Report: Munchak to interview with Lions on Friday


Much of the speculation about the vacant Lions head coaching job has centered on Chargers offensive coordinator Ken Whisenhunt, but he’s not the only former NFL head coach on the team’s radar.

He’s not even the former head coach with the most recent experience in the top job on the radar. Ed Werder of ESPN reports that Mike Munchak, fired as the head coach in Tennessee last Saturday, will interview with the team on Friday.

Munchak, who has also been linked to the vacancy at Penn State, spent three years with the Titans and compiled a 22-26 record. He was relieved of his duties after failing to come to an agreement with team brass about changes to the coaching staff and the overall vision for where the franchise was heading in the future. Should Munchak wind up with the job — Werder still terms Whisenhunt the favorite in Detroit — it would be two straight head coaches to come to Detroit from Tennessee as Jim Schwartz was the defensive coordinator with the Titans before getting the Lions job.

Ravens offensive coordinator Jim Caldwell has interviewed for the Lions job already and Bengals coordinators Jay Gruden and Mike Zimmer are also reportedly in the mix in Detroit.

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  1. I’m skeptical about how serious they are about hiring Munchak. He’s a great guy, great OL coach but his record as a HC with the Titans isn’t very inspiring. He won’t have a great staff either. Likes to hire his old buddies from his Houston Oilers playing days regardless if they’re qualified or not.

  2. What about Greg Roman? I here he is very interested In the job, ate the Lions interested in him?

  3. There isn’t much available in my opinion. I don’t particularly like any of their options.

    They need someone who can teach that team mental discipline and toughness. Dumb penalties, dumb decisions on the field, it keeps hurting them. There’s talent there but they do so many undisciplined and stupid things, it seems.

    Whisenhunt is not a head coach, in my opinion. Munch I think will be an ok HC somewhere but I don’t like the fit with Detroit.

  4. This is a little surprising. With the tools that Detroit has, this should be one of the most sought after jobs in recent years. Where are the top-shelf candidates? Is Detroit’s upper-management that undesirable to work with?

    Off topic: #fireland

  5. Good ole boys network in full force here.

    So many other options that deserve a first chance at running a team and all these just fired coaches get another chance right away. Makes no sense at all.

  6. Did you know Bill Belichick first 5 years as a head coached featured only 1 year of a winning record and a playoff berth(that ended in a 1 and done)?

    My point is just because a guy doesn’t get it done extremely quickly doesn’t mean in one city doesn’t deserve a second chance. Coaches can get better, learn from their mistakes, have a better group of talent etc. Don’t be so quick to be upset about who is being interviewed just trust in your organization and hope they grew from their last experience.

  7. Theres no reason to NOT interview him. It costs them nothing and they cover all their bases. People need to stop getting bent out of shape about who is interviewed. They only hire ONE person, so they’d better get as many people in there to see what is available.

  8. Lions need to hire a disciplinarian who will whip those fools into shape quickly. Someone with a backbone and balls who doesn’t take crap from players.

  9. I am sure this is a smoke screen. They cannot be serious. Munchak was not a good fit for the Titans and is not a good one here. They should look at a strong defensive presence like Mike Zimmer as HC. And an OC known for handling wayward QBs.

  10. Wisenhunt I can see, but the other coaches the Lions have interviewed to date seem like duds or retreads.

  11. “Likes to hire his old buddies from his Houston Oilers playing days regardless if they’re qualified or not.”

    Reminds me of when Rod Marinelli was coaching the Lions and he did the same thing. He hired his incompetent son-in-law to be the defensive coordinator, I remember. Rob Parker made fun of Marinelli about it, but everyone got pissed off at Parker. Go figure.

    I don’t like Rob Parker, but he was right on to rip Marinelli.

  12. I live in Nashville and stopped following the Titans because of Munchak. He’s a good assistant but hardly a head coach. Bring in some controlled fire with a history of winning.

  13. Dryzzt23 . . . True but a proven winner too. This team is built to win this year. It’s like what Gruden did in Tampa. It cannot be a learning on the job scenario or a wild ass bet . . .pay the money get Coughlin out of the Giants.

  14. @blester01… totally agree. I don’t understand (well I do understand it: G-R-U-D-E-N) all the attention given to Jay Gruden. I am not impressed with the Bengals offensive play-calling when I watch them play. I think being patient and going after either one of the Niners coordinators (even Jim Tomsula or Ed Donatell) would be a much better choice.

  15. This has to be the most favourable job available as far as talent. But the tops shelf candidates probably want more than just that. The top candidates want last say on personel, something the person doing the interview isn’t agreeable to………so you may get saddled with a retread er I mean experienced head coach who can’t demand such things. Even the hottest college coaches are able to demand that or atleast bring in their own gm…….and lion fans used to rip Wayne Fontes….that’s your winningest dude!

  16. Please Detroit, HIRE HIM! Such a non-exciting, boring hire for Penn State would be counterproductive. I’m sure recruits would fall asleep while he was talking to Mom.

  17. I think there is a coaching course that all potential head coaches must follow sort of like paying your dues in the HC community before landing on a team that may keep you…a potential head coach must have accrued experience at Detroit, Tennessee, Cleveland or Buffalo, Minnesota or Arizona. Green Bay has been removed from this list due to Brett Favre/Aaron Rodgers success there. Houston, Miami and Atlanta are soon to be added to the course due to failure of playoff appearances and lack of QB development.
    From the desk of Roger Goodell

  18. this is a COMMON interview technique in the NFL. it’s sole purpose is to get information from the coach about your team, and what that coach felt he was doing right with his team that you might adopt. doesn’t make him a candidate.
    it’s no different than Apple interviewing someone from Google. Or Facebook interviewing someone from Twitter.

  19. I was one of those Titans fans who, though I missed Jeff Fisher, really liked Munchak for the first two of his three years. He started out 9 and 7 his first season and so I kept holding out hope. However, halfway through this season, even I wanted a change at head coach.

    Then I noticed something … even as the Titans’ odds of making the playoffs became slimmer and slimmer and even after they were mathematically eliminated, his roster of players kept playing hard for him … and I mean tough football. I then asked myself, what if Jake Locker hadn’t had those simultaneous hip and mcl injuries (injuries which lingered)? Would they have built on that 3 and 1 start? … All that to say, there may be something to this, Lions fans.

  20. tavisteelersfan says:
    Jan 7, 2014 10:41 AM
    Dryzzt23 . . . True but a proven winner too. This team is built to win this year. It’s like what Gruden did in Tampa. It cannot be a learning on the job scenario or a wild ass bet . . .pay the money get Coughlin out of the Giants.


    You mean it’s like what Dungy did for Gruden in Tampa.

    Gruden was so set up at both the Raiders and Tampa by his predecessors, it was sickening. He crapped the bed with Oakland and ran with Dungy’s talented team to a ring. Then…when he had the reins for 2 years…the Bucs went backwards. Part of the reason I still think Gruden isn’t close to what they give him cred for….he probably knows that too. Now he’s been out of the league so long, he’s borderline irrelevant…much like Cowher and Dungy, IMO.

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