“Outside the box” agent hire could be coming for Manziel


As Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel supposedly deliberates the question of whether he’ll make himself available for the 2014 NFL draft (most believe he will), the only truly unknown question is the identity of his first agent.

Contrary to reports and persistent speculation that Manziel will hire Select Sports Group of Houston, a league source with direct knowledge of the current recruitment of incoming NFL players tells PFT that Manziel could be making an “outside-the-box” hire.

Not Jay Z, per the source.  But someone like that, from the entertainment world who swoops in to handle Manziel’s on-field and off-field earnings.  Anyone not certified by the NFLPA to negotiate football contracts would have to secure certification or associate (without violating the runner rule) with a certified agent.

While Manziel can choose whoever he wants to represent him, taking a path deemed unconventional by the NFL establishment could make a team otherwise on the fence about Manziel even more skittish.

Either way, he’s expected to be taken in the first round.

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  1. The team that drafts him hopefully will have a great QB mentor to help him out. Just check out what people Manziel is aligning with to find out who he plans on getting his training and advice from as well as if he’s into that kind of thing. Don’t draft him until you are on the same page with him and you have the plan that’s going to work.

  2. LOL Manziel. Seeing him with Tebow at the BCS game, I thought he was an orphan from one of Tim’s charitable foundations.

    “Please send your donation so that Little Johnny doesn’t have to go to bed hungry again tonight.”.

  3. Having an agent outside the box would turn teams off? Man, that’s nitpicking. With the rookie wage scale the money is easy. It’s all about who blinks first in the offset language battle.

  4. I have inside sources that say his “team” will consist of an aging, but still relevant Betty White and young, well-known sports enthusist with classic wits and charming good looks, David Coulier….also known as Joey Gladstone from the ever popular Full House sitcom series.

  5. Turning the crank and humming along to “Pop Goes The Weasel”, all the children were startled and delighted when a wizened little clown with a big nose suddenly popped out. It was Johnny Outside The Box!

  6. Unique talent. He needs to bank millions off “Johnny Football” while he can. If he wants to do that, he’ll have to preserve the brand. Makes sense to me.

  7. For a guy who’s going to be out of the league in 5 years, what does it matter whom the agent is?

    And before everyone says “Hater, he’s the best talent to come out of college ball since forever!” – so was Tim Tebow and BTW – Tebow accomplished a heck of a lot more in college than JM did.

  8. dg0122 says: Jan 7, 2014 5:37 PM

    it will be Drake


    Wish I was the first to say, but this man is right. It will be Drake.

    Anyone who follows Manziel on Instagram sees this coming from a mile away.

    Drake won’t be negotiating his football contracts per se, but Drake’s label (“OVO”) will handle his entertainment and endorsement cross-marketing. Very similar to what Jay Z does for Robinson Cano.

    Just my prediction. But if it’s outside the box, then it’s definitely Team Drake.

  9. Any chances of him being a Raider passed with Al. The new regime has said AND proven that they are steering clear of this kind of guy.

  10. This guy is not a transformational athlete coming to significantly change the role of QB. He is no Tom Brady and that crowd. He will do running / scrambling around like Cam, RGIII, and Vick, but let’s see how long his tiny body will tolerate a good pounding.

    And is anybody fuming over the news about RGIII having undue influence over the owner? What owner wants this obnoxious diva who doesn’t know how to spell ‘humble.’ He is making things harder for himself and he needs an agent pronto to tell him to shut the hell up.

  11. Drake the agent,
    No qb to show him the ropes
    With a guy that’s never been a hc before
    Playing in Minnesota

  12. If by “outside the box” they mean a rapper or entertainer, I’d say that’s just the opposite of “outside the box” for Manziel. Great talent, but what a circus he’s going to attract.

  13. It’ll probably be Drake, but I’d like him to pick Weird Al Yankovic for his agent. Talk about outside the box…

  14. BTW, Forbes reports Manziel picked SSG to represent him and LeBron James’ marketing agent Maverick Carter to represent him in his “off the field” affairs.

  15. Am I the only one who does not think he has the talent/skills to succeed in the NFL as a QB?

    To me, he is a better Tim Tebow, only a better arm instead of fantastic runner. Obviously I’m not a pro scout of any kind, but thats just what I see when I see him play. I dont see a traditional pocket passer, and I def don’t see a RW/Cam Newton/Colin Kaep type player. He’s exciting to watch in NCAA, but I don’t expect him to have a long career in the NFL. I guess time will tell.

  16. we see what happens to 200lb QB that love to scramble.

    good luck Johnny, enjoy the 14 months of relevancy.

  17. If the Vikings take Manziel #8…

    QB: Johnny Football
    RB: Adrian Peterson
    WR: Cordarrelle Patterson
    WR: Greg Jennings
    TE: Kyle Rudolph

    Combined with a descent offensive line, there is a helluva lot you could do with that lineup to put points on the board…

  18. This kid’s game, size, ego, and incredibly poor off field decision making doesn’t translate well to the NFL. Not enough discipline, or work ethic. Spoiled rich Texan. Great NCAA player, NFL bust. Bet on it.

  19. Out of the box, huh? I say Rosenhaus, he usualld doesn’t get QBs. That’d be out of the box. Johnny Football and Rosenhaus seem like a match made in Holdout Hell.

  20. “With the rookie wage scale the money is easy. It’s all about who blinks first in the offset language battle.”

    Excellent point.

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