Worries persist that Carl Nicks won’t play again


The mixed messages Carl Nicks was getting about resuming his career seem to have taken a negative turn.

According to Jason Cole of the National Football Post, Nicks is still dealing with pain in his foot from this year’s recurring MRSA infection, and there’s doubt as to whether he’ll be able to play next year.

Of course, there are also reasons beyond his problematic foot that could mean his future in Tampa Bay is limited.

He’s scheduled to make $7 million next year, as part of the five-year, $47.5 million deal he signed in 2012. For that deal, the Bucs got nine games from Nicks.

With a new coach in place and a new General Manager on the way, they might not be as interested in pursuing the project.

Of course, the bad luck with Nicks also underscores why they’re looking for a new G.M.

The former Saints guard was part of the big free agency splash which included now-49ers cornerback Eric Wright (who they got 10 games out of after signing him to a five-year, $35 million deal). Wide receiver Vincent Jackson has been a good addition, but the Bucs might be ready to turn the page on the previous administration’s problems.

24 responses to “Worries persist that Carl Nicks won’t play again

  1. 9 games really? 47 million? this guy is gone, make room for someone who can play consistently.

  2. If he cant play again due to the MRSA in the bucs facility, would he not have a substantial lawsuit to file? How did the Jurevicious case against the browns ever turn out?

  3. Actually – the MRSA infection was caused by the Buccaneers. It was contracted in their facility, actually multiple cases were. The fact that it might have ended the careers of multiple players could very well open the Bucs up to some serious liability.

  4. If the Bucs were smart they’d just let him finish out next season or two. If you cut the guy you open up the door for lawsuits. After all it is the teams fault he and other players got MRSA infections anyways. Its not Nicks’ fault that they couldn’t keep a clean locker room. Hell a kicker was even out for the year because of it. I’d imagine if he’d sue them he could sue for current salary plus future earnings he would have had.

  5. Had he taken the deal the Saints offered him he wouldn’t have gotten the infection & he would be on a better team. Plus he would have a job next year. Wow

  6. “bullets941 says:
    Jan 7, 2014 9:09 AM
    Yeah, it is his fault he got MRSA. Shame on him for being a bum.”


    Shame on the Bucs for not discovering his pre-existing TOE problem before they signed him.

    This makes the Bucs’ Alvin Harper FA move look brilliant, at least Harper played in some games.

  7. Any updates on the progress of the NFL’s investigation into the leaking of Josh Freeman’s private medical information?!?

  8. i don’t believe the Bucs will just cut him outright, his number against the cap is about the same as what he would make this year anyway. i could see some type of injury buy out settlement maybe

  9. Dominik did a lot of good things here, it was hardly a Matt Millen situation. But the one thing he simply never understood, and it ultimately is what led to his firing, is his inability to build the trenches. Adrian Clayborn was a decent pick(and McCoy obviously, but it was also a complete no-brainer), but Bowers was a bust and to this point we still have no pass rush.

    Meanwhile, he TRIED to address the offensive line, but did so exclusively through free agency and undrafted rookies. Sure, Nicks made plenty of sense on paper, but at the same time there’s usually a reason that a great talent like him hits free agency in the first place. Linemen often age fast, and perhaps more than any other position you need to build with youth through the draft. During Dominik’s entire tenure, he drafted ONE offensive lineman, a 5th rounder who never did anything. There’s a reason the o-line never panned out despite all the hype, and there’s also a reason Dominik no longer has a job.

  10. aberystwyth2 says:
    Jan 7, 2014 9:42 AM
    whatever happened to Lawrence Tynes and his MSRA?


    Tynes career might be over to because if its on his kicking foot he probably won’t kick very good so they might let him go. It’s to bad because last year he got me 20 fantasy points 2 weeks in a row. Back when he played for the giants and they were actually good.

  11. Too bad for Carl. I’m sure he would love to play for Lovie. He got a broken big toe before the MRSA. If they don’t heal right, you’re screwed. Maybe that’s what’s going on?

  12. kathleenturnersoverdrive says: Jan 7, 2014 10:03 AM

    All the Bucs fans were talking smack when they got him from the Saints. I bet they wish they would have just signed Ben Grubbs who was graded only slightly below Carl Nicks and available as a free agent.
    Yes and Grubbs made the Pro Bowl this year on a team that made and is still playing in the playoffs.
    Bad decision Carl.

  13. The MRSA actually started with Lawrence Tynes. He was the first to contract it.

    And his footcare was handled outside of the organization.

    Thus, the actual cause is murky.

  14. At least he got a big payday, the poor kicker didn’t get paid like that and is in just as bad shape if not worse from last time his wife reported on him. The Bucs are going to have to do the right thing and take car e of these guys for what they exposed them to. Also, if you’re a free agent, do you go near Tampa for a few years? It took Cleveland a few years to stop having incidents.

  15. A lot of people are mentioning suing the Bucs organization over the MRSA.
    If that’s possible can the Bucs’ turn around and sue Tynes for bring the MRSA to the facility with his ingrown toe nail?
    (Tynes bringing the MRSA is speculation, but from what I read about it when his wife airing the dirty laundry makes it seem highly likely)

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