Mike Munchak interviewed with the Lions on Wednesday


Earlier this week, there were reports that former Titans head coach Mike Munchak would interview for the Lions’ head coaching job on Friday.

Those reports turned out to have half the story correct. The Lions were planning to interview Munchak, but it happened sooner than expected. The team confirmed that the interview with Munchak occurred on Wednesday.

It’s the third interview the Lions have conducted as they look for Jim Schwartz’s replacement. Like Jim Caldwell and Gary Kubiak, Munchak has previous head coaching experience and an offensive pedigree.

Tim Twentyman of the team’s website reports that Chargers offensive coordinator Ken Whisenhunt, who shares those traits with the other candidates, is also expected to interview with the team before the week is out. Numerous reports have pegged Whisenhunt as the favorite to get the job, although he can’t be hired until the Chargers’ season comes to an end.

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  1. Very curious to see who takes the helm in Detroit. If that roster comes under solid leadership they could call the shots in that division for awhile.

  2. I’m not very curious since the search does not seem to be a broad one and it seems like they pretty much know what they want to do. Which of these buddy coaches really seals the deal, I don’t care until they come up with some impressive names to interview that I think have some fresh ideas and I think we know what most of these candidates are all about.

    I think they should focus on identifying more candidates.

  3. I’ve noticed countless Lions fans calling for a new coach that’s the antithesis of Jim Schwartz. As a Titans fan, I can’t help but point out Munchak is the ying to Schwartz’s yang:

    Munch is greatly respected by both his peers and his players, he’s a gentleman renowned for his integrity, he’s stoic, and he’s humble. On the practical side of football, his specialty is offense. And perhaps most importantly, it’s worth noting his players play hard for him even when the playoffs aren’t a possibility–like the last several games of the Titans’ season.

    Yes, the Titans’ ownership gave him an ultimatum (fire several of his coaches) which he turned down. But did you know that as part of that they also offered him a contract extension?

  4. I’d be interested to see the head coaching record, season by season, for each of the four coaches, only looking at games in which they entered the 4th quarter with a lead; and then a separate look at games where the team was tied/ no more than 7 points behind entering that quarter.

  5. Whisenhunt should be the guy. When he had a capable QB, he did well. (Remember, Kurt Warner was on the scrap heap when he had a rebirth there.) When he was given John Navarre, John Skelton, and all the other sucky QBs named John, his team died. With a capable guy in Stafford he would not just be another “re-tread”.

  6. Tom Brady was an up & comer, but our QB was paid and then paid again before he came up. You either buy low and sell high, or you don’t understand leverage, and football is about leverage.

  7. I also wonder what Munchak could do with the Lions’ roster. With the exception of one Titans’ cornerback and their No. 2 and No. 3 receivers, the Titans’ roster is notably inferior to the Lions’. And with that average to below average talent, Munchak missed the playoffs by one game in two of this three seasons. … You do the math.

  8. Locker also doesn’t make Stafford money, so the Titans had that advantage for a similarly performing QB. That’s part of the math too. So how that reflects on Munchak’s time with the Titans versus his time with Detroit, it doesn’t matter, the Lions need to have BOTH a GM and a HC that are on the same page and with a viable plan to WIN. That’s the only thing that matters, everything else is just talk that doesn’t mean anything.

    If the new HC wins, then nobody cares what the story was, and if the new HC loses then it doesn’t make any difference why we lost. Just hire the right person and don’t make the hire until the candidate has been very clear on what they are going to do that is different and that they can demonstrate that plan without you being able to poke holes in it. The right HC candidate should be able to nail this. If not, then you aren’t talking to the right person yet so bring in somebody else.

  9. The Lions are a couple of DBs, a good young C and a solid #2 WR away from having the best roster in the NFC North. Fill those holes, bring in a capable coaching staff, and look out.

  10. mike refused to make coaching changes in order to keep his job. u have to make changes to be successful. so i hope detroit doesnt hire him.

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