Chargers missing D.J. Fluker, Nick Hardwick in practice

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The Chargers have gotten used to practicing without running back Ryan Mathews early in the week, so that’s not a reason to panic.

But injuries to a pair of starting offensive linemen could be a bigger concern, considering how banged up that group has been all year.

According to Michael Gehlken of U-T San Diego, center Nick Hardwick (stinger) and right tackle D.J. Fluker (ankle) were missing from practice today.

That could make a hash of a group that has been cobbled together all year.

Mathews (ankle) also got his usual early in the week day-off, but he’s done that the last two weeks and recovered to play, though he didn’t finish last week’s win over the Chiefs.

6 responses to “Chargers missing D.J. Fluker, Nick Hardwick in practice

  1. If Fluker was playing on a bum ankle against the Bengals, that explains a lot. He looked awful.

  2. @bassplucker: (love the name BTW)

    DJ injured one of his ankles while playing for BAMA and he was still nursing that injury during the National Championship game agains Notre Dame. At one time they were saying he needed surgery to repair that ankle, not sure if that has taken place.

    He’s a beast when he’s healthy….

  3. The Chargers won the last game with a superb game plan. Mike McCoy knows how to play the Broncos. Phillip Rivers is kinda underrated to me, he’s played in big games, and plays well in them. Missing anyone from the line kinda ruins the gameplan, however they just need to run it on average 3 yards with the way Rivers has been converting on 3rd down.

    But Denver should win and here’s why:

    Mincey addition makes a difference in stopping the run. Also with Von Miller being out, its back being a stop the run first bend but don’t break secondary which in the first 6 games they led the league in stopping the run…It was teams who passed the ball created problems for Denver thus no pass rush.

    Finally, John Fox and Jack Delrio can’t let the same gameplan beat them twice, especially when they know what’s coming. You gotta think Delrio will take the run completely away and if Rivers beats you with big plays then so be it, a shoot out is better then a keep away game.

    With that being said. I don’t have that much faith in the Broncos. Because they have a clear and present danger of blue prints to beat them by attacking their weak defense. Pagano has been successful against Manning, just allowing 29 percent of 3rd down conversions in the last 2 games. Pressure shouldn’t really be on Peyton, he’ll have enough but it totally should be on John Fox and Jack Delrio. They gotta have stops on defense before Manning can do anything. In the end I just don’t think it will happen…Chargers 31-27 over Denver

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