Report: Mike Tice to be Falcons new offensive line coach

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After a 2013 season that fell far short of expectations, the Atlanta Falcons fired offensive line coaches Pat Hill and Paul Dunn at season’s end.

Now the Falcons have apparently made their first hire to replace the departed line coaches.

According to Aaron Wilson of the Baltimore Sun, the Falcons will hire former Chicago Bears offensive coordinator and Minnesota Vikings head coach Mike Tice as their new offensive line coach.

Tice did not coach in the league this season after being let go by the Bears along with the rest of Lovie Smith’s staff after the 2012 season.

Tice was an offensive line coach in Chicago for two seasons before taking on the offensive coordinator role in his final year with the Bears. However, Chicago’s offensive line frequently seemed to struggle to protect Jay Cutler during Tice’s tenure. Cutler was sacked 52 times in 15 games in Tice’s first season in Chicago, 23 times in 2011 in 10 games and 38 times in 2012 in 15 games.

Tice and Falcons head coach Mike Smith served together for two seasons on Jack Del Rio’s coaching staff with the Jacksonville Jaguars from 2006-2007. Tice served as the assistant head coach while Smith was the defensive coordinator.

19 responses to “Report: Mike Tice to be Falcons new offensive line coach

  1. First order of business: get tackle Lamar Holmes into playing shape & get RG/C Peter Konz living up to his 2nd. round draft status. Second order of business: get LT Sam Baker Healthy & play up to his pay scale. Third order of business: get RT Mike Johnson healthy and living up to his 3rd. rd. draft status. The Falcons have spent draft picks on players in recent years but haven’t panned out.

  2. I don’t get it. He was released, along with Lovey’s staff because his OLine sucked, and he’s hired by a team as an OLine coach, who just fired their OLine coach, because the OLine sucked.

    Go Figure…


  3. It has always amazed me that bad coaches seem to always find jobs after being canned. A bad coach, such as Mike Tice, will continue his ineptness in, yet, another uniform.

  4. As a Falcoholic, I can’t say too much about the pick. As long as our O-line gets better through the draft, and coaching and we get back to the top of the NFC South I don’t care.

  5. Isn’t the point of firing someone to bring in someone better?
    Seems this year it’s about hiring your friends and not finding the best coach –

  6. and in other falcons news Matt Ryan announced his retirement today, stating he is walking away while he still can.

  7. Matty “Ice” is going to earn that nickname based on his constant visits to the trainers room next season with Tice calling the shots for the o’line.. and you Atlanta fans thought it was bad this season.

    Well, one thing is for certain. Atlanta ownership won’t have to worry about Tice running another Super Bowl ticket scalping ring; simply because they have zero chance to get there with this guy being involved. Bad move.

  8. Falcons fans…… this would be a great time to issue Matt Ryan his last rites! When Tice was in Chicago, his offensive lines were some of the worst EVER! Without Tice, the Bears, in ONE YEAR, with two starting rookies on their offensive line, had one of their best lines since the great o’line of the 80’s!
    I think Tice is a good guy, he just flat out SUCKS as a coach……………..

  9. Everyone seems to be forgetting he also coached a very good Vikings OL not too long ago. Those who are calling him a bad coach should have a little more faith in what we’re trying to do. Either that or you don’t know what you’re taking about.

  10. We need to fire the head coach and get a decent offensive and defensive line. Anything else is rearranging chairs on the Titanic. These clowns running the Falcons (not the players) not only do not have a plan, they do not even see the necessity for a plan.

  11. Good luck Falcons!
    Tice brought absolutely nothing to the Bears offensive line except one of the highest sacks allowed ratings in the NFL, inability to open the middle on running plays, and criminally poor blocking on screen passes. You should hire Martz as well to complete the apocalypse.

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