Gronk to have surgery Thursday

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On December 8, Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski suffered a torn ACL on a low hit against the Browns.  One month and one day later, he’ll undergo surgery to repair it.

Per multiple reports, Gronkowski will undergo surgery on Thursday in Florida, with Dr. James Andrews (who else?) presiding.

Coincidentally, Thursday also marks the one-year anniversary of Robert Griffin III’s reconstructive knee surgery.  With Dr. James Andrews (who else?) presiding.

The delay arises from a desire to allow Gronkowski’s torn MCL to heal before replacing the ACL.  It also means that Gronkowski’s availability for Week One of the 2014 regular season becomes an even bigger question mark.

Regardless of how long it takes, here’s hoping that Gronkowski doesn’t borrow any of RGIII’s phrases from 2013, like “All In For Week One” and the oxymoronic (and otherwise moronic) “Operation:  Patience.”

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  1. Difference between RG3 and Gronk…is the organizations. Belichick can survive up until week 6-8 next season without Gronk, the redskins couldn’t survive a day without an RG3 story.

    Get well, Gronk, we miss you!!!

  2. With it being such a lengthy injury and it happening so late in the year, I wonder why they waited that long?

  3. With the focus of hits shifting further down the body to avoid fines….I imagine business is going to be good for Doc Andrews.

    Shoot for mid-season to see Gronk on the field.

  4. The hit on Gronk and Randall Cobb for that matter make me sick. I’m not blaming the tacklers or even the league. But something is wrong when defenders are diving at knees like this. Fix it this off-season! Please.

  5. this guy is a PED farm.

    this is what happens when someone who supplements their genetics tries to play in a league with real athletes that belong there.


  6. Sometimes they can’t perform the surgery until the swelling goes down which is most likely the reason why they’ve waited a few weeks to operate.

  7. Clearly a dirty hit that ruined the Patriots season.

    NFL needs to do something about these low hits.

    So sick of hearing people argue that this is the only alternative to head hunting.

    How about driving your shoulder into the mid section, wrapping and taking to the ground? Also known as tackling.

    DB’s are afraid to man up and body a player because they’ll get run over more often. Well too bad, that’s not an excuse to take cheap shots at players knees.

  8. I fear the fork is out for the Gronk. Hard to justify the investment in him when he misses half every season due to injury. Some are possibly self inflicted, but many have been “flukes” or out of his control. Still, the “injury prone” tag makes one wonder if he is going to have much of a career any longer

  9. Not a Pats fan although I like Gronk. Too bad he’s been riddled with injuries. He could have possibly been the best tight end ever or at least in the top 3 if healthy.

    He kind of reminds me of Mark Bavaro a little.

  10. You honestly think NFL players are “only natural?” Being 300 pounds+ and moving and looking like these guys is not natural. Atleast 50% of NFL players are on PEDs. They keep putting off HGH testing for a reason.

  11. Welker tore his ACL and MCL in Week 17 of 2009. He was back participating in MAY Mini-camp and played in the preseason. Gronk is 24. I think he’ll be back Week 1 ready to go.

  12. I also tore my acl a few years ago. The dr waited a month before performing the surgery. My knee, literally looked like a football. Good luck Gronk, we miss you.

  13. NOBODY wants to tell the truth on this BS,,,,Players from HS to College to the PRO’s are being taught to use their helmets like a speeding bullet..they no longer tackle with their body,,PERIOD,,,,on any given play you will see the CB/LB/FS lower their helmet and drive for the body. Conversley,,you see RB/QB/WR,,as they get ready to be tackled scrunch up and lower their helmets like battering rams…..this is why we have oall the concusions and other injuries,,,,use of the head to tackle….on the GRONK play the defender never even put out his arms to tackle him,,,he lowered his shoulder and helmet and dove at his legs

  14. baltimoresnativeson says: Jan 7, 2014 10:55 AM

    what the heck is going on in that picture?


    Took me a minute to figure out but he’s being carted off the field.

    I think the time off his feet will be good for Gronk and his back issues. I’m sure he’ll be back by week 4 and dominating again until his next injury.

  15. cheapseater says:

    Gronk’s always gonna have surgery on Thursday. A brittle beast, that Gronk.

    Did you see any of the hits that injured Gronk ? Most of them were brutal. I don’t think there’s a player in the league that wouldn’t have had their knee blown out by that low hit.

  16. 1rockyracoon says:Jan 7, 2014 11:01 AM

    Can we place a bet on his next injury? Hall of Fame talent on a body not willing to cooperate.


    You could be right.

    He needs to adust his playing style slightly or he’ll be out every year. That hit would have killed any player’s ACL. You can’t have your leg there. He has to protect himself a bit instead of going Gronk style all the time, but he might not be able to do it.

    Don’t ask me how he broke his forearm on an extra point though.

  17. These injuries are not a result of defenders having to go low because they are afraid of a fine. Going for the head was a relatively new problem. Prior to that…there wasn’t a big issue with knee injuries. So what changed?

    Prior to the recent shift to head hunting, defenders tackled with proper technique. Planting their shouler pads on the ball carrier’s thigh, waist, or chest and wrapping their arms.

    Gone is proper tackling…and launching your body head first into the ball carrier’s legs is the new way to tackle. Maybe they should go back to teaching how to tackle.

    One of the biggest problems is they have made helmets TOO good. The better they make them, the more players feel like their head is a battering ram. Take away helmets and you would be surprised how quickly proper tackling techniques would return.

  18. I feel bad for Gronk. Terrible hit on a body that’s been hit and hit some more. Add an infection post-op to the mix and it’s been a long year that’s about to start over. I hope he has a good recovery and is back when it’s time for him to be back. But, we’ll all hear the rush-him-back stories because they sell and have to endure it throughout preseason and then a six-week respite will ensue before he returns.

  19. Pats homers so upset here.
    Team will do just fine without him, as evidenced this year.
    He will be back for next season, calm down, nothing to see here.

  20. To say he’s injury-prone is a little unfair. He has been injured, but the one was a freakish forearm break when his arm got caught between helmets on an extra point and rather than let it heal fully, the Patriots rushed him back and made it worse, and the ACL tear was unavoidable with the hit that Ward put on him. He has always been physical on the field and those are really the only two instances he’s been hurt, neither injury coming from his playing style. Hopefully he returns 100% from this injury whenever he’s ready; he’s obviously a huge part of this offense and one of the best players in the league. Regardless of if you like the team or not, you should want to see him on the field

  21. Look Im a long time Patriots die hard and love Gronk’s play and what he does for Brady
    but lets face it, they only way he’d be in worse physical shape from here on out is if Hernandez had shot him.

  22. This guy is another Bob Sanders, great football player that is injury prone and just can’t stay healthy. Just like Sanders not worth the investment IMO, misses way to many games for the money being paid.

  23. Says right in the article that the surgery was delayed to allow proper healing of the also injured MCL, prior to ACL reconstruction. Hope Gronkowski heals well this time n gets back to his fighting form. Go Pats!

  24. Gronk who?

    Is that one of the many players Belicheat was counting on to win him a post-SpyGate Super Bowl, to save his legacy?

    Like Aaron Hernandez?

  25. For the last time the hit wasn’t a cheap shot. I have no rooting interest in either team involved, but players are so strong and fast today sometimes you need to throw your body low

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