Towson running back Terrence West to declare for draft

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Towson University running back Terrence West appears to be the latest in the slew of underclassmen declaring for the NFL Draft.

According to Jason La Canfora of, West will forgo his senior season and declare for the NFL Draft.

West ran for 99 yards as Towson came up one victory short of winning the FCS (formerly Division I-AA) football championship this past weekend with a 35-7 loss to North Dakota State.

For his career, West rushed for 4,854 yards and 84 touchdowns.

Per La Canfora, West received a third round grade from the league’s draft advisory panel.

17 responses to “Towson running back Terrence West to declare for draft

  1. 3rd round, Div 2 (whatever) = 1st round Div 1 … back in the day.

    Decoding all of this means he is very talented and won’t go any higher, don’t waste the body miles in college = good move = welcome to today’s NFL.


    You can lower your head in space because they are not screwing the Offensive players yet, like they’re screwing the Defensive players…fyi…carry on…

  2. I go to Towson, West was in my anthropology class. Just need to brag for a sec, please don’t interrupt. He’s a solid guy and I’m glad he’s going into the draft and skipping his senior year. RBs need to stay fresh for the NFL. He will make an impact on any team that drafts him as well as on my dynasty team.

  3. if he makes it to a starting rb some day folks will say where the hell is towson when he introduces himself on sunday night or monday night football i wish him luck

  4. If he’s any good he will be a Raider by the end of the draft. A mid round running back is just what the Raiders need.

  5. Wow! Thanks for this update!!! I was so concerned that he wouldn’t declare for the draft. Who’s going to be the lucky team to sign him in the 6th round and have him go immediately to the practice squad, only to be cut a month later?!? Slow news day?

  6. It always amazes me to read some of the thoughtless comments. I am sure the guys writing these gems never even went to College nor played Football. T.West crushed every single rushing record in the history of NCAA football in FBS, FCS, DivII and DivIII. Also, if you think this is still no feat consider RB, CB and WR skill positions star on Sundays from every level of college ball. For those who do not know Towson, think Dave Megget. Remember Parcel’ls pet RB with Giants and Pats? Or Sean Landetta, the longest tenured Pro-Bowl Punter in NFL history. Sorry, I am a little biased on this one having been Teammates with both of them. Go Tigers!

  7. There are already a few guys from Towson in the NFL. Jermon Bushrod comes to mind, and both Dave Meggett and Sean Landeta went there. West could play at a ton of D1 schoools…Clemson and Maryland are documented as wanting him out of prep school. So all you clowns trying to be funny need to brush up on your football knowledge. A 3rd round grade for a RB puts the guy in the top 5-10 in the draft at the position.

  8. Baltimorons – the guy received a 3rd round grade for a reason. He’s a big guy, not a burner, but can move the chains and wear down a defense. Take a look at his numbers – the dude was very productive against that competition (41 TD’s in a year is good at the pee-wee level….29 as a freshman even).

    He may or may not make it – but he has just as much of a chance to play on Sundays as any other 3rd round projected player. Thinking maybe the slow part here isn’t related to the news day.

  9. Got to watch this guy over the past weekend. I like him. He’s physical, built low to the ground and has some break away speed.

    He’s probably leaving as much because of wear and tear as he is for a pay day. Towson ran the hell out of this kid (439 total touches for 2,767 yards and 42 total TD’s in 2013)

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