Report: McDaniels withdraws name from Cleveland search


Usually when college coaches start taking their name out of consideration for jobs, it means it’s been offered to someone else.

But while we don’t know if the Browns are close to making a hire, we do know who won’t be their next head coach.

According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels has “withdrawn from consideration” for the job.

Many presumed McDaniels to be the front-runner, based on his relationship with Browns General Manager Mike Lombardi. And this would sadly end the hopes of a McDaniels-Tebow reunion in Cleveland, which would have been so perfect on so many levels.

But the Browns have cast a wide net in their search for Rob Chudzinski’s replacement, with college coaches joining some of the usual suspect coordinators and off-the-beaten-path position coaches (such as Packers quarterbacks coach Ben McAdoo) on their list.

78 responses to “Report: McDaniels withdraws name from Cleveland search

  1. Smart move. You only get a few more years to coach with 2 of the best: BB & Brady.

    Enjoy it Josh. And soak up as much as you can.

    You have plenty of time to take over a Cleveland Browns head coaching job….they will have 4 to 5 job vacancies before Brady even retires.

  2. Stop, already with the McDaniels-Tebow reunion stuff. Yes, McDaniels made the mistake of trading up to draft Tebow and yes, it ultimately got him fired. Also, McDaniels refused to let Tebow on the field during their time together in Denver. And New England. McDaniels clearly isn’t a fan.

  3. I have to agree,McDaniels and Tebow, would have been very interesting to see. If nothing else, to put the Tebow thing to bed once and for all.

  4. More succinct translation–Haslam to Joe Bummer-If you and Dumbardturd make me look like an idiot with this hire and I have to field another ‘three stooges’ question-your all toast!

  5. Thank God.

    While I lean toward a proven leader in my preference, whether College or Pro, McAdoo seems intriguing as is Jay Gruden.

    Franklin would also be interesting.

    Bowles and Quinn, meh.

    Being a Browns fan is a burden I wouldn’t willingly place on my worst enemy.


  6. I think the Pats would have been fine regardless, but I like the idea of having a Belichick succession plan in place with ties to those 3 Super Bowl championships and 5 appearances (and counting?).

    I could see McDaniels as Head Coach and Jonathan Kraft as primary owner starting in ~2017. I’m good with that.

  7. Good move by the Browns. McDaniels showed his coaching skills in Denver by running Cutler out of town and drafting Tebow. And the sleeveless sweatshirt didn’t make anybody think he was the next Belichick. Enough said.

  8. This just confirms that the Browns are the same old lost franchise they’ve always been.

    They had no plan, and no hint from McDaniels agent that he would take that job.

    They just fired a one year coach and ran outside with no plan. Classic Browns.

  9. No shocker here. McDaniels and Belichick were just doing the Browns a solid by giving the appearance that people were interested in the job. Both still have ties to Cleveland. Josh isn’t going anywhere. He is “in study” to be the next HC of the Pats.

  10. So, in other words, Bob Stoops and the Browns brass are meeting at undisclosed location to hammer out a deal?

  11. I’m of the opinion that Cleveland’s rash firing of Rob Chudzinski is hurting their coaching search, as is the fact that their last three coaches have been given a combined 5 years. Aside from McDaniels, who’s drawbacks are already noted, the primary names connected to the opening have been Peyton Manning’s 35-year-old coordinator (Adam Gase) and Aaron Rodgers’ 36-year-old position coach (Ben McAdoo). Sounds like nobody really wants this job.

  12. This will be one of the dullest and most boring off-seasons.

    The coaching hire will be underwhelming.

    They will sell a bill of goods about trying to get it right.

    They will not be able to pick up free agents – because of the mediocrity and uncertainty in the organization.

    Its just bad business overall.

  13. Maybe he doesn’t want to make his wife and kids move again,even though he’s from that area. Whatever the reason,let someone else deal with that mess over in Cleveland.

  14. savocabol1 says:
    Jan 8, 2014 2:11 PM
    It is so hard to be a Browns fan

    Amen brother, but this time it’s a good thing! (The reason why he withdrew, not so much)

  15. “I could see McDaniels as Head Coach and Jonathan Kraft as primary owner starting in ~2017. I’m good with that.”

    Sorry, but Josh isn’t going to be the next coach in New England. Jon Gruden will take over and is just buying time behind-the-mic until BB decides to just stick with fishing and golf.

  16. It would be so much easier if Banner would change the job listing from “Head Coach” to”Puppet.”

  17. He could go to Detroit, get them to dump Stafford and CJ, and make Tebow the starting QB. I think the rest of the NFC North would be cool with that.

  18. People don’t want to work for high turnover organizations where they are likely to be scapegoated. Surprise surprise.

  19. McDaniels: I brought cheating from NE to Denver, how about to Cleveland?

    Browns: Not!

    McDaniels: Peace out, I’ll stay in NE where it’s routinely practiced and coached.

  20. When they fired Chud, you would have thought they did so because they had another guy already in mind.
    But then again… it’s the Banner/Lombardi show.

  21. McDaniels is coaching a sure fire first ballot HOF QB in Brady under another first ballot HOF HC in Belichick.

  22. “In every country they make fun of a particular city. When I was in Russia, for example, we used to make fun of Cleveland.” – Yakov Smirnoff

  23. why would it be perfect? Because Tebow’s never had a losing season, no matter how bad the situation was before him? Because Tebow had a better rating than 1st round bust Brandon Weeden? Because the Browns would gladly take Tebow’s 1-1 playoff record after only 14 starts?

  24. Ever get the feeling nobody wants to deal with the egotistical Banner and the quick tempered Haslam? The new coach won’t be a huge name and will most likely just be a puppet regardless what gets said at the welcoming news conference. All one has to do is listen to Haslams intro of Chud a year ago and what’s been said since his firing to know Haslam and company just can’t be trusted to keep their word.

  25. Anyone else thinks its coincidence that Belichick leaves Cleveland he wins 3 super bowls, Or heck even their own team browns leave Cleveland and they win 2 super bowls as the Ravens. An Lebron James leaves Cleveland and wins 2 rings away from there. Can you really blame the guy, Who would want to coach there your destined to lose

  26. I don’t know who turned down who, but it’s becoming increasingly clear that the Browns job is one that many are staying away from. And who can blame them? Either you have to bow down to the likes of Banner/Lombardi OR, in a year’s time, you may be looking for another gig because Haslam will clean those bozos out and hire a qualified football man to run the show who, of course, will want his own coach.

    As a Browns fan, I have to say I’m really beginning to want a 1-15 type season next year so Haslam does the latter.

  27. Makes you wonder if Josh was asked about his thoughts on Mangina’s poaching of New England players, in the past, and if he thought it was possible to get Mallet to follow him to “The Factory of Sadness.”

  28. I also believe Jonathan Kraft and Bill Belichick met with McDaniels to go over the Patriots timeline. It also makes sense that Belichick will stay on as GM when McDaniels takes over to ease the transition (and to properly pick the next QB – hint Brady was a good choice by BB and Tebow was a bad choice by JM). I doubt this had much to do with McDaniels not thinking he was going to get the job.

  29. Something tells me that Joe Banner is not happy with Mike Lombardi right now…

    Mike: “Trust me Joe, we should ditch Chud… We wanted McDaniels last year and now he’s ready to come on board.”

    Joe: “Well if McDaniels has been our first choice all along, it makes sense…”

    Mike: “Trust me, Joe… we will really get our guy this time!”

    Jimmy: “Curly, Moe… you guys figure out what we’re doing yet?”

  30. Why would anyone want to come to Cleveland after what this franchise has functioned? This franchise is a joke. I get my hopes up every year that there will be a better product. Not even playoffs. Just a better product. And they can’t figure that out.

    If youre a halfway intelligent person, You turn down the job when they contact for an interview.

  31. Dear Jimmy–

    Remember when Mike Dumbardi was busy whispering into your ear, ” I know I didn’t get Chud the players, but I got the right guy. I am going to deliver the best and brightest assistant to be our Head coach. Go watch my brilliant NFL Network tapes. My promises. Don’t worry, I will deliver.”

    Guess what–Dumbardi failed.

    Jimmy–you can spend all the money you want on the stadium, but the it wont matter as long as Dumbardi is running your team.


    The Fans of Cleveland.

  32. It could have come down to money. He is in a good situation and young enough where there will be opportunities down the road. No reason to jump ship-especially if the Browns didn’t want to pay.

  33. He probably looked on PFT at all the Browns fans saying that they didn’t want this guy anywhere near their team. Good for the Browns, something finally went right for their fans.

  34. What’s the big deal? Someone give me a solid reason why Browns fans should be upset that this guy turned them down. Read the local polls and you will see that very few fans wanted him to begin with. In fact, there’s a sense of relief that the job wasn’t just handed to him carte blanche like Lombardi’s job was given to him.

    Sorry, no story here. Haters and those who like to pile on go ahead and make yourselves feel good by continuing to trash a city you have mostly likely never visited.

  35. Wow – the Browns really should have thought of the consequences of letting a first year guy go (and harming a guy’s career) because no one reputable seemingly will touch this one. And I don’t blame them, either. For all the ripping people do of the Redskins owner, even he hasn’t done this.

  36. Hey Jimmy-SAME OLD BROWNS!!!!You should be ashamed of the product you have asked your fan base to support,maybe just maybe you fired the wrong guy Banner does not seem to me to be doing HIS job.Just a thought.

  37. brohamma says:
    Jan 8, 2014 2:31 PM
    “I could see McDaniels as Head Coach and Jonathan Kraft as primary owner starting in ~2017. I’m good with that.”

    Sorry, but Josh isn’t going to be the next coach in New England. Jon Gruden will take over and is just buying time behind-the-mic until BB decides to just stick with fishing and golf.

    Jon Gruden is almost irrelevant at this point as long as he’s been out of it…..and he’s certainly not coming up there in the cold. Where do you guys think guys like Cowher, Dungy, and Gruden would get their assistants at this point, an old folks home? Everyone that was an up and comer under those guys is either now coaching elsewhere at an upper level or is sitting in a retirement home. To boot, Gruden sucked when he had the reins of a team for more than a year after he took DUNGY’s talent laden team to a SB and then ran it into the ground. He’s not that bright for one, and I bet Jay Gruden is every bit better than Jon at this point.

  38. Quite a few comments, but most overlooked the obvious. He is staying with the Pats to take over the reigns in 2 years. I just hope McAdoo doesn’t take it either. He needs to be the OC of the Dolphins… OK that is not obvious, but rather my wish.

  39. McDaniels is the obvious heir apparent to the New England job this was just proven. I did not want Mcdaniels in Cleveland anyhow but ya know what Josh good luck in replacing a legend when he retires and his Hall of Fame QB is gone and retired as well. Trust me Boston Fan will have even less patience then cleveland fan. Anyhow good luck with that.

  40. I believe Josh is a good coach who has a bad reputation only because his personnel moves in Denver were so bad.

    Pat Bowlen should assume some fault for giving a new coach that much power.

    My hope is that Josh is the heir to Belichick and if that is the case, I am confident he can keep his head above water.

  41. Browns fan you should be relieved. McDaniels would have ruined your team like he did the Broncos.

  42. I’m glad he turned it down. He was not the answer. Should have given Chud a chance with the right players.

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