Belichick, Branch downplay idea of passing along Patriots’ secrets


When the Colts signed former Patriots receiver Deion Branch this week, just days before a playoff game against the Patriots, it raised some questions about whether the plan in Indianapolis was to get some intel about the goings-on in New England.

But Branch doesn’t think he has any particularly useful information to hand over to the Colts’ coaching staff.

Branch told reporters today that if the Colts know what the Patriots are doing, it’s from scouting the Patriots’ game tape, not from any special insight that Branch can provide.

This is the NFL. I’m sure the scouts . . . they knew all the ins-and-outs about the Patriots before they thought of bringing me [here],” Branch said.

Patriots coach Bill Belichick said he doesn’t lose any sleep when preparing to face a former Patriot.

I think that’s way overrated,” Belichick said. “And a lot of times the information in those situations is sometimes misinformation because things have changed from whenever that person was [there]. I’m not saying that in any particular circumstance, I’m just saying in general. A lot of times you, a player has been with another team, saying that this is what they do, this is their call and this is this, this is that. That’s not really what it is.”

So if Branch is going to help the Colts beat the Patriots, it’s going to be on the field on Saturday, not in the meeting rooms during the week.