Lovie Smith used year off to plan for 2014

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New Buccaneers coach Lovie Smith joined PFT Live on Tuesday for an extended discussion about his return to the organization, more than a decade after serving as the team’s linebackers coach.

If you missed it, shame on you.  But we’ll give you a shot a redemption.  You can watch it by clicking the appropriate button in the box below.

If you check it out, you’ll hear that Smith used his year away from the NFL to plan meticulously for his return.

“I’m one of those guys, I have a full calendar done a year in advance, so I like making plans on what’s going to happen in the future a bit,” Smith said. “After you knew that someday you’d get that call, that was part of the plan. I just thought that I could improve myself and my situation from staying out so I had more time to as I see it study the game and look at different candidates. I went out and watched a lot of football games, I’m talking about I watched high school, college, and I went to even one NFL game so that year off, if you have a chance to hit that stop button in life and take a year to reassess what you believe in, who you are and all of that, I highly recommend it.”

We highly recommend hearing more from the new coach in Tampa.

10 responses to “Lovie Smith used year off to plan for 2014

  1. I enjoyed this segment so much that it prompted me to pick up the phone and call him about the GM partner he is looking for. They told me today he wasn’t in the office so if anybody talks to him kindly mention that I’d like to speak with him about it. Plus it would be helpful for him and the team to know if the office people are taking and giving him his messages properly.

  2. I trust Lovie. He’s not the best head coach in the league, but he’s definitely x10 better then Schiano. I think my bucs are going to be fighting hard for a wildcard spot next season.

  3. Yeah well we all don’t get an extra 5 million that’s owed to us from our former employer to sit back a whole year and assess what we want to do a full year in advance…..but whatever! You go ahead and be you, Lovie!

  4. Bears fan here. Lovie Smith is a good and decent man who for any number of reasons could never completely put it together as a HC in Chicago. Contrary to what you will hear from people who didn’t follow Bears football, he was let go at precisely the right time… if not a year too late.

    I wish him the best in Tampa but during his time in Chicago he showed some significant holes in his skill set as a HC. I hope he used the year off (on the Bears’ dime) to rectify those.

  5. He was fired from as the head coach of the Chicago Bears and he was not hired by another team. Last year no NFL teams were interested in him. He did not take a year off, he was unemployed!

  6. I am a Bears fan and I hope he wins in Tampa so long as it is not against the Bears. I hope for Bucs fans sake that he OC is great because if not Lovie will not last. He is a good guy but he doesn’t know offense.

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