Manziel says he’s still undecided about entering NFL draft

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At a time when most assume Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel will exit College Station for a ride on the NFL draft train, Manziel has yet to make it official.

And there’s a chance he might stay in the place that, as of last June, he couldn’t wait to leave.

Via Brett McMurphy of, Manziel said at Monday night’s BCS national title game that he hasn’t decided whether to give up his remaining NCAA eligibility.  Manziel added that he’ll meet with his family in the coming days to reach a conclusion.

“I want to make the right decision that’s best for me and my family,” Manziel said.

Many think the decision has been made, including at least one guy who plays with Manziel.

Johnny’s gone,” Texas A&M receiver Ricky Seal-Jones recently said during the broadcast of a high school basketball game.  “He’s gone.”

If Manziel is indeed gone, it’s only a matter of time before he takes an ax to the NFL’s door, sticks his face in the hole, and exclaims, “Heeeeere’s Johnny!

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  1. Awesome picture of “Johnny Football”…

    It’s sort of a preview of what his expression will be when drafted by the Factory of Sadness.

    The caption will read: OH NO !!!!!!!… NOT THE BROWNS !!!!!!!

  2. After last nights performances by Marshall and Winston he ought to enter the draft. Not to mention the UCLA QB and Braxton Miller. Johnny could get hurt or his numbers drop. Then he will drop like Barkley and lose millions .

  3. He is just trying to determine if he will make more money in the pros or signing autographs in college.

  4. Why is he taking so long? This guy is starting to get on my nerves, coupled with the fact that he looked human all too often this season. I hope the Browns pick him up. He’ll either prove his worth and turn that pitiful franchise around, or he’ll get sucked in the vacuum of mediocrity that most first rounders in Cleveland find themselves.

  5. If Manziel is indeed gone, it’s only a matter of time before he takes an ax to the NFL’s door, sticks his face in the hole, and exclaims, “Heeeeere’s Johnny!“

    Classic Jack!

  6. The Shining reference was a bit of a stretch, though I guess it works if one thinks of Manziel as being immature enough to ax at some point what could otherwise be a promising NFL career.

  7. What would you do if you knew that a landing spot with the QB killing BROWNS and dealing with JOE BANNER is in your future.

    Here is my prescription JOHNNY GOOFBALL — Take two co’eds a day for the next year and wait till 2014.

    GO BIRDS!!


  8. “best decision for me and my family”.

    What does that even mean? Manziel doesn’t have a wife and kids. His parents are well off and don’t need money. He has no dependents.

    Just enter the draft.

  9. He may not want to end up in Houston, Jacksonville, Cleveland, or Oakland. Landing with some of those franchises might give any football player reason to pause.

  10. its kind of a different decision for johnny. unlike many of the kids heading for the nfl three years out of high school johnny’s family is rich. he has no need to support them or himself. i think he will still go but its not as imperative to him that he gets that paycheck.

  11. Just the cautious dance all high ranked QBs do to make sure they don’t get drafted by the Jets.

  12. Look, if there’s any chance you could be heading to Minnesota, stay in school. Let them pick some QB that’s a backup (like Ponder) and then come to the NFL while they’re still failing with their experiment.

    You don’t want to waste the first three years of your nfl career on a team the won’t know how to use talent.

    I mean, look at Adrian Peterson. All the talent in the world and now his career as a top tier running back is over, and he’s considered a broken down piece of overrated glass.

  13. His best receiver – Alexander, just declared and is gone next season.

    He’s not going to be able to just chuck it up and expect his guy to come down with it like he did all year. See what happened to “jump-ball” Joe Flacco when Bolden left?

    Manziel should declare before his stats decline and his name is hot. And just maybe, he might actually succeed at the next level.

  14. It’s a big roll of the dice if he stays in college and plays another year. What happens to his worth to the pros if he gets ranked maybe the fifth best player in college in the coming year? Though he might not be ready for the pros he might be better off making what he can now and if things don’t work out for him at least he will still have a fat wallet.

  15. If Manziel is indeed gone, it’s only a matter of time before he takes an ax to the NFL’s door, sticks his face in the hole, and exclaims, “Heeeeere’s Johnny!“


    And, if I’m correct, isn’t he heir to an oil fortune in Texas? I also undersand that Cleveland’s Haslam loves this guy.

  16. “Let’s see, do I enter the draft and play for a basement team with a new coach and desperate for a QB, or do I wait until next year and play for a basement team with a new coach and desperate for a QB?”

  17. Worst kept secret in sports that he’s turning pro. No cinch that Browns take a QB early. Banner is shrewd and calculated. He may have Matthews or Clowney fall into his lap. Reality is that we are 9 players away from a playoff contender, and need to take the best player available.

  18. Makes most sense to leave now for the draft. He won’t go any higher if he stays another year as the draft class of 2015 could have qbs Winston, Mariota & Hundley.

  19. there’s an easy Invisible Man joke to be made to go along with that picture, but darned if I’ll be the one to make it…

  20. Lol all manziel is is the bizarro version of Tebow… I hope those college stats transfer something in the NFL or you will be working with your doppelganger…..

  21. This guy already has money so that won’t be a deciding factor. Ego or greed maybe but being an oil heir he will want for nothing. If he goes Pro and takes on the rigors of being a QB in the NFL it will be because of his love of football – and that is pretty cool.

  22. Supposedly the kid comes from money so its probably unlikely that he is thinking about buying a car, paying off debt, legal issues or house or anything like that…

    His consideration is still probably, ‘ hey last year, I wrecked up this college football thing, won the Heisman, partied like a rock star, got caught making money, got suspended for 30 minutes, still had a jillion points/yards that game, partied like a rock star’..

    His thought is, is it worth going to the NFL yet when I am the biggest name in College Football since Tim Tebow (he’s nowhere near Tebow Mania, but we can agree his name is big)?

    Even though Barkley and Leinart came back for a year, they still had an opportunity to compete for a starting position, they just lost to better QBs.

  23. Certain teams are mentioned as being bad fits for this kid….Oakland, Minnisota, Clevland etc…What makes everyone on here think they aren’t going to be in the same spot next year?….One more year of college gives him some more learning ie reading defenses foot work etc. Sure you can use the if he gets hurt then what? Then he falls back on his parents wealth or maybe his education. Whats the rush your not that good son…..

  24. Look at the way he plays football. Then apply that to your team. Do you REALLY want that under center? I don’t want him in Houston, and I don’t think you want him on your team’s roster, either.

  25. Several thoughts:
    1) He doesn’t want to go to the Browns
    2) We don’t want him.
    3) Too big an ego for a team that needs a leader, not a self-promoting cheer leader.

    His advisors are probably telling him not to come out because the Browns might draft him, and why go to a team that’s consistently been torn and tattered by poor choices, no wide receivers, shaky O-Line and a management team that wouldn’t know a good WB if they fell over one. Oh, one more thing, in my opinion, Manziel is simply not an NFL caliber QB.

    He’s Michael Vick all over again. Great scrambler, good arm, but these guys ALWAYS get hurt. Vick and RGIII being the most recent examples. Stay in school.

  26. Please don’t become a Texan! Please don’t become a Texan! Please don’t become a Texan! Please don’t become a Texan! Please don’t become a Texan! Please don’t become a Texan!

  27. This guy will do what Eli Manning did. if the browns draft him he will asked to be traded immediately to a new team. Manziel will play where he wants to play, but he definitely will not play in a place where he doesn’t want to.

  28. He will do what his daddy tells him to do. The team that gets stuck with him with also get stuck with his helicopter daddy telling them what and how to do things in regard to his baby boy.

  29. Well, the NFL will expect him to work hard and that’s going to take away from his drinking, partying and groupie girl time.

    Tough choice.

  30. Johnny Football will be a bust in the NFL….

    After a few hits from 275# plus DL and LB’s, he will be on the bench hurt from various injuries..

    He may have the cute moves at college level, but he can forget that in NFL….

    Remember you heard it here FIRST….

    Another NFL bust…

  31. PLEASE!!!!!!!! Come out Johnny PLEASE!!!!!! I for one can’t wait until he takes a hit from an NFL caliber Linebacker, Dback, or D end. I really want this ego inflated, bloviated jerk to bring his arrogant ass out and see what its like to play football with the big boys! What a turd!!

  32. Every single Heisman winning QB since 1989 has been just average or a flat out bust. Think about that before drafting the Joker. Ware, Toretta, Ward, Wuerffel, Weinke, Crouch, Tebow, etc.

  33. That guy’s got no loyalty toward A&M, his butt is out the door. For all the whining about having to be in college during the last two years, it seems like he can’t wait to get out of there. He’s just building the drama for his failing brand.

  34. It sounds better to say I would rather get an education than to say I don’t want to play for the Browns or Raiders . But in a year he will probably have to go through this exact scenario again .

  35. He’s gone. The only thing he’s doing is postponing his announcement in hopes of finding a day where he’ll be the top media story.

    I also happen to think he’ll be a bust. He’s got a bad habit of just throwing the ball up for grabs. Unlike college, NFL DBs will feast on his errors.

    And it’s the perfect time of year for a Stanley Kubrick Shining reference. It’s a flick everyone should see.

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