Warrant suggests Hernandez killed Lloyd to cover up double murder


Former Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez continues to await trial on charges that he murdered Odin Lloyd in June 2013.  And he continues to be a suspect in a double murder that occurred 11 months earlier.

According to the Hartford Courant and other publications, a search warrant executed in connection with the July 2012 murders of Daniel Abreu and Safiro Furtado reconfirms that Hernandez is a suspect in the case.

The warrant explains that Sharif Hashem, a security supervisor at a Boston night club, advised police that the murders of Lloyd and Abreu/Furtado could be related, and that a patron of the club “accidentally spilled the beans in front of me.”

Lloyd and Hernandez attended the club in question two days before Lloyd was killed.

The information supplies a clear motive for Hernandez’s alleged killing of Lloyd.  If Hernandez feared Lloyd would “spill the beans” on Hernandez, Hernandez had a reason (warped and misguided as it may have been) to permanently silence Lloyd.

If it can be proven that Hernandez killed Lloyd to prevent Lloyd from giving evidence and testimony against Hernandez in the prior murders, the federal government could get involved — and the death penalty could be in play.

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  1. The beans were seized for forensic analysis. Video surveillance shows Hernandez with what appears to be a can opener stuffing something that could be an empty can into a dumpster behind the building.

    “Plus this is all going down in Boston”, added a spokesman for the local police department.

  2. It’s possible the Patriots have exceeded expectations this year because people in the locker room stopped worrying about being murdered.

  3. Interesting that this whole case really took a huge and connectable turn because of the info from the security person. It’s good to know that the guy was paying attention and knew what to do with reporting information about a possible crime. A lot of people miss that information or don’t pass it on and a lot of criminals get to go free. If the info is good and Hernandez is guilty, then he could have been totally free and walking the streets if this one guy isn’t there to be responsible at identifying and sharing the critical information.

    Good communication is everything you really need to solve most problems. Just as critical to have in football too. Everybody is on the same page, or you lose.

  4. It’s important to note that media members such as yourself and Ms. Wilson at the Courant are doing a great disservice to our so called justice system by producing hypotheticals while he “continues to await trial”. No American who has ever seen a TV set will be able to serve as a juror without pre-conceived opinions of his guilt. You are probably right, Hernandez may be as guilty as the day is long, but until proven so these kind of articles are unwarranted and unprofessional.

    Aside from that, this guy is far removed from professional sports, more so than even retired players. Let Fox News report on the trial, if and when it comes to be.

  5. I was about to post a witty, funny, snarky comment but then of course I remembered…

    people have died here – they’ve been murdered and families are mourning

    Not trying to bring everyone down, but let’s just try to keep that in mind amid the banter that goes on here

    carry on

  6. I honestly don’t understand how some professional athlete’s can make such dumb decisions when they make so much money.. If I was a professional athlete in any of the major sports. I’d spend 95% of my free time with my loved ones. I wouldn’t touch any illegal drugs. I’d make sure to cab home after a night out drinking. There’s goes his entire life wasted..

  7. Anyone notice how the Pats have been completely exonerated by the league and their TV partners for their role in enabling this allegedly murderous felon? For stuffing his pockets and bank accounts with millions of dollars, while looking the other way when confronted by his extremely obvious drug abuse and gangster posse?

    Must be nice to have the league commissioner rooting for your team every Sunday, and cleaning up all your messes for you every Monday.

    Can you imagine if Aaron Hernandez had been a New Orleans Saint? Godell would have suspended their head coach and several key players for another full year – for “conduct detrimental to the league”.

  8. When you stop and think about it, this is a truly incredible story. You had a de facto serial killer playing a starring role in the NFL (the hispanic Patrick Bateman?), and yet it continues to be underreported.

    I mean, which got more coverage: this story, which involves both overwhelming evidence and actual murder charges, or the James Winston case, which involved neither strong evidence nor a charge?

  9. Aaron Hernandez is surely the worst criminal to ever wear a NFL uniform. Rae Carruth and OJ come to mind… but those murders were crimes of passion. Some men go crazy when it’s about a woman.

    But Hernandez is just a stone cold killer for fun and profit. Seems he murdered 3 and shot another in the face. And this is no doubt an incomplete list.

    Univ. of Florida and NE Patriot coaches, from top to bottom, need to be brought before a Grand Jury, put under oath, and asked some hard questions. Somebody knew something.

  10. What a waist of talent and life. I’m sad that his son won’t grow up knowing his dad. As a father this really saddens me. Thoughts and prayers to the victims AH may god have mercy on your soul

  11. not for nothing I know this will be unpopular but dudes going to get off..

    there is 0 evidence besides the testimony of a crackhead gangbanger I think his name Is Ortiz. I followed this story loosely and as someone who studied criminal law for a few years with basic concept I just have a feeling…

    unless the gun appears.

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