Texans confirm dismissal of 16 assistant coaches


Bill Kollar is the last link to the Gary Kubiak era on the Texans coaching staff.

The Texans confirmed Tuesday that new coach Bill O’Brien has decided to keep Kollar as defensive line coach and let go of the other 16 coaches from Kubiak’s final staff in Houston. It’s been widely reported that the Texans were moving in that direction, with former defensive coordinator and interim head coach Wade Phillips already letting the Texans know that he won’t be needing a suite for the 2014 season.

“I commend and thank all the coaches who worked for the Texans prior to my arrival,” O’Brien said in a statement from the team. “Many of them played a large role in taking this franchise to the playoffs for the first time ever and will remain a part of the history here. I wish all of them well in their future endeavors.”

In addition to Phillips, the Texans have said goodbye to Perry Carter (assistant defensive backs), Rick Dennison (offensive coordinator), Karl Dorrell (quarterbacks), Dan Hammerschmidt (offensive assistant), Chick Harris (running backs), Reggie Herring (linebackers), Vance Joseph (defensive backs), Bobby King (assistant linebackers), Larry Kirksey (wide receivers), Marc Lubick (assistant wide receivers), Brian Pariani (tight ends), Jim Ryan (assistant offensive line), Matt Schiotz (assistant strength and conditioning), Cedric Smith (head strength and conditioning) and Jeff Zgonina (assistant defensive line).

21 responses to “Texans confirm dismissal of 16 assistant coaches

  1. Awesome. But freaking Rick Smith still being employed is unacceptable. A former defensive back himself, he has proven he cannot draft a DB if his life depended on it.

  2. I have no problem with Rick Smith and his drafts have been as good as any in the league. All teams have a “swing and a miss” with draft picks but his have brought in some very good players.

    The worst has been Kareem Jackson. Kablooey on that one…….

  3. Now if he could just get rid of Jerry Jones and Mark Cuban. Whoops, wrong city!

    Cuban took a horrible Mavs franchise and turned them into annual contenders, and you think he’s a bad owner? Awfully high standards there.

  4. @mrbigass

    On what planet? The 2006 draft wasn’t his and due to his beyond piss poor salary management in splurging on J Jo and Danieal Manning in 2011 we are in cap hell.

  5. Interesting, Seahawks and 49ers, 23 coaches each and a loser like the Texans 17.

    Maybe money and attention to detail mean something. By the way I only looked at the two top tier team staff numbers. It would be interesting to see the other team staff numbers and compare winning to losing. Something PFT should have done for us.

  6. There is nothing like a complete lack of continuity and an abbreviated offseason to cover lack of success the first year. No one will even know where the bathrooms are. This was stupid. At least one offensive and one defensive coach should have been retained for at least a year.

  7. At least Phillips can take solace in the fact that Manning didnt break the TD record against him. Well, he did, but Wade pretends that he didn’t.

  8. The NFL is a business.

    Unless a player’s contract is up for negotiation. Then he needs to take one for the team or be labeled a selfish jerk by the media and fans.

  9. Kollar must gone to the same elementary school as O’Brien or something. Surviving that fire sale was either lucky or good, but I’m impressed by whatever he did or said to stay on.

    I’m sorry, but NFL coaches shouldn’t be chicks.

    And Chick Hearn’s name was actually Francis.

  10. R Smith got Watt because of Wade Phillips. The last two draft classes have been atrocious. Mericulus, Hopkins, b Reed? Not to mention Ed Reed? The guy is almost the last weak link, but we still have our owner, so there are two weak links.

  11. Rick Smith has done a good job. I don’t understand the hate. I don’t know that much about the Penn State pro coaching staff I hope they are good. I guess its in with new out with the old. Not a bad idea when you lose 14 games in a row.

  12. I hope Bill (liar-liar pants on fire)O’brien crashes and burns and never coaches again,then ends up living under the bridge I use every day on my way to work.

  13. floriosadouche says:
    Jan 8, 2014 9:41 AM
    I hope Bill (liar-liar pants on fire)O’brien crashes and burns and never coaches again,then ends up living under the bridge I use every day on my way to work.
    Why is it that my posts don’t show up yet trash like this appears?

  14. Say what you will but the fans of Houston Oilers fired the owner and team, can’t help it if Tennessee snapped them up off the unemployment line.

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