Report: Manziel selects Maverick Carter to handle marketing deals

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When it comes to Johnny Manziel, not much is conventional.  When it comes to his marketing opportunities at the NFL level, Manziel definitely won’t be opting for a conventional route.

According to Darren Rovell of ESPN, Manziel has selected LRMR to handle his marketing deals.  LRMR is run by Maverick Carter, the boyhood friend and business partner of LeBron James.

Liz Mullen of SportsBusiness Journal reports that Manziel has not officially signed with LRMR.

Rovell also reports that Manziel has selected Select Sports Group to handle his football contract, which will be far less lucrative given the low-single-digit limits on commissions and the rookie wage scale.  With marketing percentages considerably higher and Manziel on the verge of becoming a superstar, Carter stands to make a lot more money than Manziel’s football agents will earn, especially during the first few years of his NFL career.

29 responses to “Report: Manziel selects Maverick Carter to handle marketing deals

  1. Every time this kid suits up, I stop what I’m doing and sit down to watch the show. Same was true with Lynn Swann, Kenny Stabler, Joe Montana, Michael Jordan and Barry Bonds for me.

    Johnny Football brings it every single time. It’s addicting watching him. I can’t get enough. Praying he goes to Oakland so I can see all his pro games. If not, I’ll buy the Sunday ticket to catch his act.

    A sure fire superstar on and off the field. They don’t come around too often.

  2. He is on the verge of being a super star? Lets see if this hobbit can play first. Manziel should strike while the iron is hot on endorsements but all that will be fleeting if he doesn’t perform in 9 months on a whole new level.

  3. Maverick and LeBron already have a promo skit worked out, where James dribbles Manziel through his legs, Globetrotter style, picks him up and does some baseline trick shots, then dunks him vigorously through the hoops at both ends of the court.

  4. Surely Manziel realizes that Carter was the brainchild behind the fiasco known as “The Decision” which seriously set back LeBron’s marketability for two years. The way LeBron recovered from that mess was too win two championships, and now you get to see him in ridiculously long Samsung commercials.

    I hope Manziel is ready to win two Super Bowls in short order.

  5. Great, this guy has BUST written all over him but is already lining up the deals and marketing stuff. Excellent. It’s clearly obvious he’s got his priorities straight. Some NFL team is gonna draft this college player and find out he ain’t got it. Have fun with that. At least he’ll make a trillion dollars selling Old Spice or whatever. Nice.

  6. As a Browns fan, I’d be cool with them taking a chance on this kid. With everything going disastrously wrong with the Browns, a confident, success demanding QB would be a breath of fresh air. He seems like the kind of player that refuses failure, and only an injury could stop (which is the big concern).

    I look at it this way. If it doesn’t work, it’s par for the course for the last 15 years. If it does work, it could be HUGE and get us over the hump, which seems to be 4-12.

  7. A cynical person might assume this selection helps explain the Johnny Manziel – Lebron James daily texting and PR help etc. Color me cynical.

    I am still intrigued at how well Manziel will play at the NFL level. I have little doubt that early marketing opportunities should be plentiful.

  8. I have heard carter is a buffoon that benefited from his boyhood friendship with Lebron. It doesn’t take much marketing genius to get a deal for Lebron. Talk about low hanging fruit.

  9. What’s the big deal about this? Because he’s not one of the CAA guys who have every client in the business? Carter has the biggest superstar in the business, so I think he can handle it.

  10. Not a fan of LeBron or Johnny. However, LeBron James is one of the biggest superstars in the world and Manziel has already shown prowess in branding himself without benefit of professional representation. It takes a seriously jealous, hateful individual to post the comments you see above.

  11. Reminds me of Tebow. He showed that all that Rah, Rah stuff at the QB position doesn’t work so well in the NFL. Some team will be getting one heck of a place-kick holder! My only question…what will “Manzielling” look like?

  12. Once, I thought he’d be good on the Vikings staff. Now, not so much. Sounds like he’s more interested in off-field activities and football is merely a stepping-stone.

    Blake Bortles looks like a better fit long-term.

  13. My gut tells me this kid is gonna cost some GM his job.

    My gut also tells me that although Sumlin will never say it, he’s happy to see him go.

  14. This whole thread is about how bad he is. what if he comes in the league and does a great job? Don’t be jealous because your sitting on your ass at home watching and he is in the game playing. You couldn’t even dream of being in his position so please until he does something on the field lets not pretend we know whats going to happen.

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