49ers’ success could get plenty of guys paid


As the 49ers stand one win away from their third straight NFC championship game appearance, victory will come at a price.

A big price.  To several employees.

The 49ers already plan to sign coach Jim Harbaugh to a long-term extension.  The more he wins over the balance of the postseason, the more he’ll be worth.

Ditto for quarterback Colin Kaepernick, the 2011 draft pick who as of last week became eligible for a new contract.  The 49ers most likely will begin to explore signing Kaepernick to a long-term deal after the season.  With strong postseason play covering up some flawed regular-season performances, the more he wins in January, the more he’ll command.

Then there’s receiver Michael Crabtree, who recently was heralded by Harbaugh as “the greatest catcher of all time.”  Those words should be printed and laminated and brought by Crabtree’s agent to a meeting with the 49ers at the Scouting Combine in Indianapolis.

Even linebacker Aldon Smith, whose off-field issues have made the team skittish about a long-term contract, could be in line for a big raise if he continues to perform like he did against Green Bay, when he racked up 1.5 sacks.  With terms like per-game roster bonuses and voidable guarantees available to protect the 49ers against future suspensions, now could be the time to lock up Smith.

With each additional playoff win, these four men and others will gain momentum toward a financial reward.  While it’s a good problem for the 49ers to have, it’s still a problem that will have to be addressed, whenever the season ends.

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  1. Can you say Franchise Tag? It’s used all the time. Aldon can be signed at a discount considering off-field issues. Personally, I think Harbaugh is being greedy by asking for extension with 2 years left on the contract. He is a coach not a player…and a good coach, but that is not a cool move. Unfortunately, Niners would be stupid not to pay him.

  2. That’s great, as long as you’re not the one having to attend an Aldon smith hosted party to celebrate his new contract. “Taking shots” at his get-togethers mean something entirely undesirable.

  3. I suspect that all playoff teams have this same problem. Certainly, Carolina does. They have the same issue with Cam Newton as SF has with Kaepernick. They also have to sign or franchise Hardy. They have the further problem inthat starters like Mitchell signed 1 year contracts,

  4. New England is the only team recently to have long term success and the reason being is because they don’t sign a whole lot of players to these long term contracts.

  5. The Seahawks will have the same problem in a year or so. Guys like: Wilson, Sherman and Earl Thomas will be looking for their long term deals.

  6. Harbaugh wasn’t seeking the extension. The niners were. They tried to extend him amd Baaalke both this offseason before their value increased. .. But dont let any facts get in the way

  7. Better win this year SF or you’ll be in the same club with about 7 others of us. 20M QB and a cobbled together group of misfits.

  8. They are in great salary cap position because they let guys like Goldson and Haralson go last year (remember them!), thinking ahead to just this situation. In addition, Carlos Rogers disappears or takes a huge pay cut this year, Gore is probably gone or takes a huge paycut (remember Lattimore), and Patrick Willis is on teh chopping block. Please check out their salary cap situation more closely and you will see they have a plan: (1) Kaep will be expensive; (2) Iupati stays; (3) Aldon Smith stays (or is franchised — or Kaep; it’s one or the other); (4) Gore, Willis, Rogers, Brooks all go and/or take huge cuts (Rogers alone is $8M; Brooks is $7.5M, Willis is $6.9M, Gore is $6.4M) — these guys, as much as we love them, will either go or reduce salaries. My guess is Rogers and Brooks are gone, Willis and Gore renegotiate and the remaining money is used for Kaep, Iupati and Smith. Just my thoughts.

  9. Gore is gone Brooks is gone
    Kaep will be signed along with Willis there version of ray lewis
    Brooks will be resigned or leave it patients will go
    that’s , you take on it

  10. This is a no brainer. Just have Denise DeBartolo ask her brother how he cheated…oops, circumvented the salary cap in the 90’s and the problem is solved!

  11. If I was Baalke, I would make the tough choices…

    1.You sign Kaepernick who will require a top 10 QB payday but due to his performances this year, below average at times, it will be lower than expected…unless he manages to complete the quest for 6.
    2.I agree that difficult cuts need to be made, the toughest is realizing PWillis is past his prime and needs to be either traded or a pay cut needs to be negotiated.
    3.Same goes for Frank Gore but I think the chances of him leaving are lower. Even though we have Marcus Lattimore waiting in the wings we do not know if he will be the beast he was in college before the knee injuries. If he is, then Gore will be gone the following year!
    4. Crabtree is not going anywhere, someone said cut him. He is the best WR we have had since Terrell Owens. Boldin is the one that will not be back unless he is willing to take another small contract…doubtful! Plus we will pick up a WR in the draft and I think Patton will be a good slot receiver. We just need another WR opposite Crabtree. Manningham will be gone too. He is worthless!
    5. Brooks has been great but he is expendable. Lemonier is good and we will likely pick up another DE in the draft with one of our many picks.
    6. They will likely sign Iupati. I cannot see him demanding so much that we cannot sign him.

    Also, as mentioned before. The franchise tag can be used as needed and those that get a contract can be structured where they are more backend heavy so less will go against the Cap in the next few years.

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