Jeff Ireland out in Miami


Jeff Ireland is out as the Miami Dolphins’ general manager.

The Dolphins announced on Tuesday evening that they have “mutually parted ways” with Ireland after six years.

Ireland’s departure has been the subject of much speculation for years, as the team has missed the playoff for five straight seasons. But when Black Monday at the end of this season came and went without any major changes in Miami, it was starting to look like Ireland would be safe.

Instead, a day after a major change came to the coaching staff with the firing of offensive coordinator Mike Sherman, an even bigger change has come to the front office. Ireland is done in Miami.

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  1. A few things I learned about sports:

    1) If someone says it’s not about the money, it’s definitely about money.

    2) When the words “mutually parted ways” are said, that means someone said get the bleep out of here.

  2. Dolphins fans everywhere just let out a collective sigh of relief. This guy should have been out with Parcells. Joe Philbin is calling the shots in Miami now. I’m okay with that.

  3. wonder if his next job interview will include a question about his wife being a prostitute…

  4. Well good for the Dolphins, this is exactly what they needed to do. They are showing that they are ready to move to the next level and there are no excuses for anybody that isn’t making the grade. And Ireland’s football management just wasn’t good enough and they finally figured it out and now it’s time to get somebody better who does know what they are doing. What a great day for Miami, I’m excited for them and impressed with their ability to recognize a mistake and actually do something about it. Now winning is possible.

  5. As a Bills fan I am heartbroken about this firing as well as the dismissal of Mike Sherman

  6. Dolphins fans want Rick Spielman back, but he’s too busy dominating the draft in Minnesota.

    Cordarrelle Patterson, Xavier Rhodes, Sharrif Floyd, Harrison Smith, Matt Kalil, Blair Walsh…Not to mention trading Percy Harvin for a 1st, 3rd, and 7th.

    Spielman is indeed a magician.

  7. Just missed on too many picks in the first three rounds.
    Got basically minimal contributions from the 2013 draft class.
    Just couldn’t draft enough players that have that street fight toughness when a game or the season is on the line.
    Too many issues trying to build an impactful offensive line.
    Horrible swap of two starting linebackers this year.

  8. Wow, after six years there is finally hope in south Florida. Now it’s time to replace all the non NFL talent that Ireland brought in.

  9. Several years too late, but beyond ecstatic that his run is finally over! He can no longer destroy our beloved franchise! So pumped for new beginnings!

  10. Ryan Tannehill better start working out at WR again because the new GM isn’t going to tolerate his lackluster play.

  11. The GM is fired and the coach stays? I can’t wait for the results of the bullying investigation. I suspect the report will not be kind to Jeff Ireland.

  12. aaronfraudgers says:
    Jan 7, 2014 6:23 PM
    Dolphins fans want Rick Spielman back, but he’s too busy dominating the draft in Minnesota.

    Cordarrelle Patterson, Xavier Rhodes, Sharrif Floyd, Harrison Smith, Matt Kalil, Blair Walsh…Not to mention trading Percy Harvin for a 1st, 3rd, and 7th.

    Spielman is indeed a magician.

    —————————————————————-And the Vikes still finish with a 5-10-1 record.

  13. Sweet, now hopefully we hire someone quick so they can be ready for a great draft and free agent period. Maybe Ross told Philbin he needed to fire Sherman and Philbin said only if you fire Ireland.

  14. Dolphins, Bills and Jets keep changing GMs, coaches and QBs. Sign all kinds of FAs. Draft the wrong guys. Common denominator, most of their players were in high school the last time one of their teams beat the Pats for the division crown, the yr Brady got hurt. Wow, that’s gotta be frustrating.

  15. Why not go ahead and fire Philbin as well? I’m quite sure Miami will start next year slow and ~Week 9, Philbin will be on the hottest of seat. I’d just say save yourself a year and bring in the new regime now.

  16. You’d have to run Pioli through an airport screen every day to make sure he wasn’t bringing in electronic bugs for every office if Miami hired him.

  17. just another afce casualty of Patriot dominance in the division…The mighty Patriots have singlehandedly managed to liquidate division competition while holding the gold standard of excellence. And to think it all started when megahead and the colts bolted for the afcs

  18. They fired the wrong guy. If 1 of the 2 went, it should’ve been Joe Philbin. The team didn’t lose to the Bills and Jets because they lacked talent.

  19. As a GM I thought Ireland had a great offseason bringing in some very good players who ultimately did not execute.

    I blame the coaches and players more than the GM. One has to assume this has more to do with the Incognito situation than anything else

  20. Wow…..phins have improved over the last 2 years and they may not have achieved their goals but nevertheless they did improve……..and the fans want changes? Its embarrassing.

  21. Word on the street is Ross thinks very highly of Mangini. Mangini built the team Rex rode to 2 AFC Championships. Not Sanchez though. Smart football guy Mangini is. Believes in building from the middle out. That’s how you build a real football team. Bring him in for a talk Mr Ross!

  22. This made my day!! I am digging my old logo Dolphin gear back out. Long overdue.

    Oh, thank you Mr. Ross, now tell Chuckie he can have full control in the tax-free sun and build a team with a chance to win.. real talent evaluation with aggressive style to take over the division as Brady pushes towards 40… the time is now.. can’t get a new GM and expect anyone worth a dam to inherit a coach. If you’re painting the walls, you might as well change the carpet.

    Philbin is morally sound and old fashioned, which makes him a great college candidate. He didn’t even call plays with Green Bay, and he was a second tier selection at best, chosen because the first-choice coaches that were approached knew Ireland was a dog and didn’t want to work with him. Don’t get stuck with a second choice GM because you like the character of a coach. A big, correct decision needs to be followed by a willingness to go the whole way to make things hopeful for a discouraged fan base that is done being sold on a team from 40 years ago.

  23. The only thing I do not get is why is Miami doing this backwards yet again? The GM should have been terminated and replaced first. This would allow the new GM to make his own staff decisions. All bets are off with Philbin now. He will probably get a one year pass just based on timing but he better win next year.

  24. I actually thought Ireland was improving as a GM. Sure there are some mistakes, but he was getting better. With 2 games to go, nobody can say the roster didn’t have the talent to make the playoffs. The Dolphins beat San Diego, Indy, Cincinnati, and the Patriots despite the mediocre coaching. I respect Ross as an owner, so I’m really looking forward to who the next GM is.

  25. The Dolphins had a talent problem long before Ireland got there. Remember 1-15 ? It’s the reason that Parcells, Sparano & Ireland came to Miami in the 1st place. This started at the end of the Shula era.

    Wannstedt was a winning coach but an absolutely terrible talent evaluator (ie. drafting a nickel back over Drew Brees). J Johnson was great drafting defensive stars & failed miserably getting any offensive talent. He still was a winner despite being in the same division with the best team in the league(Pats) & having a less than mediocre Jay Fieldler at QB.

    Nick Saban picked Auburn back-up running back Ronnie Brown#2 overall when he had QB Aaron Rodgers there for the taking.

    Cam Cameron was a terrible choice from the start. I have no idea how he could be the hire after being interviewed. He was an obvious dork after hearing him talk for 30 seconds. His one draft will live on in infamy.

    Ireland wasn’t the start of bad times, he just continued them. People have short memories.

  26. What took so long. ????? Owner to Jeff after telling him he’s gone. I need to call my grandmother.

  27. I wonder if Polian has gotten calls from 305 or 786 area codes and if he picked up?

  28. As a Ravens fan, teams should look at trying to grab Ozzie Newsome’s right hand man Eric DeCosta. He is Newsome’s heir apparent, but you never know if a large sum of $$$ could change his mind. He’s going to make a great GM one day. I hope it is with the Ravens, but if I am a team looking for a GM, this is the guy I’m getting in touch with.

  29. The mighty patriots holding the gold standard over the head of the afc east bills, jets, and the dolphins? Beating them is not saying much. More accurate would the gift of afc east championship handed on a silver platter. Playing those 3 teams twice a year allows the patriots to only have to really show up for one game. Last years one game was against baltimore and they lost. This years one game will be against Denver.

  30. Not a DolFan but this needed to be done. New GM should be hired and should fire HC Philben and hire his own HC. Never a good idea to start out a new regime as GM without your guy as HC. If Philben is not fired when new GM is hired it will just prolong this mess for 1 more season.
    Time to blow this organization up and start over!

  31. The long night mare is over, or is it? Karl Peterson is pretty bad too, Dolphin fans, and the problem is that he is a personal friend who would never get fired.

  32. Not even a Phins fan but glad to see this. A tool like this has no business working anywhere.

  33. Unless Eric Decosta is waiting for the ink to dry on his contract, Ross may have cut his nose off just to spite his face. Where on Earth does he think he will find a GM that is looking forward to a year with Dull Joe and the locker room fiasco. Ross let the fans get in his head too much.

    How different would things have been if they hired Mike McCoy instead of Joe Blow Philbin?

    FYI…philbin wanted dansby and burnett gone. Dansby reported to camp 35 pounds over weight and neither could cover a TE to save their life in addition to Philbin wanting to remove all players that had locker room influence (Bush, Long, Dansby). But of course most fans had made up their minds they didn’t like JI. Lets see what happens now folks

  34. Now get rid of the Gomer Pile coach who uses Q cards to give a locker room speech.

    Is Tannenhill in last year? I would say so. How many years do you give a guy? He does have guys to throw to.

  35. axespray,
    That same coach who was in charge during the fiasco. Phibin’s supposed to be the team’s leader & does nothing until it goes national? The team was 8-6 with the easiest path to the playoffs of all the wildcard contenders & came out flat in both games(outscored 39-7).

    The Jets have 4-12 talent & finished with the same 8-8 record as the Dolphins. Coach Ryan did more with a lot less than Philbin did.

  36. Mike wallace..Ellerbe and Wheeler are like we’re glad he lasted this long cause he got us a collectively a total of 60 million dollar’s in GARANTEE MONEY…We love him…we’re rich biitcch!!

  37. Time will tell if the new people coming in are an upgrade over those fired. Fresh faces may be just what we need to see, just hope that they are smart football people. Bill

  38. the enemy you know is better than the one you dont. I didnt always agree with moves ireland made but the names im hearing scare me. Eric Mangini, Scott Pioli, Mike Tannunbaum, and Carl Peterson are not great names. id rather have a young up and comer than one of those guys but Ross likes those guys. I’d be shocked if one of them isn’t the next gm of the Miami Dolphins

  39. tedmurph says: Jan 7, 2014 6:38 PM

    Dolphins, Bills and Jets keep changing GMs, coaches and QBs. Sign all kinds of FAs. Draft the wrong guys. Common denominator, most of their players were in high school the last time one of their teams beat the Pats for the division crown, the yr Brady got hurt. Wow, that’s gotta be frustrating.
    Not as frustrating as as being a Patriot fan prior to 2000. Only 4 AFCE titles in 30 years. They have had a good run since then no doubt. I hope you enjoyed it, because 45 years of watching this game shows that no team stays on top forever.

    How frustrating was it to come that close to being perfect? Painful I’m sure.

  40. The NFLs version of the three stooges Philpin, Aponte, and Ross. You knew it was bad in Miami because of the two game collapse, but to blame that on Ireland is insane. jeffery isn’t the best talent guy in the business, but to blame Ireland is wrong, that two game skid is owned by Philbin and Sherman.
    Sherman put together two of the worst game plans ever. And Philbin refused to correct Sherman,,,his mentor. Philbin is the HC, everything concerning the Football team is Philbins baby, period.

  41. Mackie, Ireland had control of the drafts and has missed on soooo many draft picks its not funny.

  42. These GMs and Head Coaches have a great game they play that is more promising than making the playoffs! It’s called “How to Fleece A Billionaire in Pro Sports”…

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