Bengals officially name Hue Jackson offensive coordinator


The Bengals didn’t go long without an offensive coordinator.

While Jay Gruden was being announced as the new head coach of the Redskins at a press conference, the Bengals were confirming that Hue Jackson will be Gruden’s replacement as the team’s offensive coordinator. The move was expected once Gruden’s departure became official and Jackson will meet the media in his new role on Friday.

“I am very excited to move forward with Hue,” head coach Marvin Lewis said in a statement from the team. “We are blessed to have a staff that allows us to promote from within. It keeps some of the continuity with our offensive team, yet we get new direction and fire from an aggressive and innovative coaching mind. Hue’s expertise in all aspects of football and coaching is very wide.”

Jackson was the Bengals running backs coach and special assistant to Lewis in 2013, his second year of his second stint in Cincy. Jackson spent one year as the head coach of the Raiders in 2011 after coordinating the offense in 2010 and he’s also had stints running offenses in Washington and Atlanta during his long coaching career.

With defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer in the running for some of the remaining head coaching vacancies, the Bengals may find themselves with new coordinators on both sides of the ball next season.

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  1. It’s fitting that Jackson is returning to Cincy , since he’s the one who got them the King’s ransom in trade for Carson Palmer ; he set the Raiders back four or five years with that trade.

  2. Continuity is always good, except when its centered around Andy Dalton. I don’t care who the offensive coordinator is, Dalton is just one of those guys who’s effectiveness is an inverse ratio to the amount of pressure he is under. Bigger the game, the worse the outcome is going to be.

  3. Time and again Hue Jackson is blamed for the trade for Carson Palmer and the rhetoric is that this set the franchise back. Carson just let the Cardinals (!) to a 10-6 record and is just fine as a quarterback. What set the franchise back was firing Hue Jackson after only one year and then Palmer not wanting to be there anymore. The price to get Palmer was steep clearly but impatience by the Raiders ownership turned everything into a mess, as usual for the past decade!

  4. Watch out, Marvin…. He’s coming for your job. He’ll shank you in a heartbeat. It’s what he does.

  5. Isn’t Hue Jackson a better offensive coordinator than Jay Gruden? Seems like a step up to me.

  6. habsfanatic says: Jan 9, 2014 4:51 PM

    Time and again Hue Jackson is blamed for the trade for Carson Palmer and the rhetoric is that this set the franchise back. Carson just let the Cardinals (!) to a 10-6 record and is just fine as a quarterback. What set the franchise back was firing Hue Jackson after only one year and then Palmer not wanting to be there anymore. The price to get Palmer was steep clearly but impatience by the Raiders ownership turned everything into a mess, as usual for the past decade!
    The ‘problem’ with your statement is that it is 100% true and the truth is harder to swallow than an opinion.

  7. As a Bengals fan I love Hue. He’s fiery and passionate, and that will be a great complement to Marvin’s quiet, father-knows-best routine. But I’m sure he already knows one of his biggest dilemmas is how to consistently get the best out of Andy Dalton. This end of this season was a tutorial for the rest of the NFL on how to flush the dude out of the pocket and have him throwing picks in no time. I feel like they need to either rely a lot more on and get creative on the ground game, or focus on putting a veritable Great Wall of China up to block for Dalton. Depth, depth depth at O-line, like what they’ve done with the defensive front in recent years. Either way though, in my opinion, Jackson > Gruden.

  8. A 24-22 TD to interception ratio and an 83.9 rating — which was about five points lower than Andy Dalton’s — is hardly the stuff of legend. Palmer didn’t lead the Cardinals to that 10-6 record , Bruce Arians did. The QB was little more than a game manager. And yes , a number one and a number two draft choice for a quarterback on the wrong side of thirty is far too high a price to pay , much less for a team that was riddled with holes on both sides of the ball.
    Jackson sold the team’s future for peanuts to try and save his job , and was rightfully fired for doing so.

  9. Problem is how long do you stick with Andy Dalton? Do you really believe he can consistently lead the Bengals to deep runs in the playoffs, or even further, the SB? However, he has gotten them to the playoffs for 3 straight years and he’s at least giving them a chance. Who are you gonna replace him with? Still, I say you’ve got to at least draft a guy, hard to keep a roster as good as they’ve got together for very long, can’t waste that talent with a QB you’re not sold on.

  10. One of the best offensive minds in the game. He made ZERO excuses for the deficiency of talent on the Raiders he just got things done. Beat up defenses at the point of attack and pressured them vertically. Real Raider football. Bengals and their fanbase are lucky.

  11. Fall of the Bengals and offense takes a step backwards??? LMFAO! Inept attempts at sarchasm real talk….

    Oakland 9th in offense and 2nd in rushing as an OC and 10th in offense and 7th in rushing as a HC…Give me that with Cincy’s defense and that spells Playoff wins… every step of the way he has been 1 heck of a asst coach.. Many years ago he coached Stephen Davis to 1600 yard rushing season in DC…He moved on to Cincy and coached Chad and TJ to their best years… He left and went to Bmore and led Flacco as QB coach to 2 good years then he experienced some BS in Atlanta for a season but recommended Zimmer to Lewis in 08 then took Oakland to their best season in 10 years…I wish fans would research rather then come to Mike’s page and talk stupid… Hue. show them how to run that ball! Congrats!

  12. Good. Gruden was more of the problem with our offenses inconsistency than dalton was. Now give Marvin Lewis a GM position in cincy and promote zimmer as HC. Lewis has done a great job building up this team but he doesn’t have what it takes to take them all the way. Mike Zimmer does. Zimmer has all the respect in the world from his players. They want to fight for him.

  13. Offense takes a step backwards. The bungles will end up 8-8 next year.

    Not so fast my steel curtain know nothing. The Bengals offense will be better next year. Jackson is a step up from Gruden.

    Now if Zimmer leaves, we might be 8-8 but it won’t be because of the offense.

  14. I believe Hue will know how to plan for Dalton’s strengths. He will also know how to use our talented young RB Bernard and our two starting tight ends. Gruden was game planning for himself as a QB I think.

  15. Great job Cincy. You just got one the most creative play callers in the NFL. I watched about a dozen games during Hue’s time in Oakland and you’re gonna love him as OC. I only wish my Redskins had seen pass the bright glare of the Gruden name and taken a chance on Hue as Head Coach.

  16. Has Anita Marks announced that she will be leaving her NYC gig and moving to the Queen City, no doubt joining WEBN 102.7 FM,

    Stay tuned…..

  17. Carson Parlmer has a lot of talent to work with in Arizona. He’s got a top 3 WR, a productive running game, and a great defense that makes his life easier. Despite all that, he only posted a 24-22 TD-INT ratio. Imagine this guy still on the Raiders with an awfuld defense, a starting running back that can’t stay on the field, and questionable receiving talent. You morons really think that 10-6 Arizona record would have just transfered over to the Raiders this past season? GTFOH.

    When you trade a 1st and 2nd, you expect the QB you’re getting to be someone who can carry a team. Carson cannot carry a team – he needs good players around him. How are you going to get those good players when you trade away everything to get him? It’s shocking how myopic and ignorant some Raiders fans are.

    Hue Jackson made that trade because he wanted to protect his coaching record to make a case to stay with the new GM or look better if needed to find another job in the league. It was the ultimate selfish move that destroyed the future of the Raiders so he didn’t have to wave the white flag in his first year as HC. If I’m the new GM looking at what I have to work with and I see the little rat that made my job that much harder for years to come, you bet I’m going to stomp the juice out of that rodent.

  18. I want to start by making clear that I think Hue Jackson is a very good coach and didn’t deserve to be supplanted when McKenzie got to Oakland. Having said that, I also believe this man is a snake and did what he could to undermine Tom Cable to get the head coaching job with the Raiders. If I’m Marvin Lewis, I would watch my back, Hue has ambition and nothing will stop him from achieving his goal.

  19. I’m not a big fan of his Al Haig “I’m in charge” style he pulled with the Raiders. However, he was able to get a completely pathetic Raiders team to play competitively as HC.

    If he can somehow light a fire to the Bengals offense (even with Dalton’s limitations) combined with their top defense (assuming Zimmer stays), the Bengals could make some serious hay next year.

  20. Is this the same guy who Ocho Stinko went after at halftime during the 05 Playoffs. Doesn’t matter who the O Cord is when you have a blind captain at the wheel. Marvin Lewis gets a deer in the headlight look every big game he coaches in…and so does his QB. Send them both out on the Dusty Baker express and promote Zimmer before you lose the best coach on this team….sick of the constant failure of Marvin Lewis being here. Championships measure a coach like it or not. It was an excuse to fall back on when it was Mike Brown drafting…the mans own comments prove its Marvin’s boys calling the shots. Cut off the head and the body will die. Cut off the losing by getting rid of Marvin. He is the common denominator. 0-5 playoff record .500 record in 11 years yet he talks like he is Bill Belicheck. Marvin has been given all the talent in the world and cant win. How many 1st round players on offense does one person need to win with a top 5 defense?

  21. Being a Raiders fan I have to say that he became Hubris Jackson during his tenure there and should have tempered his attitude somewhat. But that said he got a mediocre group of offensive players to actually play, then they let him down against the bolts in the end. I can understand why he was twisted after that.

    But I am surprised he hasn’t been offered an opportunity elsewhere. I believe he can get more out of the O for the Bengals than Gruden did, but they still have the obstacle of Dalton.

  22. Unfortunately Marvin is still boss. Any other team, this clown would’ve been gone years ago, especially after being one and done 3 TIMES!!!

  23. Unofficial President of the Hue Jackson Fan Club here. The guy did a phenomenal job as OC and head coach in Oakland. Best offensive coach the Raiders had in decades in my book, including Gruden. Gruden, who I like, was not as aggressive and was afforded more than a single 8-8 season (he had a pair of 8-8 seasons before going to the AFC Title Game in year 3).

    Firing Hue set the Raiders back years. So far, two and counting.

    At least I can root for the Bengals now next year when the Raiders are out of it by November and McKenzie and Allen are onto their annual excuse-making, post-loss cliche marathon.

    Good luck, Hue. Congratulations, Cincy.

  24. BTW,
    Hue’s top 10 offenses in Oakland were QB’d by a rotation of Grads and Campbell and later an off-the-couch in mid season Carson Palmer. Our receiving corps was led by DHB, Louis Murphy and Chaz Schilens. McFadden was a beast during Hue’s tenure in Oakland whereas he’s looked totally lost each season without him.

    And despite losing Al in his one season as HC and shortly thereafter McFadden, who was playing at an MVP level, and his starting QB, he still got us to within a play of the Division Title despite the fact Chuck Breshnahan’s defense was ranked in the bottom of the league.

  25. Congrats Bengals ,The only offensive coordinator and Coach that did anything positive for the Raiders since Gruden left. Raiders sent him packing for the
    reject Mckenzie and his trainwreck of picks and signings.

  26. The Raiders never should have let him go. Instead we got this clown Dennis Allen to go 4-12 for two straight seasons and SOMEHOW not get fired.

    Not to mention his idiotic hiring of Greg Knapp destroyed the top-10 offense that Hue had built up.

  27. Hue didn’t set the Raiders back, the Raiders ownership set the Raiders back.

    You don’t give up all those assets for a guy in Palmer and then fire the coach who wanted him at the end of the season. They almost made the playoffs that year but they lost some games towards the end, mostly because McFadden was hurt and they had no running game. People forget Palmer threw for almost 3,000 yards in his half-season with the Raiders that year. If the Raiders front office doesn’t panic, imagine what Hue & Palmer could’ve done together several years there.

  28. Hue Jackson was a good offensive mind in Oakland but he couldn’t run the defense.The defense was soft and didn’t pursue the ball and didn’t finish tackles. Hue was and is not the answer to the Raiders problems. AND on top of that he was a ‘ME’ first guy, it was all about the glory of Hue Jackson. He wore all the players down in training camp and the injuries mid season were ridiculous. it’s never just one play that decides a season, that is ludicrous. I was at the Lions game which is believed to be “one of those plays” and we lost and didn’t go to playoffs because we weren’t good enough. Plain and simple.

  29. people who dissing Hue and how bengals offense will be know very little outside of their team.

    -he’s a snake? He has been proven as long term friend Marvin and Brown family who have tons respect for him.

    -offense downgrade? Gruden loved to throw the ball and get away from the run in no way should dalton have thrown the ball 51 times that game.reason hue is a upgrade is he appreciates a balanced offense or lean more towards the run which is exactly what the bengals need with their defense.

    Ps I don’t know if bengals will win a playoff game next year but in all honesty this gives them the best chance to win next year and if they don’t more likely Marvin and dalton will be gone

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