Goodell doesn’t rule out a London Super Bowl


As the NFL gets ready to stage the first-ever cold-weather, open-air Super Bowl, talk once again has emerged regarding the possibility of sending the Super Bowl overseas.

Speaking at an event in New York, and based on the Twitter feeds of various reporters who covered it, Goodell didn’t rule out taking America’s ultimate sporting event to London.

I want to grow the game,” Goodell said in response to the possibility of exporting the Super Bowl, via Bart Hubbuch of the New York Post.  “Fans want more, and London is a great example.”

Per Daniel Kaplan of SportsBusiness Journal, Goodell said that London would get a Super Bowl only if it first had a franchise, which remains a viable possibility.  (In 2009, Goodell mentioned that there wouldn’t be a Super Bowl in London unless a team is based in London.)

In October, Goodell addressed the question of whether he wants to see a team in London or Los Angeles by saying, “Both.”  Last night, he expressed no preference as to the order.

“I don’t know which one will be first, and I’m not sure I care,” Goodell said, via Hubbuch.

If a team ends up in London, plenty of fans will care.  In a bad way.  If a Super Bowl ends up in London, plenty more fans will care.  In a worse way.

Folks in London may care in a non-positive way, too.  In order to start the Super Bowl at 6:25 p.m. ET, which delivers a maximum American television audience, the game would have to begin locally at 11:25 p.m. ET.

While talking about putting a Super Bowl in London and actually putting a Super Bowl in London are two different things, the league always benefits from having as many interested cities as possible.  Staging the game in New York/New Jersey unlocks a new universe of cities (like Denver, Chicago, and Washington) that can craft competitive bids for the game, necessarily forcing other interested cities to step it up financially.

84 responses to “Goodell doesn’t rule out a London Super Bowl

  1. I once had a goose that laid golden eggs as well, I killed the darn thing one day because I was hungry. I mildly regret it…

  2. That’s crap! They don’t care about football for more then a week. The Super Bowl should never leave this country.

  3. The Super Bowl is not something that should ever leave this soil. So many other stadiums/cities want the game played in their place why would we be okay with giving it up to London who doesn’t have the passionate fan base like (most) NFL cities do? Turrible idea Rog.

  4. There should NEVER be a Super Bowl played in a city that does not have a team. Also, don’t even think about hosting a Super Bowl outside the US until EVERY city that has a team has had a chance to host one.

  5. Let me first state that I do not like the idea, but would it really be different from the current Superbowl?
    Fans that really don’t know a thing about football at the biggest game of the year? Same as it is in the U.S. with all of the corporate lackeys that get tickets for the game. I imagine true fans of either team make up a small percentage of those attending because most fans can’t afford it. They can also find a bunch of teens/tweens to run on the field for the lame halftime show in England as easy as the U.S. as well.

  6. Until London has a team (and I hope they NEVER get a team) there should be zero chance if them hosting a Super Bowl. UK fans already get their rocks off seeing two games a year involving at least one or two terrible teams so let’s just leave it at that.

  7. Just a Dumb idea…Greed is the only justification for this hair brain idea…Next he will suggest the British open be played in Iowa

  8. Take the greatest sporting event in America and move it to a country where they don’t care in an effort to expant interest in the league. Really dumb as all it will do is reduce interest within the US.

    Other sports like basketball or hockey that are already international make sense for international expansion and the leagues in other parts of the world can already compete athe pro-level, but not football. No one in europe plays the sport except American expats!

    The NHL tried it putting teams into non-hockey markets. It has failed miserably.

    There is a point where growing the pie doesn’t make sense. Don’t expand the regulart season, don’t expand the playoffs and don’t put a superbowl in London. The leage makes tremendous money and works very well as it is.

    It would make more sense to find a way to be successful in LA. It’s embarrassing that a market like that has no team.

  9. This Jackwagon is trying so hard to be relevant and to make a legacy for himself that he is going to end up destroying the NFL. Somehow, he REALLY needs to go!

  10. Yeah, put the Super Bowl in London first, and worry about logistics later. Good thinking.

    I realize any sports commissioner’s #1 priority is growing the brand and making more money for the league, but at what point does the phrase, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” applies?

  11. Oh Roger, I kinda liked you when you first came in for cleaning up the league a little with all the moronic off the field problems the league was having. Now I hate you for trying to ruin our game. Yes, it’s OUR game. Not yours, not Jerry Jones’, not Dan Snyder’s, not Robert Kraft’s. Do you forget where your bread is buttered? Are you going to bite the hand that feeds you? You are worse than Gary Bettman.

  12. Half a Billion dollar loss to a home city/ state in revenues from related spending, all going to a foreign country not US?


  13. Maybe we should start a new football league called the “All American League”. Let’s keep all the teams and games in America. Let’s have the cost of tickets at a reasonable price so the common man and his family can attend the games. Let’s sell food and drinks at reasonable prices so everyone can eat at the games. And let’s keep all the violent drunks out of the stadiums so it can safe for families to attend. How about that?????

  14. The Super Bowl is already bad enough with the media circus surrounding it, extended ridiculous pregame and halftime shows, and the fact that only a celebrity or very wealthy person can afford to attend without taking out a second mortgage. Now it won’t even be in the States? I know Goodell’s main job is to make money for the NFL, but greed is greed, and he’s doing more to kill a billion dollar organization than keep it afloat. Just look at the quality of play and injuries from this current season.

  15. I don’t rule out Premier League expanding to a Browner America.

    In the early 2040’s…. Whites will become a minority in the United States.

    In 2009… only 11% of NFL fans were Spanish/Hispanic (14% of U.S. population – that’s the problem).

  16. The NFL’s crusade to make attending live games less accessible for the average fan while still trying to figure out why they can’t sell out games continues.

    Let’s be honest though, how many of us are going to boycott the big game because it is in London? Most of us weren’t going to it anyway. The people who can afford tickets would enjoy a destination vacation. The television experience wouldn’t be notably worse.

    Basically the NFL has carte blanche because what are you gonna do, stop watching football?

  17. Since, 1) I will never attend a Super Bowl and 2) I only watch when relevant teams play, I don’t care if the Super Bowl was played in Tajikistan, London or Pine Bluff, Arkansas. I don’t get all the bellyaching about ALL THINGS and EVERYTHING in the comments here. Sheesh…

  18. Have you ever wondered why some, or all of the owners other than Jones don’t speak out against a lot of RG’s nonsense? I have, and the only conclusion I can come to is that they agree. They must be so business driven, not sport driven, that they seek only more income. As one who has always supported the idea that cities and counties should financially support teams due to value received, I am now of the opposite opinion. Let the greedy advance their own causes with their own money.

  19. I’m dead serious when I say this…. I think that if all nfl fans chipped into a kickstarter program, we can start our own league. 20m fans x 100 each equal $2 billion. That’s a nice little start. Screw the CFL (corporate football league)

  20. Badell cant even get the game into Canada, where they already have a football league and he wants to play the SB in Britain….the NFL should have never let him advance beyond the position of the commissioners driver…. just one bad decision after another… guy is a train-wreck…..

  21. What is Goodell’s fascination with London? We already know the NFL sells what they want fans to believe by telling us that there’s genuine interest to have global teams, but I’m hard-pressed to believe that Europeans would really care about a London-based team. Can’t stand David Stern but at least he intelligently found ways to globalize the NBA without having to actually place franchises in China or Mexico.

    I understand wanting to grow the NFL brand, but at what point do you start listening what your customers actually want? Fans AND players have made it clear they don’t want to expand the regular season, the playoffs work just fine as is, and no one wants a team OR a Super Bowl in London. It’s an American game – why the hell would you play a Super Bowl in a country where you don’t even have a franchise or where there is no interest in having a franchise?

    No need to try and fix what’s not broken.

  22. NFL Death Knell

    Billionaire industrialists, foreign dignitaries, and trust funders will attend those foreign games while we sit back here in America and pay for the NFL’s public stadiums.

  23. The NFL is setup perfectly as is. Look at the NBA and NHL to see what a watered down product looks like for the sake of expansion. Goodell is being very dishonest when he says it is what the fans want. He is going to ruin the league if he continues this quest for expansion of teams, playoff spots, and regular season games. LEAVE WELL ENOUGH ALONE!!!

  24. A lot of people joke about Jerry Jones being senile. If Roger Goodell is seriously advocating a London Super Bowl, then he’s doing it at the behest of the owners (as stew48 pointed out). Maybe they’re ALL senile (and I’m not sure I’m joking…).

  25. Are half of you even reading this? It says there is no chance of one unless a team is there. Don’t get upset bc it will not happen anytime soon. I hate the idea as much as the next person but relax y’all!!!!

  26. I quit watching the NBA and MLB and I will quit watching the NFL at some point when it becomes something I do not recognize…. and it has gotten quite fuzzy already under roger’s reign of terror
    fiddle away roger fiddle away –
    he already treats qbs like soccer wusses … if they get bumped into its a foul especially the princess qb class of brees brady and manning
    it is out fault really for not pushing back at the turn styles and tv networks.

  27. Hasn’t anyone learned from the NHL? Leave well enough alone and DON’T OVEREXPAND. You have a near perfect product, NFL, and you’re apparently devoted to running it into the ground. Now you want London. Now you want a SUPER BOWL in London?

    Plain and simple, NFL: you’re moving a uniquely American game to Europe, which is lousy for the fans but great for your corporate sponsors. Yet again, you’ve stopped caring about the fans.

    Between the lockout, the ref lockout (still totally inexplicable), Thursday Night Football (sort of runs contrary to your player safety mandate, doesn’t it?)…we know to whom you’re beholden.

  28. dynastyposeiden

    “I quit watching the NBA and MLB and I will quit watching the NFL at some point when it becomes something I do not recognize…. and it has gotten quite fuzzy already under roger’s reign of terror”

    Absolutely correct.

  29. doctorrustbelt says:Jan 8, 2014 10:28 AM

    “NFL Death Knell

    Billionaire industrialists, foreign dignitaries, and trust funders will attend those foreign games while we sit back here in America and pay for the NFL’s public stadiums.”


  30. The NFL shouldn’t be playing in London at all. If and when this idiot puts a super bowl London I hope we all stick together and turn off the television.

  31. What is Good ells infactuation with friggin London? Keep our sport in our country. No free agents will want to sign to play there. It’s time to get rid of Goodell before he ruins this game.

  32. Many of the comments show a lack of foresight. As a tv viewer (remember, that’s how the NFL makes the largest portion of their money) it doesn’t impact me where they play the game. Goodell and the owners know that playing in London will help grow the brand. The NFL destroys the other leagues domestically, however, the other 3 leagues have a significant presence in overseas markets. Players would sign with a London team because 99.9% of the reasons why they choose one team over another is money. Plus, I’m sure they would league would give them some sort of salary increase for playing in London.

  33. “Fans want more, and London is a great example.”

    In order to start the Super Bowl at 6:25 p.m. ET, which delivers a maximum American television audience, the game would have to begin locally at 11:25 p.m. ET.

    Fans do want more but you are so out there.

    Forget London. They don’t care.

    This is American football not rugby or soccer.

  34. Who cares, even when my favorite team made it to the game, it’s impossible to afford a ticket over so many rich fair weather fans. After trying to get tickets to two Super Bowls, I’m done. My once passionate interest in football is slowly eroding like the defensive part of the game.

  35. I have no objection to a team in London but I don’t think the SB should be played there.

    As to everyone who wants Goodell gone, ie; just about everybody, ain’t gonna happen.

    The owners just bumped him to 30 mil a year from what, 3 mil a year before that. They did so because under Goodell the league has massively increased revenue.

    The owners have zero care about what fans think as long as the dollars rolling in come in every larger amounts. You want Goodell gone ? A significant portion of NFL fans would have to voluntarily stop watching games, buying merch etc.

  36. To play devil’s advocate, I see this as nothing more than threats and extortion to cities and communities who refuse to cave in to the demands of the NFL and owners to use taxpayer money to build brand new lavish stadiums for multi billionaires. The recent trend has been to reward teams who have new stadiums. Roger “Gecko” Goodell has even told traditional Super Bowl cities such as Miami that they will NOT get a Super Bowl unless they build a new stadium.

    So, with Roger threatening to leave the country with his precious Super Bowl, more cities and taxpayers may be willing to use public money for multi billionaires. Heck, Seattle fans are willing to pay for a multi millionaire’s fine.

  37. Roger is a fahking idiot. More concerned about roofs over a stadium than protecting players and getting roids out of the game.

  38. I liked the initial changes he made with scheduling and the draft, but the ideas in this article really disappoint me. I can’t get past the logistics of having a team in London. A SB in London? Sure it is important to grow your fan base, but if your current fans overwhelmingly oppose it then maybe the idea should be dropped (why bite the hand that feeds you?). If nothing for nothing else, the financial gains of a SB should remain in the U.S.

  39. The owners will not stop their minion until he has completely destroyed the game of football forever! Time to bring back the XFL and just fold the NFL. Maybe the XFL will go around cable companies too!

  40. That day will come when the English Premier League has their champions play in our country! Our economy benefits from the Super Bowl we do not need to send the money out of the country! What an idiot of a thought!

  41. As a UK football fan I would just like to clear up a misconseption here, it seems to be widely believed that uk fans see the game as some sort of novelty and dont get it at all but this could not be further from the truth.
    Everytime Goodell proposes something like this we seem to get a bit of a bashing on these sites, i.e “they’d rather watch a bunch of wusses play soccer” and when you see some of the idiotic posts from stupid football trolls on here it seems a bit rich.
    Its also quite funny that there seems to be one racist that slips through the cracks and gets a jab in at Obama every article.
    Anyway, in closing I’d like to say that NFL fans over here are just as passionate as you are and theres no need to go full xenophobe every time this debate is thrown around, why not look at Football as your gift to the world and would it make much difference to say a Texan or Californian or wherever you are from if you are watching the game at the exact same time of the day but now its in London instead of New York.

  42. The Superbowl usually starts at 6/7 EST. That’s Midnight, London time. How are you going to get around that, Rog?

    Have the Superbowl at noon EST/9am PST?


  43. I live in UK and go to London games, been an NFL fan for 30 years, but even I don’t want a superbowl in London, normal people just wouldn’t get the tickets, just like in US!! A team here….maybe….but happy getting ” real ” NFL teams here for now.

  44. No super bowl should be played in London until every franchise in America hosts the super bowl.

    That way it’ll be at least 32 years before London sees one.

  45. Your all saying some stupid stuff about English people (I’m English) to say we don’t care about football is ridiculous ask our wife’s and girlfriends if we care about football!! But what you don’t seem to understand is we don’t want a team and we don’t want a Super Bowl in this country it’s your thing and we respect that! But don’t start bashing English people who like the sport! Do we get defensive over the MLS no we shared it with the whole world

  46. I will make this very simple.

    If a Super Bowl is played in London, and my hometown team was in it. I WILL NOT WATCH!

    Its the NATIONAL Football League, not INTERNATIONAL…

  47. For a guy who claims to protect the integrity of “The Shield”, he sure doesn’t mind pimping it out for the almighty dollar.

  48. Perhaps someone should consider running the KENTUCKY DERBY at EPSOM DOWNS, or maybe the WORLD SERIES in JAPAN.

    Roger GOD_dell is an idiot.

  49. I am not against expansion to other countries, in fact I think its pretty cool. I think it makes the world smaller and sports have proven to have done that in the past. Putting the Super Bowl in London however is not acceptable. Not for anytime in the immediate future. This event is a huge money maker for the American economy and epic for the city if falls in. Do NOT take that away from us. Not until they are putting in their share to deserve such a plum. Don’t forget how built this league.

  50. I am all in for a London Super Bowl if it has a Domed Stadium which I beleive Wembley Stadium is a dome. To me the Super Bowl should always be played in a weather controlled enviroment. Weather should not decide one of the premier championships in the world. The founding fathers of the Super Bowl were correct in playing it in a warm weather city or domed stadium. Super Bowls should not be played in a cold crappy Meadowlands that can’t afford a dome other open stadiums like Philadephia, Washington, Chicago etc. As for the time the Super Bowl should start if it ever was in London I would have to go along with 6-7pm London Time which would be 1-2pm NY Time. Day Super Bowl would be awesome. It should not start at 10-11pm London Time which would be 5-6PM NY Time. As for people watching the super bowl in the West Coast of the USA they will just have to watch a breakfast Super Bowl for 1 year. After all European time is central to the world. USA times zones are all behind and not the most conveinent to the world.

  51. Goodell needs to be tested for drugs that make a individual stupid. SED “stupid enhancing drugs”, lets send our country’s best sports day overseas where most of the population could care less about American Football.

  52. I have a solution. Make a separate leAgue in Europe that gets to participate in the draft, free agency, etc. have their champ play ours in the sb. Then you have a true world champ.

  53. If you (Gawd help us) insist on playing the damn game in London –

    1) start it at 5 p.m. in London, aka noon here.

    2) instead of all the hours and hours and hours and hours of insightful pre-game analysis involving the game’s finest (retired) minds and the occasional good looking chick – run all the ads from 11-12 and then PLAY THE DAMN GAME like a regular game absent the endless ads and the 30 minute half to feature aging rockers.

    (Hint – the Rolling Stones are all 70, Michael Jackson is still dead and Bruce ‘working man’s hero’ Springsteen is getting up there too. )

    (Hint #2 – a few years ago Grace Slick quit a Jefferson Airplane reunion tour midstream and she said “there is nothing as pathetic as a 55 year old rocker – and I include myself – up on stage trying to recreate her youth.”)

    What about the 6 hours of mindless lead-up to the game which (for some reason) brings in so much money?

    a) skip it altogether
    b) run it after the game

    Anyone who has gotten this far – I’m being sarcastic in that I know none of these suggestions will even be remotely considered because there is SO MUCH MONEY involved here.

    Money talks, b.s. walks.

    As it always was and ever shall be.

  54. Let me get this straight, get rid of Roger Godell, which I have no problem with, everything is perfect, never change. Ok. I think most of you will just be miserable no matter what happens, but everyone has an opinion, just like a rear end. I am glad I am not so uptight.

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