Panthers ready to start stadium renovations in two weeks

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The Panthers might need Bank of America Stadium once more after Sunday, in case they end up hosting the Saints in the NFC Championship game.

But two days after that game is played, the team is going to start on the first wave of planned renovations to the nearly 18-year-old building.

Via Jeremy Markovich of NBC Charlotte, the team unveiled the plans for renovations Tuesday.

They’ll include new ribbon boards and video boards, a new sound systems and escalators to ferry fans to the upper levels.

The work will begin on the first phase on Jan. 21, and work will take place over the next three offseasons.

The city of Charlotte agreed to cough up $87 million towards the planned $250 million worth of work, though the state of North Carolina would not approve a tax hike to help fund the work.

11 responses to “Panthers ready to start stadium renovations in two weeks

  1. Meanwhile millions of people starve all over America… It’s good to see big businesses helping out the little guys. How much money did the Panthers owner give to charity this year? WAKE UP PEOPLE THEY DONT CARE ABOUT YOU AT ALL, THEY JUST WANT YOUR MONEY!!!

  2. This is getting ridiculous that the public has to kick in so much money for these teams. Minnesota had to do it for a new Vikings stadium, and now Carolina. Wasn’t there a big Deadspin article within the past couple years that showed how the Panthers made over $100 million in profits over the a two-year span? But they’re still asking the city and state to chip in a pile of money for renovations in exchange for six years of the team. How billionaires are allowed to essentially extort money from average America taxpayers on the threat of moving the team is ridiculous.

  3. tdubdizzle says:
    Jan 7, 2014 2:53 PM
    How much money did the Panthers owner give to charity this year? WAKE UP PEOPLE THEY DONT CARE ABOUT YOU AT ALL, THEY JUST WANT YOUR MONEY!!!
    At the very minimum, he gave $10 million to UNC Charlotte for the school’s brand-new football stadium. I’m not a big fan of these billionaires getting public money for these stadium either, but as long as LA doesn’t have a team, the owners are going to threaten to move there without the public money. It’s even more of a real threat here in Charlotte, where once upon a time the NBA team owner made a similar request, and we told him to get lost. The team is now called the New Orleans Pelicans.

    Is it dirty? Yes. But there’s not much we can do about it. And on the rare occasion when I do get a hold of a Panthers ticket, I’m going to need those new escaators to haul my arthritic knees to the upper bowl where my seat wil be.

  4. well I’m pretty sure our fearless leader in DC and his disciples have taken millions upon millions of Mr. Richardson’s hard earned money to undeserving slappies all over our great country and around the world.

    bottom line, you have no clue what Jerry Richardson has or has not done with his money.

    libtards need to grow a pair or get the hell out.

  5. Yea Panther fans, your team is so disrespected this site is spending far more time talking about a possibly Panthers home game for the NFCCG than a possible final Candlestick home game for the NFCCG. But sure go ahead and pretend you are disrespected by everyone.

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