Pete Carroll: Tuesday’s practice big for Harvin’s chances of playing


The Seahawks got wide receiver Percy Harvin back at practice last week, an unexpected development that kept the door open for Harvin playing this postseason despite playing just one game during the regular season because of a hip injury.

Harvin is practicing again on Tuesday and his condition after that session will be a big factor in his chances of playing against the Saints this weekend. Seahawks coach Pete Carroll said, via Liz Mathews of 710 ESPN, that Harvin needs to get through Tuesday’s work without any issues if he is going to proceed on to game action.

Should Harvin clear that hurdle and continue to practice without incident, Carroll said that “we are just going to mix him in” when asked about how the team would reintegrate Harvin into the lineup.

Having a healthy Harvin would obviously be a boost to the Seahawks offense, but they were able to get the first seed in the NFC despite having him in the lineup just once all year so they wouldn’t be lost if he doesn’t wind up getting the green light.

32 responses to “Pete Carroll: Tuesday’s practice big for Harvin’s chances of playing

  1. I farted and he tore his ACL, so sorry.
    A whisp of snow touched his nose and he’s out for the next two years.
    His shoes were to tight and now he has sever plantar faciatis.
    He blinked and now he needs eye surgery!!!!

    Well U get the picture.

  2. Having Percy on the active roster would give us one more offensive weapon. Not having him active wouldn’t necessarily detract from our “game”. Golden Tate and Jermaine Kearse have given us the big plays when we’ve needed them, and Doug Baldwin has been superb as a receiver, especially on the edges. Hope Percy, makes it to game day, nonetheless.

  3. Percy Harvin stories have become my families replacement for Bigfoot and Chupacabra sightings.

  4. He wants to play very very much. He was a Viking when the Saint’s cheated the Vikings out of a Super Bowl appearance. He’s highly motivated to play in this game.

  5. If Percy plays there is NO WAY the Saints can cover ALL our receivers at the same time, someone will be open……bank on it.

  6. What a joke. These Seahawks fans that think Percy will do something. Percy is good and all; no question. But he hasn’t played all year and was a Viking last year. The chemistry won’t be there. He might have a couple catches but it won’t mean much. Not saying they are gonna lose, but who knows.

  7. mrlynch33,
    Pete Carroll didn’t say Harvin was going to play all snaps.
    Harvin still might not play for that matter.
    If he does play, the Saints can’t just leave him alone. They have to respect his abilities.

  8. Just make it thru this week Harvin ! The more options the better ! And I’m so dammed sick of ESPN doing stories on Denv and SF, its no doubt this is the Super Bowl they want

    Mine is Hawks vs SD

  9. Honestly, outside of the kick return game, I don’t see how Harvin will help much in the playoffs outside of being a decoy. He’s never really played with Russell, or the rest of the offense. Sure Bevell has coached him before, but there’s a certain chemistry involved in running an offense. You don’t gain that by sitting out the entire season with a new franchise, and then playing in the postseason. This is why trades midseason generally don’t work in the NFL (Trent Richardson?) because there’s more prep involved than 1-2 weeks can hold. Forcing Percy the ball more than 1-3 times could ruin that flow.

  10. LOL! Let me see if I can remember some of the plays Percy had when he played against the Queens in November.

    1) he made a spectacular one-handed 17 yard grab on a 3rd and long..first down. I believe we went on to score on that drive.

    2) he had a holding call made on the defender guarding him when he was on pass route because he blew by the defender so fast the poor guy had no hope but to hold to prevent a Percy TD.

    3) he had a 58 yard kick off return that made it look like the defenders were running in quicksand.

    Not a bad outing for being in the game for 16 plays.

    Make light of Percy playing all you want but that guy is going to gut the Saints this weekend…I mean guts everywhere. LOL! can’t wait.

  11. Carroll, as is his custom, is talking out the side of his neck. They used to call it gamesmanship but unless you’re at least mildly amusing, he’s just bumping his gums. I doubt Ryan or McMahon are blowing any defensive or special teams practice time preparing for the ghost of Percy Harvin. As well they shouldn’t, it’s going to take a monumental effort for them, in all phases of the game to win in Seattle.

  12. I find it fascinating that when lobbying for Wilson to be MVP Hawks fans talked about how he was doing it with a bunch of “undrafted scrub receivers” and now they’re talking about how deadly and uncoverable they are. As always the truth lies somewhere in the middle. The Hawks receivers are above average and jump up even more when the run game is working and when Wilson is able to scramble around and make plays. I’m not sure other teams look at the Hawks receivers as uncoverable though, opposing teams would much rather have the Seahawks throw 40 passes a game than run the ball 40 times because passing isn’t what they do best, it’s not the identity of the team.

    While a healthy Harvin does add an interesting weapon to the Hawks, getting him at this point in the season likely won’t pay the dividends that Hawks fans want, he just has no familiarity with Wilson or the other receivers, he might make a play or two but he won’t be a dominant force offensively. Special teams though are where he could make the biggest impact.

  13. We have done ok without him. If he plays, what an impact he would make on returns and a deep threat. Even the threat helps Tate. I hope Kearse and Miller play.

  14. He’ll be the kick returner and a very good one. If the Hawks trust him more than that they may regret it when he’s off page with the play calling.

  15. Dukeearl is correct. If Carroll does put him in as a slot it wideout here and there the Saints can’t ignore it no matter how little the guy has played in Seattle and by doing so RW will find the open man or use his legs to make them pay. Regardless it’s a win for Seattle having him available.

  16. listen to all the haders boohoo’n, its just a game, sometimes one team is just unbeatable and that team is the Hawks..

    won’t do you any good to flap your lips, remember the last time a team and fans went on a gum run?

    I do, whiners, “I added a little extra weight at the gym for the seahawks”

    whiners fans got onboard and thought they were going to go in a play smash mouth and steal one, they went home SORE losers, VERY SORE

    I don’t see the saints having half a chance, Hawks blew them out 3 weeks ago at the very same venu when the Hawks were playing in 2nd gear, whats changed so drastically for the taints they can win that game?

    nothing, just a lot of jealous blowhards..

    you’ll feel better about yourself if your honest about the game and the loss wont hurt so much, and if a miracle happens then you feel all that much better about it..

    just ask the whiners, they always talk a lot of smack about the Hawks then eat crow the next week, and the week after, the week after that, fact is they have enough crow to last a couple seasons easy..

    either way your fantasy tell it how you want, as for me I am going to be honest with myself and go with the best team in the NFL Saturday, my wallet will thank me afterwards…

    peace out yo

  17. pantherpro says:
    Jan 7, 2014 4:29 PM

    If you survive this week Niners will crush Seahags next week on another dreary miserable Seattle day!
    Like the last two times the 9ers visited? Niner fans were saying the same thing prior to those two games.

    The niners beat Seattle by a combined 9 points the past two meeting in S.F.

    Seattle has beat S.F. by a combined 55 points the past two meetings in Seattle.

    Look, the niners could very well win in Seattle, if they both play in the NFCC game. I’ll take my chances with Seattle, if they meet.

    But, it looks like niner fans are looking past the panthers.

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