Linebacker K.J. Wright only player not practicing for Seahawks Tuesday

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The first-round bye was beneficial to the Seattle Seahawks as the team was able to rest bumps and bruises from the last few weeks of the season and heal up for their first playoff game this Saturday against the New Orleans Saints.

However, there is still one notable absence for the Seahawks.

Linebacker K.J. Wright is the only player that did not practice with the Seahawks on Tuesday and head coach Pete Carroll ruled him out for this week’s game. Wright is working back from a broken bone in his foot suffered against the San Francisco 49ers on Dec. 8.

Wright drew most of the responsibility to cover Saints’ tight end Jimmy Graham in the first game between the two teams on Dec. 2. Graham was held to just three catches for 42 yards and a touchdown in the first game against Seattle. Malcolm Smith has filled in and played at a high level in place of Wright the last three weeks of the season. Smith had 18 tackles, two interceptions and returned one for a touchdown in the final three games of the season. Nevertheless, Seattle will have to adapt their plan to account for Graham in Wright’s absence.

“K.J. had a great football game and we’ll miss him and Malcolm has done a nice job stepping in his spot. But, that’s just part of figuring it out,” Carroll said. “Hopefully there will be a couple of surprises left by game day.”

Carroll said Wright will run on Thursday with expectation he’ll be available for Seattle in the NFC Championship game if they can advance past this weekend.

Tight end Luke Willson and wide receivers Jermaine Kearse and Percy Harvin all were expected to practice on Tuesday, though the team wasn’t required to file an injury report Tuesday.

Willson suffered a high-ankle sprain in Seattle’s season finale against the St. Louis Rams but is progressing enough to already be back on the practice field and have a chance to play Saturday. Kearse has also been dealing with an ankle sprain the last few weeks. He was active for the Rams game but barely played. Carroll said he would have only been used in an emergency situation. However, with another week to rest he’s back to full speed.

Harvin also participated for a third straight practice after getting back on the field last Thursday. Carroll indicated Tuesday’s work would be a big step for Harvin in hopes of having him available Saturday against New Orleans.

“He’s got to get through this practice today. This will be the first in season week day of practice that he’s had in a long time. Last week he did fine,” Carroll said.

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  1. Luke Willson being back is a huge thing for Seattle. When he got carted off I thought that was the season.
    We use 22 personal as much as any team in NFL and Luke is the speedster and a 5th round steal. Not to mention if he plays, Kellen Davis remains limited on his snaps and targets.

    KJ Wright will be running this Thursday. So if we are able to make the next round one of our best defenders will be back.

  2. KJ Wright took the game away from Drew in Seattle. So many of N.O.’s ‘first options’ are to Graham and that frustrated them all game long.

    KJ being out > Percy being in

    He will be missed.


  3. Prior to last week’s game New Orleans had lost their previous three games on the road averaging just 12 points a game.
    Drew Brees on road is usually good for a couple of interceptions.
    Against the 32nd ranked passing defense Philadelphia Eagles last week Drew Brees again threw two interceptions.
    With rain and wind in the forecast this game with Seattle, once thought might be more competitive a second time around, is starting to look more and more like a replay from the Monday Night game…

  4. “He’s got to get through this practice today and then I’ll hit him up with some PED’s and he’ll be fine,” Carroll said.

  5. The Seattle Seahawks have been the best team all season. That hasn’t changed…it won’t change…they’ll win two home games and then mop up whatever mess the AFC sends their way in the Superbowl.

    Go Hawks!

  6. I’m rooting for the Saints. It’s not that I like the Saints, or even that I dislike the Seahawks. The problem is that the Seahawk “fans” are a buch of loud-mouthed douche-nozzles.

    Fire away, Seattle “fans”. Brag about all of the things that you haven’t accomplished.

  7. thebirdofprey2 says:
    Jan 7, 2014 11:06 PM
    Luke Willson being back is a huge thing for Seattle. When he got carted off I thought that was the season.
    We use 22 personal as much as any team in NFL and Luke is the speedster and a 5th round steal.

    I like him, you guys appear to have taken the better late round rice receiver. Good luck this weekend, looking forward to a third round up there if my team gets that far with everyone still intact.

  8. Adderal

    Vance MacDonald had one big drop for you guys but I am sure you see his blocking ability. For a run first team the kid is a stud. I do believe in Willson upside just because of the speed & size mismatch. I wouldn’t be surprised if 49ers TE produces in year two. Both guys are learning from pretty solid pros on front of them

  9. Beast mode – anything past round two is a late round to me. They drafted a few injured guys that may turn out yet who knows. I’m sure there finding it more difficult to hit with late picks as opposed to picking in the top ten every year. I can never tell if your serious but you crack me up most of the time.

    Bird of prey- McDonald is becoming a pretty good blocker, for me who is resistant to change I miss walkers wham blocks but you can’t keep everyone.

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