basketball while you at it. Let’s do a 20 team playoff format that way some 5-11 teams can have a shot to get in hell even a 4-12 team if it’s a bad year. Everything is fine just the way it is, adding more games is just gonna increase injuries. I bet no players would agree to this, goodell is not out there on the field taking hits so he has no ideal what these players go through

  84. Keep watering down the product Roger! You’ll eventually kill the goose that lays the golden eggs! The NASCARification of the NFL continues.

  85. Their greed will ultimately dilute then damage the game we all love. When games lose their importance, they become merely a show. It’s their toy and we fans have to pay to see it. These billion dollar boys aim to squeeze every cent they can out of their cash cow. Their greed will end up killing it. They’ll just move on then, leaving fans with the bills for their palaces.

    Thanks, Roger. You’re the epitome of what’s wrong with Corporate America.

  86. NFL becomes the new NHL: ignore the regular season until a month or so before playoffs, then begin to pay attention. Look for many more empty seats when 0-6 and 1-6 teams reach mid-season. And 80% of fans don’t want it– its THEIR game Goodell and The Mummy from Dallas!

  87. Goodell is a tool and should be suspended for conduct that is detrimental to pro football.
    Oh and please get rid of Thursday nite football.

  88. Does anyone ever remember a commissioner who constantly changed the rules every year he was commissioner. Heck, he even changed the draft so the league could make more money. And he desperately attempts to keep playing nfl in europe even though mobody cares in in europe or the U.S. except for him. It just amazes me how he gets control and starts changing everything around, almost to claim the sport as his own. The fans built the NFL and his 20 million dollar salary so why doesnt he even attempt to see what the fans would like done? He really wants to be known as the commissioner “who changed the NFL”, but he doesnt realize that you could put a chimpanzee as the commissioner and it would still be the best sport in the united states. Goodell’s ego doesnt seem like it has an off-switch. Soon hes gonna create three superbowls… the two teams who win that battle off in the super duper bowl.

  89. All of my friends agree that we need more playoff teams. Then again, I only have one friend!

  90. Adding another team really dilutes the regular season.

    I think it’s less of an issue in other sports where there is a series of games to determine who advances. There you can sort of say a 5 or 7 game series lets a team earn their spot in the next round.

    With only 1 game per round in the NFL, the regular season becomes the means of earning your spot. If you continue to expand the NFL, it’s going to become like the NBA where teams don’t even need to try for half the season.

  91. The only way it would make sense is to add 6 per conference. Then you would have an All wild card round and all 4 winners would then play the divisional round. Other than that all scenarios suck.

  92. First, the whole idea of reseeding teams because a division winner had a worse record than a wild card team, just got blown out of the water this past weekend with 3 of the 4 road teams winning. Had the chiefs won, it would have been all 4 road teams winning. And now you are arguing that we still should have reseeding because the games were too competitive?

    Second, don’t add another playoff team.

    Leave things alone !

  93. I understand why the NFL is hesitant to expand the regular season by adding games. Injuries are already at a seemingly all time high. As much as I would love more football (Especially since I am a Dolphins fan and the regular season is the only time they play), it’s understandable. I would not, however, understand not expanding the playoffs a bit. It seems a bit condensed and there are always good teams getting left out. The division winners should make the playoffs, seeing as winning your division is always priority number one. Maybe add a few wildcard teams?

  94. the only real momentum is in the accountants and RG0’s mind …. so in other words – logistics and common sense be damned
    fiddle away roger fiddle away !

  95. Some of you guys need to realize that Goodell is a spokesperson for the owners, he doesn’t make any decisions at all.


  96. A hundred times NO. Too many teams making the playoffs is half the reason nobody gives a damn about the first few rounds of the NBA and MLB playoffs.

  97. Would someone please fire this guy before he further ruins the NFL? If this nonsense comes to fruition, it will be by far one of the worst decisions made during his reign of terror. Excuse me, reign of Error.

  98. Hey Godell! I thought u were.trying to lessen injuries shortened weeks for thenplayoffs will not do that. Guess it is just about the money not the players. Why don’t u just pick your favorite teams and owners and give them an automatic bid in the playoffs.

  99. NO NO NO. They system is just fine right now. Nothing needs to be expanded Roger. You have screwed up enough of the NFL already.

  100. Almost all fans are against it. It will water down the product and making the playoffs will be way less special. I couldn’t hate it more. Also, there is basically always at least one number 1 seed or number 2 seed in every superbowl. With one team having the bye, it will give that team too much of an advantage.

  101. Did the NFL learn nothing from the NBA? I’m not even an NBA fan, but the worst thing that league ever did to itself was expand its playoff format to 8 teams per conference and have each round be 7 games. Now teams under .500 have real shots to make the playoffs every year, especially in the East this year where currently there are only three – THREE – teams above .500. How is that good for any professional sports league?

  102. So we should get excited about seeing more 8-8 or 7-9 teams in the playoffs? Really? Of course this is from the same guy who thought playing a Super Bowl in an outdoor stadium in New York in February was a good idea. Maybe he’d get clued in if enough fans sent him dunce caps with his name on them.

    How about this for an idea? Limit the playoff spots to six per conference, UNLESS you have a ten win team or better that would be seeded below that. So in other words, this year, an extra playoff game would have been played in the NFC because Arizona went 10-6, but not in the AFC because no other team outside of the top six even finished above .500.

  103. 2 preseason games
    4 regular season games
    16 playoff games

    Seems reasonable to me…

  104. Goodell is the best money grubber the NFL has ever had. The owners love this guy for making them richer than they already are.
    The playoffs will be expanded if it means more money for billionaires. Simple as that.
    Also, The London Jaguars and Mexico City Chargers will be big money moves.

  105. The League’s Crusade Against The Steelers Continues says:
    Jan 7, 2014 8:39 PM
    Really because I just say a pol that said 80% of fans like the current format. Again, Goodell shoving his agendas down our throat.


    You may be right, but I bet those 80% of fans would still have the eyes on the TV screen watching the extra playoff game that was added and that is why Goodell can and will do this.

    We, as fans gripe and complain, but then act like sheep and prove him right.

    Going a different view, I do NOT want an 18 game season, nor do the players. But I bet a lot of players wouldn’t mind having another playoff team added as THAT is a game they’d like to play in vs. a 17th or 18th regular season game.

    If given a choice between 18 regular season games or an extra playoff team, I’ll take the extra playoff game.

  106. Is anybody more out of touch with the fans than Roger Goodell. He will be responsible for the decline in football popularity years from now with the decisions and ideas he has.

  107. Growing up in the 80s, the game was accessible basically at 1:00 and 4:00 – including the playoffs. That accessibility made me the fan I am. Now I have no idea when games start (1:00, 4:05, 4:15, 4:40, 8:20, 8:30, conference championship are like 3:30 and 6:30). More importantly, as a parent to a pre-schooler, there is so much football now he won’t get to see on Thurs, Sun & Mon nights, and next I’ll have to send him to bed at halftime during a playoff game on a school night, the most important games of the year. Thanks for helping me foster a love of the game in a younger generation.

  108. This would be one of the dumbest moves of all time. Goodell has already destroyed kickoffs and made the game boring. Now this. I’ve seen polls with thousands of votes where 80% oppose this. The NFL has the perfect playoffs system, where about 37 or 38% of the teams make the playoffs. This looks like a pure money move at the expense of the game, and it’s sickening. I will not be as big of a fan.

  109. Can’t they just do 1, 4, and 8 o’clock games on Saturday and Sunday. I can give my wife the credit card and tell her to go nuts, and I could stay home and watch football for 2 straight days. The more I think about it the more I like it.

  110. First off I’m totally against it. Look at hockey where half the league makes playoffs and it seems to drag on forever. Keeping the playoffs where it is makes each week that more important. Look at what the college game is doing with way too many bowl games. I remember growing up it used to mean something to make a bowl. Now everyone seems to make a bowl and no one even cares anymore. Also, my Brownies will still miss the playoffs even if they do expand them, making the Factory of Sadness that much sadder.

  111. NO. Do not let Goodell ruin our league! I had this very conversation last week with friends. The consensus is this is not good for the NFL. The NFL playoff system is great the way it is. Nor do we want 18 game seasons.

  112. The current playoff system should be left intact. If the expanded playoff system were in place this year then the 10-6 Arizona Cardinals would have made the playoffs. But interestingly Cardinal fans are not complaining and whining about it. Arizona fans realize that their team benefited from the current format during their Superbowl run when the NFC West when the weakest division in football. Better that a 10-6 team miss the playoffs from time to time than having 8-8 and 7-9 teams consistently making the playoffs. Roger – It ain’t broke – so don’t try to fix it.

  113. I like the idea of a 14-team playoff, but hate the idea of a game on Friday or Monday. With only 1 team getting a bye, and one more team getting in as the 7 seed, you will have fewer teams playing their JV squad in week 17. And keep the games on the weekends – just have games at 12:30, 4:00 and 7:30 on Saturday and Sunday. It’s already bad enough that World Series, the college football national championship, Sunday & Monday Night Football and the NBA finals games start at 8:30 or 9:00 Eastern, which keeps most kids and adults that have to get up at 5 AM the next day from watching. I know why it’s done – because everybody in the Pacific time zone would be so OFFENDED by a game starting before they get home from work. Apparently no one on the left coast has this DVR thing yet. But I still thik games should be started early enough that everyone can see the end.

  114. The expansion of the playoffs COULD make sense, depending on how it is structured.

    Here’s how it could be done:

    Wildcard Qualifier – the two teams with the worst records, regardless of winning their divisions, play for the sixth seed. One game Sunday afternoon, one game Sunday night. Seeds 1-5 (based on record alone) all get get a bye.

    Wildcard Weekend – Third seed plays sixth seed and fourth seed plays fifth seed. One game Saturday afternoon, one game Saturday night, one game Sunday afternoon, one game Sunday night. First and Second seeds are given byes (but are allowed a full practice schedule).

    Quarter Finals – First seed plays lowest remaining seed, second seed plays against the other remaining seed. One game Saturday afternoon, one game Saturday night, one game Sunday afternoon, one game Sunday Night.

    Conference Finals – Two remaining teams play for their chance to go to the Super Bowl. One game Sunday night, one game Monday night.

    Super Bowl is played on the Sunday two weeks after the Conference round, exactly as is it now so there is not a disadvantage to playing the Monday night game.

    Pro Bowl is played the week after the Super Bowl. Anyone who is voted to the Pro Bowl and declines to play due to any reason barring injury is ineligible for a nomination in the next season.

    One additional week of playoffs add to the revenue of the season, extra length of byes will encourage teams to keep their starters in for the whole season to keep away rust, the two lowest records playing for the last spot in the playoffs keep it from being overly watered down, changing the seeding to be based on record rather than conference titles would ensure that the strongest teams get home games, the regular season isn’t devalued, and you can have more night games.

  115. Im clearly in the minority. I think adding another playoff team from each conference is a good idea allowing only one bye for the two top seeds.

    I like the current seeding.

    I think the player safety initiatives make sense and are more likely to preserve the game over time rather than destroy it.

    2 changes I’d like to see. Asking for a flag by anyone other than the head coach should be unsportsmanlike conduct. Pulling opposing players off a pile (fumble) should be unnecessary roughness.

  116. While you are at it, Roger, why not increase the type of plays that can be reviewed so that we can be even more bored and the league can squeeze in a few more commercials? Just one more reason to ignore the regular season. Two months until Spring Training. (Sigh).

  117. Why not combine Goodell’s retarded ideas? Put two teams in London and give them automatic playoff spots.

  118. As usual you list the ways its better and how to make it work. How about listing the ways it’s not for the betterment of the league. Take away the second bye, and the competition at the end of the season by the better teams trying to gain a week off will be replaced with competition by 8-8 or 7-9 teams struggling to make it into the playoffs. When does the billion dollar business have enough money, greed has been a downfall throughout history. They had problems selling out the games this past weekend. IF IT ISN’T BROKE DON’T FIX IT.

  119. This guy is ruining the league. After 50+ years a season ticket holder three years ago I sold our seat license for 5 times what we paid and I don’t regret it one bit!!! Owners want to squeeze every penny out of you, most players don’t want to play but the want to get paid. Just my opinion

  120. What is the purpose of the playoffs? Originally, it was to choose the “best” team from among those who had any legitimate claim at being the best. Those days are long gone. Four of the past fourteen Super Bowl winners have been wild card teams – obviously not the best team for the season as a whole. The playoffs have morphed into a second season – a single elimination knock-out tournament where anything can happen. Just acknowledge that that’s what it is, and expand it already.

  121. As I recall, 35 years ago when the current format was adopted, a lot of fans hated the idea of having TWO wild card teams in each conference. One wild card makes more sense.

  122. I’d be okay with this if there was a provision to require wild card to teams to have a winning record. This year: Cardinals in… Steelers out…

  123. Goodell is the ultimate owners’ commissioner because if it equates to more money, he’s on board 110%. Problem is, good commissioners understand there’s a balancing act between the blind greed of the owners and what the fans will put up with before they start losing their love for the game.

  124. OK FANS! BOYCOTT THE ADDITIONAL PLAYOFF GAME. If they cannot sell the air time, your opinion will matter when this newest scheme doesn’t pan out. How about seeding the worst team to play the best team? Then everyone plays the same amount of games to win the SB. It might stop teams like the Colts from tanking a season for the first pick. How about names from a hat for draft order? These greedy owners are going to kill the Golden Goose. I am an avid fan, but this makes me want to take my ball of dollars and go home.

  125. Look, I’m a die hard Steeler fan, but they REALLY don’t deserve to be in the playoffs this year. If they were added, all it would do is risk injuries to another (deserving) team’s players. Leave it the way it is.

    Guys I’m at the tipping point to just stop watching. This is getting getting silly, and I’m feeling like an idiot to keep buying what these asses are selling. How much money is enough??? The answer is “the most we can get.” Period.

    Roger, focus on other aspects, like educating players…helping retired players that built your organization…lead the industry in testing for PEDs and enforce the policies…pay refs full time and set up a system so no one (not even the refs) know what game they will work until the day of…

    You know why none of this is happening??? Because they’re not in Roger’s interests.

  126. If I was the commish I would improve the game by doing the following. 1-Every contract would have this clause ( This is a dangerous game. You may and probably will sustain some major injury.Some of these injuries may have lasting effects that we at this time do not know the full ramifications including death. The NFL accepts no responsibilities in the injuries that you may receive. You will also wear any protection equipment as deemed necessary by the NFL but I understand that any required equipment is no guarantee against any injury or lasting ramifications.) you get my drift. 2- Get rid of the kick off rule!! Get rid of the tuck rule!! Get rid of the no contact after 5 yards rule!!!!! Change the helmet rule to malicious intent. In other words you don’t penalize for a glancing blow or unintended hit but you do for an obvious “spear shot”. All malicious intent penalties are then sent to 3 teams in the other conference that the teams don’t play in which each player and coach will vote on the intent. The majority of votes yea or nay will represent each teams vote. If two of the three teams vote yea then the player penalized will automatically be suspended for 8 games. second offense 1 year and third offense banned to ever play again in the NFL. If voted nay then nothing happens to said player.3- If you add a team to the playoffs then the team must have a winning record and plays the 2nd seeded team. If no team has a winning record then no extra team plays and the 2nd seed has a bye. 4- 3%-5% of all monies collected, all contracted player coach front office… concessions, tv and radio, licensing … , will go to research and development for better safety equipment and medical developments, personal medical bills if needed for a player or sideline injury. Set cap limits on player, coaching positions in accordance with years played and coached. 5- Mandate that all NFL owners set aside 10% of profits to revamp their stadiums atleast once every ten years.

  127. This is about one thing and one thing only and that is the league will no doubt put these playoff games on the NFL Channel. Not only will they get extra revenue from the games themselves they’ll get advertising revenues paid directly to them without having to share them with the networks.

  128. An unamed source is reporting that the golden goose was seen on crutches. Seems someone chopped its legs!

  129. Might be a good idea if it automatically slots the top two teams left- like the 10+ win teams who have missed the playoffs the last few years.

    And if it increased incentive to win the #1 seed instead of quitting in week 17 a la the ’13 Chiefs.

  130. Or leaving out strong teams from strong division the way the Cardinals got left out b/c of the success of the 49ers and Seahawks.

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