Saints trying to practice on hostile turf this week

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Sean Payton is a short step away from breaking out the tape measure to make sure the basket’s still 10 feet.

The Saints coach had the Seahawks logo painted on his practice fields, “trying to create the exact environment,” for their road trip this weekend.

Granted, without steady rain, record-breaking noise and a dominant defense, it won’t be a perfect replica of what they’ll see at CenturyLink Field.

But Payton has proven himself willing to push motivational buttons, as with last week’s decree to change the color of the Gatorade the team was drinking.

Such little ploys might seem corny, but it didn’t hurt last week, as they won a road playoff game in less-than-ideal weather conditions, something they were presumed to be unable to do.

A new logo on the practice field won’t make much of a difference Saturday, but  his players know he’s in it with them, and those kind of little things can make a big difference as long as players believe they do.

28 responses to “Saints trying to practice on hostile turf this week

  1. Any truth to the rumor that Saints tackling dummies also have detachable limbs so they can practice killing the head and sweeping the legs?

  2. The four best teams are still alive in the NFC. The team that survives is going to deserve it. I can’t wait for Saturday at the CLink!

  3. Maybe Jerry Jones would let them use his stadium, and they over modulate the hostile crowd noises.
    Lord knows it doesn’t get used for any football games after December.

  4. I remember seeing a story when the Saints last played in Seattle about how confident they were because they all has these specially made earplugs that were supposed to cancel out the crowd noise. That didn’t work either.

  5. The crowd noise didn’t beat the Saints last time, Seattle’s defense did. Seattle had the perfect game, and one they will not be able to replicate. I think the Saints have a good shot, but they’ll have to have their ow perfect game. Always be weary of a team that everyone says can’t do something and everyone is betting against.

    One thing’s for sure, this game will not be as one-sided as the last meeting.

  6. There are a lot of reasons why home field helps … but fans making noise isn’t one of them.

  7. U might beat us but I guarantee you, y’all are gonna have to earn this one. Don’t bring your “B” game Seattle cause if u do it’s gonna be your 2nd loss at home this season.

  8. The Danziger Bridge would be a hostile practice field for about 80% of the New Orleans Saints.

    That would be very hostile.

  9. The only NFC game that matters is on Sunday.

    The team wearing red and gold will be representing the NFC in the Super Bowl.

  10. IF the Saints manage to put on a good show and stay in the game with Seattle into the 3rd quarter then they have a shot.

    If we see another 17 point lead in the first half then I think it will be safe to call it.

  11. Saints trying to practice on hostile turf this week?

    Good luck with that, because Percy Harvin is going to LIGHT IT UP!!!!!

  12. And when the Saints and the Niners win, the Saints get to come to Candlestick for the NFC Championship game.

    One final game at the Stick!

  13. Wow! The Saints barely beat the 29th ranked overall defense in the Eagles at their quiet stadium and now the fans think it will be no problem to face the number 1 ranked overall defense in the loudest stadium on earth and come away with a major upset. Now that is some serious koolaid drinking right there!

    I guarantee that the Saints players are peeing all over themselves just thinking about coming back to Seattle for a playoff game.

    GO HAWKS!!!

  14. As for the noise at the Clink, it works especially well agaist the Saints because of the substitution packages they use on their offensive plays. They sometimes sub 4 to 5 guys each play.

    When these guys come in, Brees needs to tell them the plan in the huddle and guess what, they can’t hear.

    The noise also means Brees has to go with the original play call from the sideline when they line up even if he wants to audible to a different play after looking over the defense, he can’t due to the noise.

    Add to that the extra half second our defense gets at the snap of the ball. Not to mention false starts, etc.

    If you add all those up you can’t tell me that the noise has no effect. Keep dreaming, keep dreaming.

  15. Wouldn’t practicing in the Dome with music/ noise being pumped be more appropriate than practicing outdoors with the logo. I mean youre trying to emulate the crowd noise

  16. They thought they were prepared last time and weren’t. The noise won’t be an issue. There are plenty of ways to communicate without saying a word. How often do you see a qb with one of those wrist bands with the plays. If every player wears one of those Brees simply needs to give them a number and they all know the play. It is certainly uncomfortable, but crowd noise by itself is not going to make a team lose. Take it down a notch Seahawks fans. When you are walking around and pointing to crowd noise as your teams biggest accomplishment in team history, it makes you look very lame. Is the noise impressive? Absolutely, but seriously, wait til you have a trophy, then point to that…

  17. seahawksteven777 says:
    Jan 7, 2014 4:05 PM
    Can’t replicate the noise though so I don’t see how this will help.
    Or they could buy amps and speakers, like the Seahawks do.

  18. I have a better suggestion. What they should instead do is have extra dbs hanging on to the receiver jerseys, tackling them when the ball is in the air. If they get enough practice of that then maybe just maybe they can compete with Seattle DBs who hold on every single play.

    Otherwise you better be able to run the ball. You are not getting calls against those DBs in Seattle. No way.

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