Jay Gruden has a series of rapid-fire interviews

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He couldn’t get points lined up so quickly for the Bengals in the playoffs, but Jay Gruden has job interviews stacked up this week.

According to Mark Maske of the Washington Post, Gruden is talking to the Titans today, will interview with the Redskins Wednesday and the Vikings Thursday.

There’s no word on when or if he’s going to work in the Lions, who were reported to be interested earlier this week.

But it’s clear that the teams talking to him are looking at a deeper body of work, and are willing to ignore the failures of his hand-picked quarterback in the postseason.

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  1. Please sign him!
    One in a million disappointed Bengals fan.

    Dalton is a good qb, but anyone who gameplans for him to throw for 51 attempts a game is asking for trouble. Hopefully he goes to a team with a gunslinger because that is how he calls games.

  2. Jay is definitely the stud of this family. Decent college qb, one of the best players in Arena Football history, one of the greatest coaches in Arena Football history, got the Cincy freaking Bengals into the playoffs three straight years. Also grew up in Florida. Miami Dolphins are you paying attention?

  3. I’m sure 75% of the people who work in the NFL front offices know that having a 5th rounder and 3rd rounder as #2 and #3 wide receivers who are only visible 20% of the season, the undependable and non-explosive TE jermaine gresham, and an injured and/or suspect 3/5ths of an offensive line have a lot to do with the post-season failures.

    Didn’t San Diego rush for 196 yards against “Jay Gruden’s” defense?!?

  4. I know Bungals fans will disagree, but I believe Dalton will regress without Gruden next year.

  5. okay, I’m a Greater Cincinnati resident and Bengal’s fan and I was as ticked as anyone on Sunday – it made me sick. But enough is enough.

    I was curious so I went and checked Brett Favre’s stats his first 3 years as a starter. Dalton is better.

  6. Marvin Jones only totaled more than 66 yards 3 times all year.

    1. 22nd ranked PASS Defense – NY Jets

    2. 31st ranked PASS Defense – Minnesota Vikings

    3. 29th ranked PASS Defense – Minnesota Vikings

    Marvin Jones GETS NO SEPARATION (unless the opponent’s defensive secondary is weaker than his 5th round CAL ability).

  7. what body of work? a offense that stayed relatively healthy all year that let the defense will a bulk of the games? or the facts his offenses were middle of the pack until this year. I don’t get it….

  8. After the game plan he whipped up for that playoff game and the great adjustments he made during. Sparano could have done better. Must be really lean pickins out there in the minds of these teams.

  9. Flacco’s first 5 playoff games

    57-120 for 660 yds (132.0 per game). 1 td, 8 ints, 39.6 passer rating

  10. I’m sure Gruden didn’t “whip up” San Diego’s Defense running thru his offensive line.

    Injury Report for the playoff game:

    C Kyle Cook – questionable (foot)

    G Andrew Whitworth – probable (ankle)

    OT Andre Smiths – probable (ankle)

    OT Anthony Collins – probable (ankle)

  11. Jay Gruden couldn’t call a game if his life depended on it. The Bengals have more offensive weapons than any team in the league, yet they are the most inconsistent.

    Gruden has no idea how to use his guys. Dalton does not have to be great, just needs to get the ball to the playmakers. Gruden has failed to have him do that.

    Maybe he would do better as a position coach, but an OC or HC, he is not.

  12. Bengals fan here… Truthfully Gruden will make an awesome HC for somebody. He has an instinct for drafting talent and gets the most out of his players. His only knock is his crazy play calling sometimes… Like having Dalton throw a bomb into the end zone on 4th and 3 with pouring rain and heavy wind….. That was the all time dumbest play call in playoff history…..

  13. At this point, there really should be no surprise that so many teams fail. If they’re not recycling already-failed head coaches, they are jumping on a media-fueled bandwagon of some young assistant coach who hasn’t done much.

    Teams ignore coaching records, and ignore game tape which shows that hot, young, offensive coordinator getting worked by some older, non-household-name DC.

  14. After calling his last three playoff games the way he did, someone puhleeze take him. And you can’t regress without success first!

  15. qdog112 says:Jan 7, 2014 2:25 PM

    Jay Gruden couldn’t call a game if his life depended on it. The Bengals have more offensive weapons than any team in the league, yet they are the most inconsistent.

    I’m not sure you’re looking at this objectively. Teams with more offensive weapons are Denver, Dallas, Philadelphia, Washington, Chicago, Detroit, Green Bay, Minnesota, San Francisco, and Seattle. Maybe he’s gotten the most he can out of one great wide receiver, an average quarterback, an above average running back, a plodding running back, and a couple of average to below average tight ends.

  16. … and serviceable #4-#5 NFL wide receivers masquerading as a NFL team’s #2 and #3 wide receivers.

  17. I don’t like Jay Gruden as HC, but my prediction is he gets the job. Speilman is going to want a coach who thinks like him, and of all the candidates that’s probably Gruden. In 2011 Jay and the Bengals were higher on Ponder than Dalton. If both had been available when they picked Dalton would be somewhere else.

    With the position the Vikings are drafting in, I don’t see a franchise QB falling to them. I don’t see them reaching again by over drafting a QB. I’m also not completely convinced that Speilman wouldn’t like to try and prove that the Ponder pick wasn’t a huge mistake. In that case I could see him picking Gruden and playing Ponder again next year.

    If this happens it would be one of the worst decisions in Minnesota sports history!

  18. … and serviceable #4-#5 NFL wide receivers masquerading as a NFL team’s #2 and #3 wide receivers.

    Sorry, serviceable #4 recievers don’t catch 10 td’s in a season. Stop apologizing for Dalton’s failures. Rivers and Brady can win with grocery baggers running patterns. Gresham/ Eifert / Gio are plenty good enough to pick up the slack for a less than adequate #3 reciever in Sanu that I will give you. But don’t even try to apologize for Dalton’s 0-3 performance in the playoffs he has choked every single season.

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