Dolphins to start G.M. interviews Friday

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The Dolphins are looking for a new G.M.  And the team has announced that the process will begin on Friday.

Via the team’s official website, team CEO Tom Garfinkel said Wednesday at a Chamber of Commerce luncheon that interviews will commence in two days.

“In my conversations with [owner] Steve [Ross], I think first and foremost [what he’ll be looking for] is someone with a lot of experience evaluating talent, a proven track record of evaluating talent and a football person,” Garfinkel said.  “That’s going to be the first criteria.  Someone with a lot of intellect, a collaborative team player and someone who’s creative and open-minded.”

Via Adam H. Beasley of the Miami Herald, the Dolphins intend to release publicly the names of the candidates who interview for the job.  Per Armando Salguero of the Herald, Eagles V.P. of player personnel Tom Gamble had not heard from the team earlier in the day regarding a possible interview.  Some have mentioned Gamble as the possible frontrunner for the job.

It’s still unclear whether the new G.M. will have the powers held by former G.M. Jeff Ireland, or whether Ross will hire someone to oversee all football operations and wield final say.  During a Wednesday appearance on PFT Live, Salguero identified former Jets and Browns coach (and current 49ers offensive consultant) Eric Mangini as a candidate for the so-called “football czar” position.

Looming over the search process is the ongoing presence of coach Joe Philbin and V.P. of football administration Dawn Aponte.  Salguero previously reported that Aponte shared Ireland’s criticism of the coaching staff with Philbin, poisoning the relationship between coach and G.M.  In a follow-up article, Salguero takes a closer look at Aponte’s role — and rise — in the organization, from:  (1) former V.P. of football operations Bill Parcells bringing Aponte to the team; to (2) Aponte opting to develop an alliance with coach Joe Philbin because of her discomfort being supervised by Ireland after Parcells left; to (3) Aponte making a power play with Ross in order to shift away from Ireland’s supervision; to (4) Ireland wanting to fire Aponte because of it; to (5) Ross promoting Aponte and doubling her salary; to (6) Aponte targeting Ireland — and winning.

Whoever gets the job will have to find a way to co-exist with Aponte and Philbin, which may not be easy to do unless the new G.M. has authority over both of them.  And that may necessitate a someone above all three of them, who’d be responsible for clunking heads together if necessary in order to ensure everyone plays nice.

Or Ross could simply press the reset button and start over, which could be the only way to remove the dysfunction from the team’s front office.

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  1. A person with football knowledge and transferable skills could fill this personnel position. John Elway moved in and did a great job directing personnel with the Denver Broncos. Eric Mangini would be great for this position.

  2. If were talking about the best evaluators in the NFL, the person who should be at the very top of the list is Ray Farmer. After playing at Duke and for the Eagles, he began his personnel career. He was groomed by the great Rick McKay in Atlanta, then by Carl Peterson in KC and eventually worked under Pioli, as well.
    KC has had more pro bowlers (8) than any team in the NFL for the past 2 consecutive years. ALL OF WHICH were chosen while Ray Farmer was apart of the brain trust. He’s widely regarded in NFL circles as one of the brightest young minds in the NFL. Theres a reason why Cleveland made him one of the highest paid non-GM’s in the league last spring. He was paid to cover Mike Dumbardi’s rear end and was said to be the driving force behind shipping Trent Richardson away for a 1st rd pick. He was said to be overwhelmingly impressive in the interview but because of Joe Banner’s pre existing commitment to Lombardi, they made Farmer the Assistant GM and paid him handsomely for the slight.

  3. Salguero saying that Ireland’s ouster is due to Dawn Aponte ‘running’ to tell Philbin about Irelands comments in the team skybox about poor coaching is ridiculous. The Miami Herald needs to get a real reporter.

    This is a big dollar business, not junior high school. If Ireland was saying that junk in public in the skybox, he either wanted Philbin to hear it, or he is the stupidest GM in football, which is really saying something considering what other GMs have done the last few years.

    Either way, Ross should hire a very strong leadership GM, make Philbin report to him, and give the new GM the power to fire Philbin immediately if he wants… no more dual leadership… it obviously hasn’t been working.

  4. Aponte probably aligned herself w/ Philbin because he’s a hard working no-nonsense coach. I’d give Philbin all the power in the world. Seems to me like the right guy who wouldn’t abuse it.

  5. I would put my money on Ross hiring the right guy. And I do not get why the last article criticized him for not firing the head coach and the rest of the staff. Why fire more people than you have to? The new GM can do the dirty work if need be. Most people do not like to fire others so why do it unless you have to?

  6. What would make you think Ross will hire the right guy? What has he done that would show you he is competent of finding that person? Nothing! Aponte is pulling puppet strings behind the scene and don’t be surprised if she makes another move to solidify her status in the franchise before this thing is over.

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