Vikings taking their time with coaching search


Of the four head-coaching searches that have lasted for at least eight days, the Vikings’ effort to hire the 10th head coach in team history (if Bud Grant is counted twice) has generated the least amount of buzz.

That may be precisely what the team wants.  While the media focuses on Ken Whisenhunt supposedly having the inside track in Detroit and the Redskins taking a page from the Al Davis brain-picking playbook and the Browns casting a wide net perhaps to obscure the fact that they targeted Josh McDaniels even before Rob Chudzinski was fired, Vikings G.M. Rick Spielman has operated largely under the national media’s radar.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, the Vikings plan to interview “a lot” of candidates, with the goal of taking their time in order to get the right person for the job.

The known candidates, based on various reports, are Cardinals defensive coordinator Todd Bowles, Browns defensive coordinator Ray Horton, Bengals offensive coordinator Jay Gruden, Bengals defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer, Seahawks offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell, Seahawks defensive coordinator Dan Quinn, 49ers offensive coordinator Greg Roman, Broncos offensive coordinator Adam Gase, and perhaps Broncos defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio.

On one hand, time is of the essence.  In less than two weeks, Senior Bowl practices will be conducted, with other key dates and deadlines not far behind.

On the other hand, the Vikings apparently aim to make a hire that will carry the franchise deep into the decade, and possibly beyond.  If that means not having a coach in place before the Super Bowl, so be it.

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  1. Vikings plan to inteview a lot of candidates over a long period of time. With the goal of seeing whoever is left over after all the other vacancies have been filled. Then giving a lowball offer to a desperate individual.

  2. Just announced : the vikings are interviewing jim leland, scotty bowman, and phil jackson for the job opening.

    Oh and i still need to return the call to rick for my interview!

  3. I think there are a lot of good coaches out there. I just hope Rick is willing to work with whoever comes in here, and to not be so controlling. I would like to see some patience from the FO. Develop the team around the coaches strengths. All I know is that regardless of who our coach is next year, we need to find a QB. That’s a more glaring hole to me.

  4. Leave it to packer trolls to crap up a Vikings story and complain when the same treatment happens on their stories.

    For once I am glad they are taking their time. Compare that with 2 interim coaches and Chilly that was given the reigns recently……

  5. “With the goal of taking heir time and getting the right person for the job.” Huh?

    So what’s the goal here, taking their time or getting the right person for the job?

    We all know it’s must be “taking their time” because the right person for that clown coaching job hasn’t graced the face of the earth yet.

  6. There is no head coaching prospect out there that stands out, therefore no need to rush.

    It takes longer to find a diamond in the rough, which is what they need to do among this crop of head coaching candidates.

  7. Kluwe needs work. Maybe a preseason filled with sensitivity workshops and OFA fundraising drives will light a fire under this franchise.

  8. Whoever our coach is won’t matter if we don’t have a QB.

    Coaches with a good QB are considered good coaches in today’s NFL. Whether that’s true or not, having a good QB is a staple to having a good coach. Cart > Horse.

  9. Copied from a previous post….wish I could take credit. Given the following, why would anyone want to coach this perennial loser team?

    Why the Vikings are the most inept team in professional sports history

    ** 4 Superbowl losses
    ** 5 straight losses in NFC Championship games
    **Gary Anderson who had just completed the first perfect regular season in NFL history (not missing a single extra point or field goal attempt the entire year), missed a 38-yard attempt with less than 2 minutes remaining in NFC championship game that most likely puts Vikes in Superbowl in 98.
    **in 2003 Arizona’s last second touchdown on 4th and 28 against Vikings eliminated Vikings from playoffs. The moment of Arizona’s touchdown was actually the first moment the entire season in which the Vikings hadn’t led their division. The Vikings became the second team in football history to miss the playoffs after getting off to a 6-0 start
    **The “Hail Mary” pass Drew Pearson caught against the Vikes in 75 NFC championship to give Dallas the win in the final minute.
    **Jim Marshall’s wrong way run
    **The Herschel Walker trade in which Vikings gave Dallas three 1st rounders, three 2nd rounders, plus a 3rd and a 6th rounder in addition to 5 players. Walker lasts only 3 seasons in Minnesota
    ** In 1999 the Vikings select Michigan State Defensive end Dimitrius Underwood with the 29th overall pick. Underwood spent one day in camp and walked out. It was eventually shown Underwood suffered from mental Illness. The ineptness of the Vikings comes into play because his coaches at Michigan State warned NFL scouts that he was not mentally stable enough to play in the NFL.
    **Vikings despite being favored, The Vikings lose 41-0 in NFC championship game in 2000.
    **Green Bays Antonio Freeman makes one of the all time great miracle catches in overtime to defeat Vikings in 2000
    **2003 In yet another move of ineptness the Vikings are on the board in the first round of the 2003 draft with the 7th overall pick. The Vikings missed the deadline to make the pick. Meanwhile, the two teams immediately behind Minnesota on the board Jacksonville and Carolina rushed their cards to the podium in New York and made their picks before the Vikings.
    ** With 19 seconds remaining in the 2010 NFC Championship game the Vikings call a timeout on 3rd and 10 at the Saints 33 yard line. They had one timeout remaining, so the smart money was on them running the ball and hoping to gain four to five yards — thus setting up an approximately 45-yard field goal as time expired to win the game. On that next play the Vikings are penalized for 12 men in the huddle. The penalty pushed them out of FG range and most likely cost them a trip to the Superbowl. See below for nail in the coffin on the next play
    **2010 Favre`s 4th down 4th quarter interception with seconds remaining vs Saints in NFC championship puts New Orleans in Superbowl.
    * Between 1986 and 1990, nine Vikings were arrested for drunken driving, and receiver Buster Rhymes was treated for cocaine dependency.
    * In 1988, citing “overwhelming negative response” from the public, the Vikings released convicted sex offender Mossy Cade.
    * In 1994, Joey Browner is charged with third-degree rape in Minneapolis. Charges are later dismissed.
    * In 1995, running back Keith Henderson pleaded guilty to three counts of fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct.
    * 1995, Star Minnesota Vikings quarterback Warren Moon is arrested in Houston and charged with misdemeanor assault after he slapped his wife, choking her “nearly to the point of unconsciousness.” Moon is later acquitted after his wife refuses to testify. A few months previously, Moon had been charged with sexual assault by a Vikings cheerleader in a case that was settled out of court.
    * That year, Moon allegedly struck his wife in the head with an open hand and choked her to the point where she almost passed out, according to police in Missouri City, Texas.
    She did not press charges and, although the case went to trial anyway, Moon was found not guilty.
    * In 1995, the Star Tribune reported that the Vikings paid $150,000 to head off a sexual harassment suit against Vikings assistant coach Richard Solomon, coach Dennis Green’s closest friend on the staff.
    * In 1996, James Harris, Minnesota Vikings defensive end, pleads guilty to third-degree assault for beating his wife.
    * In 1999, safety Orlando Thomas was disciplined by the NFL after pleading no contest to the misdemeanor charge of simple battery on his wife.
    * In 2002, receiver Randy Moss knocked a traffic cop to the ground with his car, then was charged with drug possession. He later reached an out-of-court settlement with the officer.
    * In 2002, two women claimed to be sexually assaulted at the team’s Arctic Blast fundraiser.
    * In 2004, linebackers E.J. Henderson and Michael Nattiel and tight end Steve Farmer were arrested after officers said they saw the players assaulting a man outside the Tabu nightclub in Minneapolis.
    * In 2005, running back Onterrio Smith was suspended by the NFL for a year for violating the league’s substance abuse policy, two months after being caught at an airport with The Original Whizzinator, a kit designed to circumvent drug tests.
    * Also in 2005, coach Mike Tice was fined by the NFL for scalping Super Bowl tickets, and defensive tackle Kevin Williams was arrested on charges of domestic abuse.
    * Wide receiver Kelly Campbell driving a stolen SUV high with a stolen and weapon, with 16 grams of marijuana
    * Daunte Culpepper’s SUV involved in drug arrest
    * Former running back Ted Brown was indicted by a Mille Lacs County grand jury in late 2003 on first-and third-degree criminal sexual conduct charges after an incident at a team function on Lake Mille Lacs. He remains free on bail.
    Brown is charged in a February 2003 incident during the Vikings’ annual Arctic Blast event at Eddy’s Resort. Prosecutors allege that Brown forced sex on an intoxicated woman who was unable to consent.
    *Koren Robinson getting a DUI
    * Tommy Kramer DUI
    * Donald Igwebuike involved in drug trafficking
    * Robert Tate threatening to have the mother of his child beaten up by his cousin
    * Kenny Mixon not 1, not 2, but 3 DUI’s while with the team
    * Former Executive Mike Kelly getting a DUI going to bail out players at the Arctic Blast
    * Denny Green Sexual Harassment Allegations
    * EJ Henderson DUI * *While every team makes draft blunders I especially like this one. In 2005 the Vikings passed on Aaron Rodgers … twice. Once, to draft wide receiver Troy Williamson at No. 7 and again at No. 18 picking defensive end Erasmus James. Neither lived up to their hype and even more noteworthy both aren’t on the roster
    * January 2011 Vikings De Everson Griffin being arrested 2 times within 3 days. He was Drunk in public and then 3 days later was tased by the police after trying to run away after being pulled over for suspicion of felony battery.
    * 2010 Vikings trade a 3rd round draft pick to Patriots for WR Randy Moss. Moss is cut 4 games later
    *Oh, yeah, that whole sex boat scandal too.
    *2011 Former Vikings qb Warren Moon came up with this genius quote regarding Auburn QB Cam Newton. ” A lot of the criticism he’s receiving is unfortunate and racially based, Moon told Freeman. “ thought we were all past this. I don’t see other quarterbacks in the draft being criticized by the media or fans…”
    *2011 September 2011 Vikings safety Tyrell Johnson arrested for suspicion Impaired driving
    *2011 October Vikings Cornerback Chris Cook was arrested on two charges: domestic assault and intentional attempts to inflict bodily harm on another. Misses October 23, 2011 game against Packers because he was still in jail.
    With the arrest of Minnesota Vikings cornerback, Chris Cook, on charges of felony domestic assault/strangulation and fifth degree domestic assault, the Vikings have managed to pull into first place as the most arrested team in the has been tracking NFL player arrests dating back to 2000 and offers a great database for looking up the NFL’s tax subsidized misfits.As of 10/14/2011, Sign on San Diego’s database had the Minnesota Vikings tied for #1 with the Cincinnati Bengals, which was gain (in a negative way) for the Vikings who were two arrests behind Cincinnati (32-30) back in July 2010:
    I`m sure there are things I missed but this is why
    I believe the Vikings are the most inept team Professional sports history

  10. In fairness, it hasn’t been a great week weather-wise in Minneapolis. Hard to lure someone when it’s -20.

  11. Maybe the Packers should look for a head coach too since McCarthy is hanging on by Rodgers’ nut sack.

    It’s okay though Packer fans, although you guys consistently lose to the 49ers every year (looks like you guys won’t have to worry about a SB anytime soon), there’s still SO MUCH to do in Green Bay! Like….eat cheese…and do some cow-tipping. See, there’s upside to the Packers’ season ending

  12. Why would fans bash Spielman for signing Josh Freeman ? He recognized that their team needs a QB & committed a lot of money to take a flyer on a talented guy that suddenly became available. This shows nothing but competitive fire, a lot of cheaper orgs don’t take that chance & commit the resources. It didn’t work out but they appear to be leaving no stones unturned. (Not a Viks fan)

  13. Whoever they hire won’t make one bit of difference. Way too many holes in that squad.

  14. Probably not many quality candidates want to get into a position where they might be ‘one and done’ when Spielman gets fired next season and the new GM wants to bring in his own guy.

    Not too many candidates will take the Vikings job seriously until Spielman is fired.

  15. My mental image of the Vikings “coach search” :

    Forcing someone into a black van at gunpoint, throwing a pillowcase over their head, and driving to Minneapolis.

  16. This team is going to get blown up by Kluwe’s workplace discrimination claims. Any coach walking into that position needs to know what is about to happen to this franchise.

  17. uh…they’re either taking their time, OR they’re waiting to talk to coaches still in the playoffs….which won’t happen until they’re over. Their target coach may already be picked…’s not that strategic

  18. I should hope they take their time. After all, this coach is going to have to usher the Vike’s through their upcoming dynasty. Or so I’m told by so many Vike fans…

  19. As a Packer fan, I genuinely hope they find themselves a competent coach and quarterback. It seems we cant reach a level where we can win in the playoffs, at least lets make winning the division title more of a challenge worthy of some pride.

  20. I’m thinking this plays right into Ziggy Wilf’s hands. The god’s honest truth is that Ziggy should have fired Spielman at the same time he fired Frazier. But there is still time. The new GM should get to pick his coach so it might be better if Ziggy came to his senses, fired Spielman and then hired a new GM. Then let the new GM pick his own coach.

    The Vikings are royally screwed if they let Spielman swing and miss in the draft on their next Qb. They could bring back Lombardi from the grave and he couldn’t do anything with the 3 qb’s they had on their roster in 2013

  21. On a serious note – we all know who their number one target is for their next head coach – ‘ol number 4 down in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.

  22. Adam Gase? Seriously? Manning runs their offense, as soon as they signed his contract everyone knew that.


    Gase has no HC experience and based on Tebow’s mechanics and inability to read defenses, I wouldn’t say his year as QB coach was awe inspiring.

  23. Sounds like good progress.
    The two High School coaches from Deluth passed on the offer, the talent on their HS teams was to much to give up on.
    Hang in there Minnesooooota, someday, someday.

  24. The Vikings need to take time with this hire. None of the available candidates are smart hires without an interview. They should be interviewing everybody. It’s as difficult as finding a QB. One day I think Gruden, then I think Quinn. Then I think I’m glad it’s Spielman who will have to own up to this one. I know who I wouldn’t want and thats Caldwell. The only way they should hire him is if they want to lay down next season for the #1 pick in 2015 (like he did with the Colts in 2011).

  25. I find it funny that Vikings fans resort to calling Packer fans names and try to go after their intelligence since they don’t have anything on the Packers. And if you try all I can say is score-board. 4 Super-Bowls to none. And if your so smart shouldn’t your name be idratherbedeadandcoldTHANgreenandgold? Thengreenandgold makes no sense, but then I’m from Wisconsin so what do I know?

  26. Of course the vikings are taking their time in finding a new coach. As usual they want to make sure they hire the very worst possible candidate.

  27. I think this is clever. If you wait until after Detroit, Cleveland and Washington have hired their coach, you have eliminated three guys that are bound to be failures. Those teams can’t make a good choice to save their lives. That means there will be three fewer potential failures on the market. I’m not saying my Vikes will make the right choice even then, but any little bit has to help

  28. I’d like Bevell – because he’s familiar with Minnesota, the team, the front office, personnel and some of the players.

    He has designed plays for Percy, so he can do the same with Patterson.

    His offense in Seattle is a run first offense and he can do the same with Peterson.

    Our team chemistry seems to be good, let’s not bring in a total outsider and blow up what we already have. We just need a consistent QB and upgrades on defense.

    No Zimmer or Gruden, the play calling by Gruden was boring and bland in that last game…

  29. Minnesota > “wisconsin” is the symbol for Minnesota sucks as in the joke…Why doesn’t Wisconsin fall into Lake Michigan? Because Minnesota sucks! Ha Ha Ha Ha.

  30. Speilman is not the problem!! It’s refreshing to see a team take thier time in search of the right coach, I do believe it should be an offensive minded coach one that can help in the development of a new qb. One of the other posts said Brett Farve not a bad idea, But as a qb coach

  31. Whenever I think 9ers and Seahawks fans are hostile toward each other I stumble into a Packers or Vikings thread and realize we are anywhere close to this! There have been some legitimate burns in here today. Ouch. Lol

  32. No one is ever happy. You are either too fast or too slow. You got a bunch of at home wannabe coaches thinking they know who is better or worse even though they have no clue.

    Anyone who knows Rick Spielman knows he has number systems for everything. He drafts that way every year. Every minute little detail is on a number scale as to who where what when and how. Same thing for the open coach spot right now. Rick probably has a list of 25 coaches and coordinators he would love to bring in that aren’t even on the radar.

    The Vikings have announced they plan on having someone before the Senior Bowl. That’s not too far off, but it seems like a lifetime to instant gratification everyone wants now.

  33. 8 days is taking your time while 1/2 the teams were in playoffs, huh? Wow….short news day or just throwing a bone to the GB fans to keep them off the bridges?

  34. Whichever side of the Sconny/Minny fanbase you reside, the Vikes HC opening is a Bad Job.

    What do you do, knowing the next two years of home games will be outside, and you take on a team used to climate-controlled fast track? Rebuild the roster? Just suck for 2 seasons and stockpile draft picks?

    Great, then 3 years from now, you’re fired, and your outdoorsy team moves back inside, and sucks again.

    Worse, Minny has no viable starting QB, and AP’s clock is ticking like crazy. Trade him for picks? Way to alienate your fanbase…you know, those people you are trying to sell those thousand dollar PSL’s to?

    Minny’s going to have major headaches the next couple seasons. No HC candidate worth their salt is going to be interested re-arranging those deck chairs.

  35. I know I will get my ass ki led for saying this. It I’m not a. Like fan or realluy any strong team fan but I think the Bikes have more than a nucleus for a very fine team. I also think Spielman steals the draft each year. he has 5 pro bowlers from the last two drafts. He stuck Seattle with Rice, Harbin, and Winfield and got some young talent in return. Patterson and Rhodes.
    With this said I think he knows who he wants or has it down to two people. He knows what he’s doing.

  36. Seriously, “nobody is going to want this job”??? Really?

    There are 32 head NFL coaching jobs in the world. There are about 10,000 guys working their way up in the college and coordinator ranks to get to this echelon. You are telling me that guys who have been working their whole life for this opportunity will say “no, I really don’t want to coach there. I will wait for the Patriots job to open up.”


    When Mike McCarthy was hired as the Packer coach, I had never heard of the schmuck. He has done OK.

  37. Wow with all these Packer posts about how bad the Vikings are you wouldn’t think that the Vikings were 4-3-1 the last 8 games of the season with wins over the Eagles, Bears, Lions and a tie with the Packers in Green Bay. While the Packer nation was 3-4-1 in their last 8 games.

    Face it, your way over rated because of the talent of Aaron Rodgers and even that wouldn’t save you if the NFL was still playing REAL football instead of this don’t hit the QB, don’t hit the WR’s fantasy flag football the play on Sundays now

  38. nickynick04 says:
    Jan 7, 2014 7:34 PM
    The Vikings are just as pathetic as the Eagles
    Take your pick who is more pathetic

    4 13

    says the guy whose packers were knocked out by miiny jan of 05 got stomped 2x in 2010 by them and has a team, that cant beat san fran even with a couple of injuries….thats right packer fans–no other teams have injuries—-where will packer fans watch the playoffs? from their moms room

  39. theytukrjobs says:
    Jan 7, 2014 8:54 PM

    I see the packer fans are more depressed than usual. Wonder why?

    More delusion from trolls…

    What’s to be sad for? Making the playoffs again in a season that they had no business being in?

    When Rodgers went down the division was up for grabs, and GB still came down with it.

  40. Feeling entitled to playoffs and championships is dangerously delusional, Packers fans (tokyo, filthy, gb4mo, etc.). Instead of taking shots at Speilman for taking his time finding the right coach (if there is one), you should be demanding accountability from Thompson and McCarthy for not setting up your team for success.

  41. Ao whoa whoa whoa wait a minute we wsnt Spielman fired for his error in judgement on Christian Ponder yet I remin you the QBs taken in thst draft Ryan Mallet whose to play, Blain Gabbert whowas “the most pro ready QB” in that draft i garbage, Jake Locker who may lose a roster spot and Dalton who was taling after him is being talked.about as a bust which I disagree with but still I mean cmon and to say he hasnt made a splash lets go over his picks, Cordarell Patterson, Xavier Rhodes, Shariff Floyd, Audie Cole, Harrison Smith, Matt Kalil, Brandon Fusco, Matt Asiata, Blair Walsh, Jeff Locke, Jarius Wright, signing Gren Jennings and Matt Cassel, not to mention Adrian Peterson, Sidney Rice and Brian Robison, Kyle Rudolph and while the rating is still out on. Josh Robinson the two Penn State linebackers and some.backup O lineman u cant argue the man has an eye for talent but yea he makes some.bad decisions too I mean.wth do u expect

  42. Does anyone else think Rick Speilman bears a strange resemblance to the Gary Cole character in Office Space?

    Ummm… yeah… I’m gonna need you to go ahead and come in on Sunday, mmmkay?

  43. There’s no reason to rush the coaching search. The fact that there is no “strong” candidate is why they’re taking their time. I’m not a broncos fan but believe that Horton or Gase should be the guys. Youg, experienced, and successful coordinators make the best head coaches.

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