PFT Live: Sean Payton, Dolphins talk with Armando Salguero

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Wednesday’s PFT Live will be split between the two sides of the fence currently separating NFL teams.

On the one side, Mike Florio will talk to Saints coach Sean Payton ahead of this weekend’s trip to Seattle. The Saints are trying to extend their stay in the playoffs for at least another week and they’ll discuss what goes into preparing a team for a game against a team that blew them out in the same stadium just a few weeks ago.

Even with that loss in the memory banks, that’s the side of the fence that all teams want to be on when you get to this point in the year. The other side is made up of teams like the Dolphins, who didn’t make the playoffs and are now trying to make the necessary changes to end up in a better place next time.

Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald will join Florio to discuss the changes in Miami, which expanded to include the departure of General Manager Jeff Ireland on Tuesday.

You can watch it all live at noon ET by clicking right here.

3 responses to “PFT Live: Sean Payton, Dolphins talk with Armando Salguero

  1. Salguero took the Emperor Has No Clothes metaphor too literally, although he is right that no one wants to picture Stephen Ross clotheless on a horse…

  2. Totally disagree with Armando Salguero’s view of the Phins head office.

    He is saying Dawn Aponte is at fault for ‘running’ to Philbin with Ireland’s criticism of Philbin’s coaching…. but you got to remember Ireland was blabbing all of this in the Team Skybox during the last 2 games, if the whole story is even true in the first place.

    Secondly, he is saying that her communication of Ireland’s comments was immediate and Salguero is also saying that Aponte is definitely the one who told him.

    Lastly, he’s saying that friendship with Ross is the sole requirement to become an executive in the Dolphins organization.

    All three of which are absurd.

    Evidently Salguero knows zip about a real business organization, because making the alleged comments Ireland made publicly in the company skybox like that would be ones that Ireland intended Philbin to hear.

    There isn’t some kind of JFK conspiracy alignment between Aponte and others in the Phins org against Ireland and big money corporate organizations are not junior high schools…..

    Armando Salguero is being ridiculous, is nearly always wrong, and I wish there was a better journalist in SFla to cover the Phins.

  3. I was really surprised by the perception of the Dolphins being so negative. This is a great day for Miami and Ross is on top of things. Maybe he wasn’t in the past, but he’s showing he’s there now.

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