Manziel will spend next few months training with QB guru


Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel, who stated the obvious today when he announced that he is entering the 2014 NFL draft, plans to spend the next few months training with a quarterback guru who has tutored the last two passers taken with the first overall pick in the draft.

Bruce Feldman of CBS reports that Manziel plans to move to San Diego for the next few months to train with private quarterbacks coach George Whitfield, who will help Manziel prepare for the NFL Scouting Combine and private workouts with NFL teams.

Whitfield has a good track record: He worked with Andrew Luck before the 2012 draft and with Cam Newton before the 2011 draft. Luck was already so polished as a pocket passer in college that Whitfield’s influence probably didn’t do much to change perceptions of him among NFL teams, but Whitfield was credited with helping Newton show he could make all the throws that NFL teams want to see their quarterbacks make. Manziel, like Newton, is a mobile quarterback who hasn’t played in a pro-style offense (although the definition of “pro-style offense” is rapidly changing), and Whitfield may be able to help Manziel demonstrate that he can be a pocket passer if that’s what the team that drafts him wants him to be.

Manziel told Feldman, “I’m ready to become a professional and dedicate myself to making my dream a reality of becoming the best quarterback I can be.” Part of that dedication will be a few months of work with Whitfield.

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  1. Did anyone catch it Monday night when Tebow and Manziel were standing like side by side? Manziel is probably going to die the first time he gets hit by a linebacker. He needs to be focusing on bulking up too.

  2. Sounds like a good start and I like hearing about the dedication and willingness to work with others that can help him with his game. A highly skilled QB with tools and athleticism can be a dangerous weapon if he’s coachable and truly wants to get better. I think somebody is going to like the idea of having him on their team. He’s got my attention so far.

  3. Of course, before the guru will accept him, Johnny must give away all of his worldly possessions and spend two weeks in the desert, naked. To prove he is ready for enlightenment.

  4. Tim tebow thinks this is an excellent idea………works every time for a QB that has many flaws

  5. Too bad RG3 thought he was too good to do the same. Never heard him say he wants to be the best QB he can. No wonder he didn’t go first but, everyone knew that Luck was the best choice and RG3 should have gone first in round 2.

  6. “Manziel is probably going to die the first time he gets hit by a linebacker. He needs to be focusing on bulking up too.”

    How Russell Wilson stayed alive for 2 years is beyond me

  7. I figure that all Manziel has to do is make it threw 4 or 5 years and become a the darling of NFL broadcasts and ESPN, you know, like Peyton or Brady. Then, if anyone even gets within breathing on him, a flag will be thrown.
    Shouldn’t be so difficult.

  8. Russell Wilson is like 30 lbs heavier than Manziel, and it’s all muscle. He’s a grown man who just happens to be several inches shorter than most of the guys playing QB in the NFL.

    Manziel OTOH could still pass for a high schooler as far as physique. These constant comparisons between him and Wilson in terms of their physical characteristics just don’t wash. They are the same height and that’s it.

  9. The whole “quarterback guru” thing is such a scam. Especially fat little George who was a failure in the Arena League at the position. After he finished with Newton, Cam threw at the Combine and had one of the worst performances ever. He still was draft first ONLY because the scouts knew he was better than he showed there.

  10. “Quarterback guru” is not a scam, it’s a rare and gold-valued concept. If some people aren’t what they advertise then don’t take it out on the craft of being a “QB guru”, that’s just like any industry where somebody who is a poser just gives the artform a bad rep. If Whitfield isn’t any good, well then he isn’t any good, but that’s on Manziel and his handlers/teammates/coaches to figure out and just make sure he’s working with a good “QB guru”. That can make the difference from him being a bust or a pro.

    Hate the tricky process of trying to qualify who would make a good “QB guru”, but don’t hate the legit “gurus” or the value of the good work that is done by some. Same with any business in the world. If you are interested in Manziel, then you should just check out Whitfield and make sure he checks out to you. If he does that’s a good thing, and if not, then pick a different QB!

  11. Manziel needs to hit the weight room, or he is going to get destroyed by the first DE/LB that blasts him.

  12. I watched several Texas A&M games this year and it seemed like in almost every one, by the end of the game Manziel was grabbing some body part or another, wincing in pain. Maybe it was mostly theatrics but if college players (albeit, future pro’s in the SEC) can cause him that much distress then how’s he gonna hold up against the really big boys?

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