Rooney won’t comment on other possible coaching changes


Last week, the Steelers parted ways with offensive line coach Jack Bicknell Jr.  To the extent that the making of only one change would prompt anyone to believe that it would be the only change, prompt again.

In an end-of-season session with a trio of reporters, Steelers owner Art Rooney II was asked about other potential coaching changes.  Rooney declined comment.

“Mike [Tomlin] is still going through the process,” Rooney said, via Ed Bouchette of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

“The process” could in theory result in offensive coordinator Todd Haley being let go.  “The process” could in theory result in defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau, who said last month twice in the same media session that whether he returns will be up to someone else, being let go.

Or, like the team did two years ago with Cardinals coach Bruce Arians, “retired.”

Regardless, for now it’s safe to say only that neither LeBeau is completely safe for 2014.

UPDATE 3:14 p.m. ET:  Yes, we realize multiple reports have indicated that both men are safe for next season.  Rooney could have said that.  He didn’t.

41 responses to “Rooney won’t comment on other possible coaching changes

  1. After this thanksgiving Tomlin will always be considered a confirmed cheater and liar. He should not be trusted with the keys to any NFL franchise and his word can not be trusted. Then again that’s who the steelers are from rooney on down.

  2. Arians “retirement” sure looks bad now after his success in Indy and Arizona.

    Whatever power struggle went on that got him canned should get the person that won that fight canned as well……

  3. Bruce Arians saw the writing on the wall…
    Ben will never see a playoff game again, well from the couch.

  4. LOL. Ben had 1 of his best seasons yet, and you are still on that fire haley think? Isnt gonna happen! And lebeau will leave When lebeau wants to go. He has certainly earned that right! Steelers were best Team in AFC North in 2nd half. 6-2 record and the key was ben wasn’t hit or pressured everytime he dropped back to pass! Haley is safe. May even get an extensión.

  5. Sounds better than going into next year with the exact same team. Maybe PIT got a raw deal on their playoff shot from some officiating in other games, but they have a lot of room for improvement, so it’s encouraging that they even have a process for reevaluating who should be on this team. Wrong choices or right choices coming next, at least they are open-minded and have a shot at making some really good choices rather than standing pat.

  6. Those Rooney’s are smart!
    They are letting Tomlin fire all his coaches and then they will turn around and say that Tomlin’s fired because he over stepped his boundaries and fired all highly respected assistant coaches!!

    Those Rooney’s, smart and ruthless people!

  7. jamaltimore says:
    He should not be trusted with the keys to any NFL franchise
    Ravens fans would love it if Tomlin wasn’t coaching their rivals anymore. Just like Steeler fans hope Harbs and Marvin are coaching in the division for a long, long time.

  8. Last I checked, LeBeau wasn’t the one missing tackles, playing out of position, getting burned in the secondary (looking at you, Troy and William Gay) and not getting pressure on the opposing QB. Although it is his responsibility to oversee what the players are doing, it is a matter of personnel. LeBeau will go when he wants to.

    Haley for better or worse probably is fine also (as much as media hacks like to think otherwise). The Offense played pretty well for the most part and the OL especially improved over the course of the season.

  9. The Ravens end of year press conference was full of “Doom and gloom”. Nothing to feel good about and 6 overpaid players who need to be cut or extended. Contrast that with Art Rooney saying that the mood in Pittsburgh is “upbeat” about 2014.

    Ben got sacked 7 times in the last 7 games. AFCN foes, you are free to run and hide now.

  10. Maybe Tomlin is going through the “Process” of cleaning out his office. Now that his talent is old he is being exposed as a fraud.

  11. First of all, Mike Tomlin is a great leader of men. The Steelers are not getting younger, but basing their game phiolosphy on tradition.

    Haley may be a liability, but the real problem is on defense…need to getting younger, especially at the LB and DL….noone is afraid of the Steelers anymore.

  12. Arians is Coach of the Year book.

    To take the Cardinals to 10 wins — in a brutally tough division and with Carson Palmer at QB — is a big-time achievement.

  13. Jack Bicknell, meet Russ Grimm.

    Wherever Levi Brown goes, offensive line coaches end up “retiring”.

  14. time to clean house,tired of hearing about all of them!!!how can you coach when you don’t even know what part of the field you are on…

  15. With the emergence of a running game, Haleys offense worked pretty well. I can’t see any offense working without a running game as Ben Roethlisberger holds the ball for a long time (rightfully so because he makes things happen). There is a reason the Steelers stayed with the 3-4 defense when Tomlin came to town, and that reason is Dick LeBeau is the man. Bell is a solid draft pick on D and Jones a solid pick on D. Antonio Brown the right decision for receiver and we are a year removed from the Mike Wallace relationship. I like the direction they are going in what looks like an easy division to take. It’s Pitts division if they want it.

  16. Did everyone miss that they were 6-2 through the final 8 games of the season? The Steelers are either very young or very old in most positions. I personally thought the defense improved as players like Cortez Allen, and Cam Heyward started to come into their own down the stretch. If Pouncey and Foote don’t get hurt in the first game the 0-3 start may not have happened, and a few close losses make this team 10-6 or 11-5 instead of 8-8 and no one is complaining. Lebeau should never be pushed out, but I have been hoping that long time protege’ Kevin Butler is the next DC in Pittsburgh. Also I am not sold on Hailey just because like many Steelers fans will agree he is not well liked in Pittsburgh for reasons other than football. I think this team is in great shape next year if they get Pouncey healthy and address some of their aging team members. Maybe a trade up in the draft for a franchise left tackle is in order

  17. “First of all, Mike Tomlin is a great leader of men. ”

    ha ha ha that’s rich!!

    He inherited a roster full of pro bowlers a year two years removed from SB. A franchise QB, and two SB coordinators. He did next to nothing to contribute to the Steelers success since but has been instrumental in their failures.

  18. jamaltimore says:
    Jan 8, 2014 2:59 PM
    After this thanksgiving Tomlin will always be considered a confirmed cheater and liar. He should not be trusted with the keys to any NFL franchise and his word can not be trusted. Then again that’s who the steelers are from rooney on down.

    61 129
    Report comment. I guess that’s fair and just the same way people look at your idol Ray Lewis…..a liar and a cheat…right?

    Letting Lebeau go is a mistake, but Haley has me confused. Whether he is liked or not means nothing if he is getting results. The last eight games show promise.

  19. While everything isn’t perfect in Pittsburgh, it isn’t really time to hit the panic button. Back to back 8-8 seasons aren’t what fans are used to, but then again, we’ve been spoiled with recent success. The franchise has remained a contender year in and year out because there is stability. Everyone wants to fire the coaches if you don’t win a ring every year. What is this Cleveland? How many teams would be thrilled with back to back non-losing seasons? How many teams would have loved going into the final game of the season still alive in the playoff hunt?

    Pittsburgh, Baltimore, Miami, and San Diego went into the last game all with their seasons in their hands. Pittsburgh took care of their business, but unfortunately so did San Diego. Is Baltimore thinking about firing their coaching staff after going 8-8 and choking the final game? Miami sure felt like changes were needed. Are they a model franchise?

  20. I find it amusing that people act like Bill Cowher was the greatest coach ever. It’s funny that when he was coach, fans were insinuating that he was having an affair with Kordell Stewart’s sister (not sure if he even has one) as some way to insult him I guess. When he had losing seasons everybody was calling for his head. Tomlin is now targeted for having 2 non-playoff seasons in a row. As for Arians, he has done a great job with Arizona, but he was also getting Ben killed. It looks like Todd Haley has figured out the formula to make Ben successful without his getting violently splattered 6 times per game.

  21. Will Tomlin be coaching for his job next season? If the Steelers miss the playoffs again that will make three years in a row and four without a playoff win since getting Tebowed.

    Or will the Rooneys let him finish his contract through the 2016 season no matter what as long as he keeps “blowing them away” with his sweet, sweet, gobbledygook double talk?

  22. Not a surprise ..their not the Jones family infront of the camera or Mic every chance they get. If you don’t have access to the Pittsburgh media its rare you’ll ever hear them talking personnel or STEELERS business in general. That’s what REAL owners do..Only other coaching change I see is Special teams (Maybe)..Bicknel got bounced already and Richard Mann did a great job with the WRs..Brown.. Cotchery and even Sanders had Their best years as Pros. LeBeau just needs the parts and maybe a new outlook on playing young players before their 3rd season..after that 0-4 start ..8-4 is a strong finish..and that could have been better

  23. What a silly topic… Haley will return after pulling the makeshift team together mid-season to make a run at the playoffs, and Lebeau will stay just as long as he continues signing his name on one-year contracts.

    Lebeau was working with a defense made up of a mixture of dying stars and undeveloped players, and still managed to piece together good stands when it really mattered.

    On top of that, as much as I hated Haley to start the season, he really pulled it together, got his head out of his ass and let Ben do what he does best. This led to a career year for Ben, a record-breaking year for Brown and a rookie back withe over 1,200 yards from scrimmage after missing all of preseason and the first three games of the regular season. Oh, and don’t forget, an offensive line that was down to off-the-street centers and other unknowns.

    I say even sniffing the playoffs this year was a miracle.

  24. Will Tomlin be coaching for his job next season? If the Steelers miss the playoffs again that will make three years in a row and four without a playoff win since getting Tebowed.

    Or will the Rooneys let him finish his contract through the 2016 season no matter what as long as he keeps “blowing them away” with his sweet, sweet, gobbledygook double talk?

    My guess is he will be the steelers coach until he loses the players respect and more importantly the Rooney’s trust. I trust the Rooneys judgement over yours after all they are owners of an NFL team and you are a negative poster on PFT….who has the most credibility ?

  25. 0-4 start..8-4 finish. Bicknell is gone already..Haley had a hand in the Os turnaround by letting Ben run the ship..LeBeau just needs a few parts and a new philosophy about trusting his young players before their 3rd year..WRs coach Richard Mann had 3WRs who had their best years as pros. And do you ever hear the Rooney’s commenting on personnel? This ain’t Dallas and their not the Jones family.And OK Tomlin got some “Cowhers players” those same players went 8-8 in Cowhers last year..Hell look at all the players Cowher got from Noll..that’s how it works..and it took 14 years to win a SuperBowl with all time great Defences..Tomlins done far more with much less.

  26. Leadership is overrated. These are millionaires and can make or break your career. If anyone should be sent packing, it’s Kevin Colbert and the negotiating team that has hamstrung the team with overblown contracts that will mean another year of patchwork defense, and another year of Lamar Woodley opting out of playing thanks to a bruised finger or bad cold.

  27. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Back to back 8-8 seasons are a triumph in this city of low expectations. No sense worrying about a post season when Tim Tebow serves you up a big dish of “one and done.”

  28. The Steelers offense had finally gelled by season’s end. Ben and Haley now seem to have found a workable compromise. I don’t like Todd’s personality, but his system is sound–as long as he’s willing to give Ben some wiggle room to call plays. We’ve got some holes to fill, but the offense is looking good. And I was wrong about Ben’s ability to lead the team going forward.

    The defense is aging and younger players are needed, but LeBeau is still the best in the business. He’ll go when he’s ready to retire, and Tomlin won’t invite him to leave one minute before.

  29. Amen!! Colbert and Khan need to go! These 2 “Gurus” have handcuffd this franchise long enough with bad picks and awful contracts..Thank God im not the only one to see this..but doubt it will happen anytime soon

  30. Here’s all you need to know about Tomlin’s recent coaching resume:
    — He’s 6-4 the past two seasons against teams that fired their head coaches at the end of each season. Three of his six wins are against the Browns.
    — He coached the Steelers to an 8-8 record this season against a schedule that featured 12 games against teams that finished at or below .500
    — He coached the Steelers to an 8-8 record last season against a schedule that featured 8 games against teams that finished at or below .500
    — His 2011 Steelers were 2-4 against teams with winning records, which means they played 10 games against losing teams.
    In today’s NFL, winning isn’t everything. But having a weak schedule is, and Tomlin has failed miserably.

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