Report: Bernard Pierce expected to have shoulder surgery


It seemed like Ravens running back Bernard Pierce spent a lot of the 2013 season running directly into the clutches of the opposition and it seems to have taken a toll on his shoulder.

Aaron Wilson of the Baltimore Sun reports that Pierce went for a second opinion on his injured right shoulder on Tuesday and that the expectation is that he’ll have surgery to repair a damaged rotator cuff. The surgery has not been scheduled yet and, per the report, Pierce will have four or five months of rehab waiting for him once he does have the operation.

That could cut into his availability for the team’s offseason program and it could lead the Ravens to consider other possibilities at running back. There’s been talk in Baltimore about adding a bigger back to the team’s mix, something that has some appeal given how the team’s backs performed during the regular season.

Both Pierce and Ray Rice spent big chunks of the 2013 season banged up by injury and their production reflected their compromised physical states. Pierce averaged 2.9 yards per carry, two yards fewer than he averaged in 2012, and just below Rice’s average of 3.1 yards during a dismal year for the Ravens running game.

8 responses to “Report: Bernard Pierce expected to have shoulder surgery

  1. The Ravens have always been a smash mouth run team with ferocious D. Both were sub par this year and you saw the results.

    Joe is a QB that won’t win by himself but given the right pieces can win a SB. Hopefully we get back to who we are.

  2. Pierce obviously played through a painful injury and never complained. That’s the Raven way.

  3. I also have to give Flacco, Rice, and Pierce some credit for never saying one bad thing about the Ravens’ terrible offensive line. Flacco was hit on seemingly every play and ended up with more picks this year than in his last two years combined (former career high was 12). Both Pierce and Rice had to face questions of “are they washed up?” all season when anyone actually watching the game could see that there was nowhere to run.

    If we had to trade Boldin, couldn’t we have used that savings on a center? Oh well, still love the Ravens. 8-8 after a Super Bowl isn’t so bad.

  4. ravensterps says: If the Ravens didn’t have Rice, I’d be glad to have Pierce as our starter
    So would the defenses of the Steelers, Bengals and Browns.

  5. Just another reason to upgrade the sorry O-line start by releasing Gradawaski and getting a real Center, dude wasn’t ready for primetime. saw it all year wondered when Harbaugh was gonna take him out. Also let Orther walk, too many stupid penalities.

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