James Jones was willing to play through pain for Packers

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The Packers were banged up at wide receiver, so one of their receivers was willing to conceal an injury to stay on the field.

Packers wideout James Jones told Lori Nickel of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that he played after breaking a pair of ribs against the Steelers on Dec. 22, which had him spitting up blood the following day.

I pride myself on being tough,” Jones said. “I broke my ribs in Pittsburgh. But I played through it, practiced through it. You know, when you practice through it, you don’t have to put it on the injury report or none of that because I’m out there at practice every day. It’s part of the game. You’ve got to go out there.

“There’s a lot of guys out there that’s playing with injuries that people don’t know about – and then put themselves on the line for their team.”

Jones never appeared on the injury report during the time he was in pain, but is apparently OK to talk about it now, since he’s a free agent.

Demonstrating his toughness might help him earn favor with his employer, though it’s yet another in a line of undisclosed injuries that no one seems to be really worried about.

22 responses to “James Jones was willing to play through pain for Packers

  1. Played thru the pain of the declining pittsburgh steelers who haven’t been to the playoffs in two years.

    By the way… the hurt James Jones had his 3rd highest yardage total of the year against the declining non-playoff pittsburgh steelers.

    Interesting Stuff.

  2. You can’t play, eat walk or talk without ribs, but he managed. He needs to gets paid.

  3. I truly appreciate his efforts, yet I wonder if the injury contributed to him dropping two passes vs SF. If so, perhaps it would have been better for the team if he’d not played.

  4. Hello VIKING Fan and the rest of you NFC North fans who have taken great joy in the Packers resent play 0ff loss and puff your chests out because you feel like your team won or something. Since many of you like to troll and come to Packers blogs and spew your idiotism, I would like to ask you some questions before you start finding something wrong with this blog and ripping on the Packers and their fans again.
    1) Who would you rather have on your team a) one of the best HOF running backs that has 2 maybe 3 good years left, or
    b) one of the best quarterbacks in the league that has 5-7 good years left in him and a up and coming running back that made 2nd team all pro in his rookie year?
    2) Would you rather go to a) the play offs a couple times in the past 5 years, or
    b) go one and done 3 of the last 5 years and win the Super Bowl one of those years?
    3) In your teams history would you a) rather win the NFC North/Central more than any other team in your division and go to the Super Bowl 4 time and lose them all, or
    b) go to 5 Super Bowls and win 4 of them?

    I could go on but you get the picture. If you chose “a” in any of these questions your a liar, really stupid or you have no clue. Packer fans love their team and for those of you that love to rip us we take that as flattery and realize that you have very little or no self-esteem.

  5. Had this guy on my fantasy team this year because I was sure he was finally going to have a breakout year. Never happened. Fast legs, mediocre hands. Period. Sunday just showed what he’s been like ALL year.

  6. Not sure if this ends up helping his value on the free-agent market or not. Either way, can’t see GB bringing him back. They have a cheaper alternative at the ready in Jarrett Boykin.

  7. Yeah, I did the same thing (I had 3 broken ribs) as a HS wrestler 25 years ago….that’s how men (even young ones) acted back then though. Why the need to make a negative out of guys playing with injuries? That’s something to be admired, not questioned. Thank God America didn’t have today’s worry-wart mentality back in the 40’s….if so we’d all be speaking German right now.

  8. The only team in the NFC North to win a Super Bowl (actually, two of them) in the past 20 years is the Green Bay Packers. Don’t like it? Tough marbles, lol.

  9. I hope the Packers can keep him. They need 4 good WRs in order for the offense to be at its best, and they have much bigger needs to worry about in the draft. Jones did not have as good a season this year as last – at least partly due to injuries (he had knee problems that he didn’t even mention here) and due to the unsettled QB situation for half the year. Sadly (for his wallet) that may keep bids low on him in free agency, which – happily – may see him back with the Pack.
    He’s one of my favorite players. Never seems fazed by anything; always seems to have a smile ready.

  10. I thought something was wrong with him the last couple of games. He didn’t look like his normal self. Plus, I think he was injured earlier too.

    James Jones is a good guy, and I hope the packers can keep him.

  11. “…and I hope the packers can keep him.”

    He’s going to want a big payday. Last year he caught everything Rodgers threw at him. He seemed to revert to his years before ’12 this
    year. Might be due to broken ribs or other injuries but bottom line is he’ll be allowed to go look around in FA by the Packers. Best case is that he doesn’t get what he’s looking for and comes back to GB or, and this is probably more realistic, Minnehaha will take off after him and sign him for $40-50 million contract.

  12. I hope that the Packers can resign him.

    Still the one thing that drives me nuts is how he often carries the ball in the wrong arm. Whenever he is running along the right sideline, he carries the ball in his left arm leaving it open for a strip.

  13. Ya, its got to be getting very painful for the pathetic pack losing to the 49ers again, I hear they just might put the 49er emblem on that crappy field since they own that place !!!

  14. Can’t wait til the 49er’s current window closes so we can all look back fondly on the NFC’s version of the Shawne Merriman Chargers.

  15. “Had this guy on my fantasy team this year because I was sure he was finally going to have a breakout year.”

    Cause those 14 TD’s LAST year tipped you off, right?

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