Lions interview Gary Kubiak


A month after he was fired as head coach of the Texans, Gary Kubiak is a candidate to become head coach of the Lions.

Kubiak interviewed with Detroit today, according to the Lions’ website.

Although his tenure in Houston ended badly, Kubiak did have some success with the franchise. He also fits the mold of what the Lions are looking for, an experienced head coach with an offensive background.

The Lions have previously interviewed former Colts head coach and current Ravens offensive coordinator Jim Caldwell. They are expected to interview former Titans head coach Mike Munchak.

Chargers offensive coordinator Ken Whisenhunt, the former head coach of the Cardinals, has been reported to be the favorite of the Lions’ front office. Whisenhunt is a close friend and former teammate of Lions General Manager Martin Mayhew.

40 responses to “Lions interview Gary Kubiak

  1. I don’t care what the offensive background is. Unless the Lions get a disciplinarian to coach the team, they will continue to come up short.

  2. Gary Kubiak would be a better choice than Josh McDaniels or 90% of the other names being mentioned for a lot of these openings. I wouldn’t be shocked to see him take a year off for his health.

  3. This is what is wrong with the NFL today. Why hire a coach that just got fired?

    Andy Reid and KC was a fluke. That probably was the first time a coach got fired the previous year, only to have success the next year with his new team.

  4. I see the Lions are going the ‘mediocre former head coach who got fired recently’ route. They can’t find viable candidates anywhere else? College coaches? Upper-tier coordinators? Anyone from Canada?

    Not that I care. I speak for the rest of the NFC North when I say they should stay their current course

  5. I just hope they keep interviewing many more people. And the Lions don’t need a disciplinarian, they need a smart football coach. This team couldn’t even crack .500 and now they are in a worse cap position for next year in addition to losing a handful of depth players. It doesn’t matter who they hire as a coach until they have a GM that can get the roster in decent shape first.

    We need Front Office discipline first and foremost.

  6. Kubiak only started to experience success in Houston after Arian Foster emerged out of nowhere as a feature back which allowed Schaub to take advantage of a strong play action game and after Wade Phillips completely retooled the defense. Detroit’s defense is a much more traditional 4-3 pressure oriented scheme, and while Bush and Bell make a good 1-2 punch, neither alone are feature backs. No feature backs means the play action oriented offensive scheme Kubiak ran in Houston almost certainly won’t work in Detroit.

  7. bennyb82 says:
    Jan 7, 2014 8:58 PM
    If Kubiak cares at all about his health, he should not coach the Lions…I am not joking.

    *Because the ups and downs are too severe with this team!

  8. This is simply professional courtesy. If the interview was legitimate, it was actually an interview for offensive coordinator.

    I have no problem with touching all your bases. But I think they would have to be blown out of the water to hire someone other than Whisenhunt. That is, of course, unless Gruden, Dungy, or Cowher would be interested. Which, I assume, they are not.

  9. Baaaaad fit for the Lions…IMO. Stafford is not a roll out of the pocket and throw on a bootleg type QB (neither was Schaab and it finally caught up to them).

    I have no idea why John Gruden wouldn’t be interested in the gig. He would be the perfect fit for them. If he doesn’t want this job, then he will never coach in the NFL again. Way too much talent here to not finish 10-6 or better.

  10. This guy’s a hell of a coach and whoever gets him will be lucky. He’s a legitimate head coaching talent, unlike most coaches who can only handle the duties of a coordinator. He’d fix things in the discipline area and turn Stafford into an animal…the guy turned Schaub into a way better QB then he’d ever be and did an excellent job with the talent he had in Houston after the David Carr era.

    Kubiak gave that franchise credibility period.

  11. I thought it might be a bad sign that Dennis Allen didn’t meet with Creepy Davis today until I realized that a guy who stroked out on the field is getting interviews.

  12. @thestrategyexpert Your posts are insufferable. just look at your username, you are so convinced that you could assemble a better team, but you always speak in hindsight. You talk about how you would’ve taken Kaepernick in the draft after the fact he panned out for SF. If you’re as smart as you suggest, how about you drop the platitudes and publicly voice your opinions on this upcoming draft. Who would you pick this year? You only hate our front office because you’re a basement dwelling nerd and you’re delusional if you think you could do a better job than Mayhew. His drafts and FA signings have been clutch.

  13. Coming soon to a football league near you. It’s Rooney Rule Part II: No non-minority coach may be interviewed for Head Coach within 18 months of having been dismissed as an HC from a team in the NFL or FBS (CFL okay).

  14. buyamericanonly says:
    Jan 7, 2014 8:47 PM
    Welcome to the Graveyard of coaches, You will never be a head coach after the Lions let you go in 4 more years but you will probably have a golden parachute

    Subaru and Volkswagen (to name a couple) make far superior automobiles. I will buy Japanese or German only.

  15. “rainmaker1982 says:
    Jan 7, 2014 8:35 PM
    This is what is wrong with the NFL today. Why hire a coach that just got fired?

    Andy Reid and KC was a fluke. That probably was the first time a coach got fired the previous year, only to have success the next year with his new team.”

    Yeah, that’s clearly not true. The most prominent recent examples being John Fox and Tony Dungy. If you take out the caveat of success in the first year following a firing the previous season…the list presents even more of a cavalcade of success with names like Coughlin, Schottenheimer, and Reeves. All of whom garnered relative success in their respective coaching stints. The list of names balloon even more when you consider the names that took a year off following their previous dismissal.

    Bottom line, no, NFL teams aren’t crazy for looking at coaches that parted ways with another team (recently or not). Whether Kubiak is a good fit in Detroit or not however is a different issue all together.

  16. belichick coighlin and many others who won super bowls with their second teams shouldn’t of never gotten another chance according to most people

  17. Now they just need to interview Jack DelRio to complete the AFC South Fired Coaches Quadfecta.

  18. The Lions are just pickin’ Kubiak’s brain.

    It’s also possible that some of these candidates don’t know it, but they are being interviewed for positions other than head coach.

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