League says Lynch didn’t “win” his appeal

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Marshawn Lynch claims he won the appeal of his $50,000 fine for not talking to the media.  The league says that’s not the case.

Per NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy, league executive V.P. of football operations Ray Anderson decided to delay collection of the $50,000 in exchange for Lynch’s commitment to comply with the league’s policy regarding media availability.  Any further violation by Lynch will result in the NFL taking the $50,000 and imposing another $50,000 fine.

So, basically, if Lynch deliberately disregards one more time a fair and reasonable policy aimed at ensuring players are available to reporters — who serve as the official liaisons to the fans — then Lynch will lose $100,000.

And then the fans, who are the intended beneficiaries of the league’s media policies, can try to offset the six-figure fine by raising money for a guy who made $7 million in salary this season.

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  1. Wouldnt it be nice if the NFL used the money from player fines to make the game more enjoyable for the fans. One suggestion would be better referees. Or…

  2. In a way, he won. He doesn’t have to pay the fine. And as long as he talks to the media from here on out, he won’t have to pay anything. Could be a win. Time will tell.

  3. So, “We’re fining you but you don’t have to pay it as long as you behave” isn’t winning the appeal? Sure sounds like an appeal win to me.

  4. Geeks with pens are mightier than the strong. Or is that “the pen is mightier than the sword”? Either way, it’s easy to see all sides of this. The popularity of the game makes players very rich. The ability of the players makes the games very popular. Reporters love to believe that it’s their stories that also make the game and the players popular.

    The problem is that all 3 in a small way depend on each other to keep the game popular. I understand why the league wants players to be available to the press, but is it so hard to understand why some players want to avoid the press? While there are many legitimate stories the press covers, there are times where the press twists a players words, or spins a story in such a way to make the players look bad. Perhaps if there were more actual sports journalism and less TMZ style reporting, more players would want to speak to the press. Not quite sure why the press is so up in arms about Lynch not wanting to speak to them. The NFL will always be full of T.O. RGIII, Ochocinco, Deion Sanders, Michael Irvin types who love love love to run their mouths for reporters. Also I’m not quite sure why it makes any difference how much lynch makes. I get the part about fans not needing to raise money to pay his fine, but it also sounds like the media is saying because lynch makes a lot of money, then this fine is justified? Imagine if reporters were fined for every tweak of the truth, every slight exaggeration, or misquote they reported ? I Really don’t see a lot of hard hitting deep investigative style of reporting among reporters.

  5. tbh the fans don’t really care to hear th eplayers speak about things fans already know..i mean the media asks the same players the same ?s over and over and over just different weeks.. how many times do we need to hear it

    fans just want to watch football

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