Lawsuit filed seeking injunction to oust Chargers from playoffs

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Bad calls happen in sports all the time.

As long as there is a human element involved with officiating the games we watch, there are going to be mistakes made that will ultimately have an impact on who wins and who loses.

However, some fans apparently can’t take the bad breaks as well as others.

According to the Baltimore Sun, Daniel L. Spuck of Mercer, Pa. has filed a motion seeking “a temporary emergency injunction” against the NFL in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Pennsylvania. The motion claims that the San Diego Chargers should not be in the playoffs because of the missed illegal formation call by Bill Leavy’s crew in the Chargers’ season-ending victory over the Kansas City Chiefs.

The Chargers had too many players on one side of the center and should have been flagged on the play. Chiefs kicker Ryan Succop missed a would-be game-winning field goal and the Chargers managed to earn the victory in overtime and a postseason berth. The Chiefs should have been allowed another attempt at the field goal after the would-be penalty.

The Pittsburgh Steelers were left as the odd team out. After losses by the Miami Dolphins and Baltimore Ravens, a loss from San Diego would have put the Steelers in the postseason.

Spuck – presumably an aggrieved Steelers fan – filed the lawsuit via inmate mail from the Pennsylvania corrections department.

In the lawsuit that was filed prior to the start of the postseason, Spuck suggested the league could suspend the playoffs to allow Succop to re-kick the field goal or forced the Chargers and Steelers to play on a neutral field to determine who made the playoffs as the final team in the AFC.

The lawsuit is completely asinine. The Steelers have been the beneficiary of bad calls in the past. Leavy was the head referee for Super Bowl XL, which the Steelers won 21-10 over the Seattle Seahawks. Leavy admitted he “kicked two calls in the fourth quarter” of that game that helped the Steelers emerge victorious.

The Chargers have also been on the wrong end of officiating errors in the past as well In 2008, Ed Hochuli ruled a Jay Cutler fumble an incomplete pass. The Chargers had recovered the loose ball but the call allowed the Denver Broncos to keep possession and earn a win over the Chargers.

Bottom line is every team finds themselves on the wrong end of a questionable call at some time or another. Spuck is going to have to live with this call going against the Steelers.

40 responses to “Lawsuit filed seeking injunction to oust Chargers from playoffs

  1. LOL!!! Chargers deserve to be in the playoffs more then the Steelers. I understand that it was a bs call on that field goal, but who knows if succop would of missed the very next field goal? hahaha this is hilarious.

  2. Sounds like he must be one of the Steeler posters for this site. Like many of the Steeler fans said after SB XL said time to move on.

  3. Careful Steeler fan. If you win…you just might open the door for the Seattle fans to file a lawsuit for Super Bowl XL.

  4. The inmate who filed the lawsuit didn’t pay the filing fee, nor did he file a request to waive the fee, so for that reason alone it can’t go forward.

  5. This says it all “Spuck – presumably an aggrieved Steelers fan – filed the lawsuit via inmate mail from the Pennsylvania corrections department.”

  6. This is pretty sad, why doesn’t he file a motion that the Steelers win more games early in the season and not leave it up to officials in games they’re not playing in to determine whether they make the playoffs or not. If this were to succeed though, does that mean the court will also grant the Seahawks the right to have Super Bowl XL played over again?

    An officials missed call is usually 1 of about 20 reasons why a team loses a game (the other 19 are on the team), this missed call (in a game they weren’t playing in) was 1 of probably 500 reasons why the Steelers missed the playoffs this year.

  7. What the f*** is this? This is absurd. Seriously Steelers’ this whining on another level. Let it go y’all couldn’t have beat Bengals anyways. Bad calls happen all the time in every sport. Chalk it up and move on. This is getting ridiculous now

  8. This is ridiculous…Chargers were on the wrong end of a terrible call the NFL admitted it botched the first game of the season that allowed Houston to steal a game. It all evened out..

  9. The Steelers played 12 games this season against teams that finished at or below .500. An 8-8 record against that kind of schedule would a 4-12 record against real competition.

  10. How does past transgressions by NFL officials that affected the outcome of past games justify NFL officials blowing calls in today’s games?

    Since when do multiple wrongs make a right?

    However, only NFL Players with contract incentives, or cities with NFL teams that lose home field advantage (monetary interest) should be suing.

  11. every fan base has its share of idiots, so to take this one idiots approach to the chargers game and apply it against all of the steeler fan base is asanine. Anyone who believes Leavy’s apology for 2 kicked calls means the SB was handed to the Steelers either is a total Steeler hater or doesnt understand football. The seahawks had a terrible game, Holmgren totally mismanaged the play clock on several occassions costing his team points. The only favorable call the steelers got was the one against Hasselback. The Ben TD, there was not enough evidence to overturn, you cannot see the ball as he is at the goal line, play on the field was ruled a TD, It was 3rd down, Cowher said they would have went for it on 4th. Seahwaks receivers dropped a lot of passes, those werent the refs fault. The PI call, Holding call were judgement calls, the kind that are called 20 times a game, and one fan base will call it bogus and the other fan base will say it was the correct call. None of those calls were egregious enough to say the refs gave them the game. Lets not pretend all of the steeler fans are agreeing with this idiot in jail. Tomlin and most steeler fans will tell you they should have won more games and not left it up to the chargers and the refs. But lets not ruin this charming prison story with facts.

  12. I don’t agree with the inmate for filing something like this but bringing attention to the Horrendous officiating NFL fans have to deal with every week in almost every city is a good thing. Pittsburgh has been on both the good and bad side of missed or blown calls. I just think all the Seattle fans that are still cryin over losing to us are mostly mad that a Pennsylvania inmate was smarter than them to file something like this.
    Also,@ mrheavyhustle get a real QB then we’ll talk. We split this year you guys moved on to the playoffs and showed the world why you are and will always be the BUNGLES!

  13. This guy speaks for every whiney, penalty grubbng, spoiled sport, stomp off the field Steelers’ fan, of which there are many. After decades of blaming every loss on the refs, Steelers’ fans have finally found their Messiah!

  14. As a life-long Steelers fan, let me just say, I hate most Steelers fans. The majority of Steelers fans are idiots & make the few intelligent fans that exist, look stupid by association. This is the most embarrassing example of that yet. Bottom line is, we weren’t good enough to make it. That’s all there is to it. Deal with it. I truely hope this moron gets prosecuted for wasting to courts’ time & resources.

  15. You don’t need a lawsuit to know San Diego has no business being in the playoffs. Thing is though, the non-call on Weddle’s obvious fumble is grounds for the referees to be brought up on criminal charges.

    I’d love to see Goodell have to show up in court of this one. Ha ha!

    You go Mr. Spuck!

  16. I do so wish fans of my teams would stop embarrassing me. Bad calls happen, and teams suffer the consequences. If we’d been better through the season, our hopes wouldn’t have rested on the leg of Ryan Succop. Suck it up and enjoy the fact that KC’s unreliable kicker will be watching from home this weekend just like our guys.

    If fans want to do something worthwhile, they should lobby the NFL to address the many problems in officiating that impact every team in the league.

  17. This is an embarassment to Steeler Fans everywhere they deserve better. Must be another self rightous lawyer who sues cause (s)he can, how pathetic

  18. And just when you thought the stupidity bar has reached its peak.

    Feel free to add what ever you like lol.

  19. Looks like the lawsuit was every bit as successful as the Steelers’ last two seasons. Congrats!

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