Johnny Manziel files his early entry paperwork for NFL Draft

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What has seemed apparent for months is now official.

According to Gil Brandt of, Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel has filed his paperwork to enter the 2014 NFL Draft.

This seemed an obvious bit of news, since he’s already picked agents. But it’s Manziel, and it was just a day ago he was talking about being undecided about entering the draft of staying in school.

If nothing else, Manziel will create plenty of pre-draft fodder about character and all the intangibles that teams look for in quarterbacks, and turn the NFL Combine interview room into a circus that will rival the appearances of players such as Cam Newton and Manti Te’o in recent years.

His aptitude for football is clear, and he should be able to upgrade the position for a number of teams picking in the top half of the first round. But some will doubtless be scared off by his reputation, which comes with that extra F as an initial in the middle of his “Johnny Football” moniker.

One man’s swagger will be another man’s immaturity, which will just add a layer of drama to the draft process this spring.

78 responses to “Johnny Manziel files his early entry paperwork for NFL Draft

  1. He may be immature off the field but he is a straight up leader on it.

    He can make all the throws, has underrated arm strength, and has the improv skills and creativity to extend plays.

    I personally would be very excited if my team drafts him….

  2. I love Johnny Football, but have concerns about how his game would translate to the NFL. He is definitely not 6’1″, first of all, and he is built slighter than Michael Vick. While I think he can be an accurate passer who can scramble well, I am concerned about durability with his size. Who knows though? I hope he will be great. Hoping he slips to the Patriots so he can learn behind TB.

  3. Just like Cade McNown…I love watching Manizel in college. But an NFL team would be very foolish to pick him so high in the draft.

    Although, I know it will happen.

    Yet, teams like the Raiders, Browns, Vikings still don’t know why they are horrible 99% of the time over the past 30 years?

  4. I hope the idiot Texans take this guy #1. David Carr reincarnated. Isn’t this the THIRD time the Texans have has the overall #1 pick in their short existence? At least they’re consistent.

  5. Given O’Briens comments earlier in the week about wanting someone who loves football as much has he does, Texans trade down for extra picks & grab Manziel later in the first round?

  6. Attitude wise, I see him as a blend of a young Ben Roethlisberger and Jim McMahon.

    Dude has a ton of talent but we’ll see how quickly he’ll grow up to be “the man” for a professional team.

  7. Cleveland and Oakland need to keep him on their radar too. This dude is a sure-lock first rounder. I mean, if Tebow was then Manziel should be also. I still think Clowney goes 1 or 2 but Houston may want to pass on him considering their history with #1 overall selection picking DE/OLB’s.

  8. Atleast You Dont Have To Give Up Three Number One Picks For This Guys Baggage. RG3 Might Have More.

  9. mack1212 says:

    “Attitude wise, I see him as a blend of a young Ben Roethlisberger and Jim McMahon.”


    Great. Johnny Football is now destined to crash his riding lawnmower while wearing thong underwear.

  10. Hopefully the Jags do take him, leaving Bottles for the Browns. I was really hoping Manziel was not coming out, protecting Browns fans from the 3 stooges drafting him.


  11. I wonder if Tenow is going to scare people away from this kid at all? He doesn’t have the same type of fan base, but the comparisons are already being made, valid or not.

    Also, I’d put money down that the Jets will take him. Does it make sense? No. But why would that stop them?

  12. Will be interesting to see what pressure texans wull have to draft him over teddy. Teddy should go 1.L ooks like he will go to jax unless cleveland trades up?

  13. Per ESPN…

    Stat of the Day
    Manziel led the nation in opponent-adjusted QBR in 2012 (he finished a respectable sixth in 2013, and rates third-best over the last two seasons combined). That stat would be indicative of a reasonable chance of being an NFL starter. The three quarterbacks who finished No. 1 from 2009 to 2011 are among the NFL’s best– Colin Kaepernick, Andrew Luck and Russell Wilson.

  14. it would be a waste if he ended up in the Taint Spot of America that is Jacksonville. Anywhere else would be better.
    Besides, he won’t wanna make the inevitable move to London.

  15. It’s funny reading the comments. It seems like the posters and the scouts are both all over the board on this guy. Some really like him other’s really despise him – either way, at least he’s not boring and spices up the early off season.

  16. LOL Manziel. He’s all you need to know about the kid. He’s a small mobile QB. Game Over.

  17. The Texans say they want to move out of the #1 pick. So conceivably they want a QB and not Bridgewater. Maybe they want the in-state product Manziel but figure they’ll get him lower in the first round.

  18. “With the 4th pick in the 2014 NFL draft, continually striving to carry the banner of The City of Sorrow, the cleveland clowns select johnny football…”

    You know it’s coming…


  19. He’s gonna get crushed! I’m not concerned with his height, it’s that build of his…his ears even extend wider than his shoulders! Brees is of course not tall but I’ve seen him in person in a t-shirt & shorts and he’s a solid mass of dude unlike Johnny M

  20. I have this unshakeable feeling that my Raiders are going to take him @ 5.

    I just think he’s the next Romo in the NFL play style wise. He leaves the pocket when it’s clean as hell and takes chances that his arm shouldn’t take but he gets away with in college….

    I don’t know. If he’s on my team I’ll support him but I think it’s a helluva risk.

  21. As a Viking fan I would love to get this guy… as fun to watch as Adrian Peterson. As far as the Combine If I were J.M. I wouldn’t show up for it, no need to won’t help his draft stock.

  22. And here is my first tebo reference ……..if Tim can’t make it in the NFL how is this little turd with a worse arm no toughness and a piss poor attitude going to ?

  23. I’d take him over Bridgewater any day here in Minnesota. Oh wait, the stupid Vikings decided to win some games down the stretch so now we’re 8th. Oh yeah, 2 predictions for ya….Bridgewater will not become a good NFL QB and for those waiting for Winston, well he will be even worse. watch and see…….

  24. If Manziel can clean up his act off the field he can be Brett Favre in Green Bay.

    If he can’t he can be Brett Favre in Atlanta.

  25. I don’t think he will be able to make the same kind of plays in the NFL that he made in college… bigger, faster, stronger will take away a lot of the improvisation he had in college. In addition, he makes 3-4 mind-numbing plays each game that he always seems to get away with. I think he will flame out after 2-3 years…

  26. …plus he gets banged up consistently, usually not enough to remove him from the game but enough that you would think there would be some durability risk.

  27. Manzeil is the next Doug Flutie. He’ll be misused in the NFL, come up to the CFL and star for ten years. Then he’ll come back down and play well for franchises not sure what they want to be (for Flutie that was the Bills and the Chargers).

    These guys play to win.

  28. I get a kick outta people who still think Read-Option College Qb’s make good NFL QB’s. I guess the mountain of evidence against them isn’t obvious enough. Only Cam Newton has had some success, of course he’s 6’5 250 lbs and can survive outside the tackles.

    Anyone who thinks Maziel is “special” is basing it on something other than history or facts

  29. Not fast enough to be a dual threat a la Kaep, Wilson, or RG3. His arm looks to be towards the low end in terms of strength.
    Fun to watch and the jack of all trades deal works well in the college rank. But when you go to the NFL you’re playing with the kings NOT the kids.

  30. Johnny Football is gonna get some GM fired soon after his off the field antics and his erratic on the field play, becomes apparent – game in, game out.

    Mr. Manzeil is tabloid gold for all the baggage he brings. I predict we’ll hear something crazy from him in about 5, 4, 3, 2, …

  31. Johnny is a trust fund brat that comes from old Texas oil money. In life, in the locker room, he’s had it his way. That BS is over and he won’t be able to handle it.

  32. You know what would have happened if Manziel tried that jump move he pulled off in the bowl game against a professional like Mario Williams or Suh?.. He’d be in the ER getting his bones glued back together.

  33. This kid is either gonna be Fran Tarkenton or Colt Brennan. Nothing in between.

    I’ll be very interested to see his combine numbers… assuming he participates.

  34. Sky’s the limit for Johnny Manziel. You just have to worry about QBs that didn’t get their degree or is nowhere close to getting it. Getting a degree takes focus, discipline, and a sense of responsibility & priorities .These are the same traits that are required to be a successful PROFESSIONAL QB. It a 16 hour a day job.

    If you do your history all of the QBs that became busts are QBs that didn’t get their degrees. Other positions it’s not that important, but QB it’s very important.

    That’s why I would pass on Johnny Football in the top 5. Wouldn’t hesitate to take him 16-32 of in the 2nd round.

  35. I cannot wait to see this spoiled brat get creamed. His upside is Tony Romo, I’m thinking he’ll end up more like Cade McNown.

  36. Keep an eye on Brett Smith the University of Wyoming QB who has declared for the draft a year early. Definitely under the radar.

  37. Why all of the Manziel hate? Does he kick babies, eat puppies and crap on the flag? All athletes are arrogant; he’s just more visible than most.

  38. I’m excited to see who he goes to, Manziel is the only qb in this class that would really be able to sell to a fan base to fill a stadium. He exciting to watch on the field and is a great leader, I don’t really see his size as a problem as Brees is barely 6’0, Wilson is under 6’0, and i don’t really see where you can call his off the field stuff character issues so when did it become wrong to attend Heats games, hang out with Drake and Rick Ross, and attend frat parties

  39. on second thought, there are FIVE teams picking ahead of the vikings that need quarterbacks.

    are there even five good prospects? stupid vikings. once again, they are going to miss out.

  40. This dude is from my hometown, Tyler, Texas. Believe me when I tell you that you don’t want him anywhere NEAR your favorite team.


  41. The Vikings need to trade up and land Manziel.

    But knowing Spielman, he’ll stand pat, watch Manziel, Bridgewater, Carr, and Bortles get picked ahead of him, and then draft AJ McCarron at #8.

  42. at best I see him as a late 2nd round pick, at worst he should fall in the 3rd round. He doesn’t have the intangibles to make it in the NFL. He’s not a pocket passer and he’ll get beat by far more athletic linemen than he’s used to dealing with. His accuracy will suffer, and he doesn’t seem to have a quick release. Maybe he might work out if he starts as a backup somewhere, but some hapless team will pick him to lead the franchise and that will speed his exit from the NFL within 5 years.

  43. Looking forward to Cleveland drafting Johnny as their “Franchise QB.”

    I forget would that make three or four “Franchise QB” picks in the last five years?

  44. stay in college and have fun,the pros will be there.he’s not ready yet.some bottom feeder nfl team will draft him anyway.then wonder why they never make the superbowl

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