Victor Cruz wants Mike Sullivan for offensive coordinator

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Mike Sullivan is interviewing to be the offensive coordinator of the Giants on Wednesday and he got an endorsement from an important member of the unit.

Wide receiver Victor Cruz said “absolutely” when asked if he wants to see Sullivan, who was on the offensive staff with the team from 2004-2011, get the job and said he would be texting him later in the day to see how things went. Cruz said he’s heard the calls for a new approach after the departure of Kevin Gilbride and understands them, but disagrees with the notion that it is the best route for the Giants to take.

“I could see that,” Cruz said, via Conor Orr of the Newark Star-Ledger. “But, you know, I think it’s just his familiarity with our personnel, with our offense, the one we had. Obviously, he’s running a similar offense with Tampa Bay but I’m sure he’ll have some tweaks here or there. I just think we need a refresher, I think, more so than people needing a whole big name. A refreshing face that we know, one we’re all comfortable with, and we can go from there.”

That’s a similar point of view to the one Cruz’s fellow receiver Hakeem Nicks shared this week, but the Giants are also talking to former Titans offensive coordinator Dowell Loggains on Wednesday so we’ll see what the decision makers think. We’ll also find out what they think about bringing Nicks back to the team, a subject that Cruz also tackled by saying that he’d like to see Nicks return but that the Giants would be fine if things went the other way.

“He’s obviously been a big piece for us in the last years that he’s been with us,” Cruz said, via Ebenezer Samuel of the New York Daily News. “But I think we definitely always have the talent in our receiving room to be successful. I think that’s just a testament to how we drafted and how we got players to fit the mold to our offense. I think we can definitely be able to be successful if Hakeem has to move on. It’s something that we’re going to have to look at. And we hope not, but we’ll see how it goes.”

Cruz will be around for the entire offseason this year, which will be a big help to whoever the Giants hire as coordinator whether or not Nicks is there too.

14 responses to “Victor Cruz wants Mike Sullivan for offensive coordinator

  1. And if Sullivan’s not hired, Cruz will throw a full-on 2 year old style tantrum to the Maras. Just like his ridiculous cries for PI flags to the refs after every catch he’s unable to pull in.

  2. Clockwork that the first handful of comments on Giants’ threads are all of the hatred variety. Get over it people. He has a ring and your WR likely doesn’t.

  3. Giants fans.. you guys better pray that Sullivan doesn’t become your OC. As a bucs fan that watched the games, this guy does not know how to call a ball game on the offensive side. He was horrible this past season.

  4. Why would you want to hire the coordinator of one of the worst offenses in NFL history?

    OMG – Did you watch any Buc games this year?

    Wow…Real bad…Even for a Tampa Bay offense…

  5. Ummm being familiar and running the SAME offense is the issue..why would u fire a guy then hire his twin? Doesnt nake sense. Giants badly need to get shaken up and uncomphy or else another 6 win season it is and another ur of me not paying a dime for anything nfl or giants related… Its like a fat man wanting a diet to change his life for the better by going on a micky ds diet..

  6. cardiovascularendurance says:
    Jan 8, 2014 2:48 PM
    And if Sullivan’s not hired, Cruz will throw a full-on 2 year old style tantrum to the Maras. Just like his ridiculous cries for PI flags to the refs after every catch he’s unable to pull in.

    What receiver in the league doesn’t now a days!

  7. I love how the Bucs offense was all Sullivan’s fault and not the fact that Josh Freeman was literally the worst QB in the NFL this year or a rookie 3rd round QB took over for him and the star RB was lost for the season after week 4. The talent on the Bucs was dreadful, but the coaches can change with the personnel on a given team.

    Sean Payton was the Giants OC until he was canned when Giants fans were calling for his head and then he went to become a pretty damn good head coach.

  8. I agree with the other poster that Cruz should concentrate on catching the ball and let Eli Manning do the recruiting for OC. It should be the decision of the QB. If Mike Sullivan’s results with the Bucs are any indiciation of his success, I say delete him from the potential recruits.

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