Broncos are getting healthy for playoff run

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The Broncos have dealt with their fair share of injuries.  As their postseason opener approaches, however, most of their injured players not on injured reserve look to be ready to go.

Defensive lineman Derek Wolfe, who hasn’t played since November 24 due to an illness, remains out of practice.  All other injured players fully participated in practice on Wednesday and Thursday.

The injured-but-practicing are cornerback Champ Bailey (shoulder), receiver Wes Welker (concussion), quarterback Peyton Manning (ankle), tight end Joel Dreessen (knee), safety Duke Ihenacho (concussion), tackle Winston Justice (finger), guard Chris Kuper (ankle), center Steve Vallos (concussion), and cornerback Kayvon Webster (thumb).

The Broncos host the Chargers on Sunday, one month to the day after losing to San Diego at home.

26 responses to “Broncos are getting healthy for playoff run

  1. Heck yeah they are…

    What these Charger dweebs forget is that both corners were out last time as was little Wes Welker.

    May Peyton have mercy on your souls, Charger player….

  2. They’re getting healthy, aside from their All-Pro-caliber left tackle and edge rusher. And their best run-stopping defensive tackle (Vickerson), and their best coverage safety this year (Moore). And Wolfe, their best run-stopping D-end, doesn’t look like he’s going to play. So, other than being a complete shell of the defense they started the year with, they’re the picture of health. Granted, it was nice having the bye to get some other bodies healthy, but the defense barely has the talent left to be more than functional. If Denver does make it out of the AFC, they’ll probably have to win a pair of shoot-outs to do it. Peyton must feel like he’s back in Indy.

  3. Isn’t Derek Wolfe’s “illness” a seizure he suffered from a concussion, and that either the Broncos, the league or both are trying to keep a lid on?

  4. I am learning new things all of the time, I was under impression that by NFL rules a player could not play with a concussion, or does that rule not apply to Denver ? Also it sure seems strange that all of a sudden all of these players with all of these different types of injuries are able to come back and play ? While players on other teams in the play offs and with the same type of injuries are not being allowed to even practice or play in the play offs. Especially players with concussions or am I wrong about that also ? IMHO, it sounds like to me that when Denver hits the field for their game against the Chargers, this coming week end, it sound like over half of the players on the team will not be feeling much pain “with their make me feel good shots” . IMHO, it sounds like a do or die game for them and they are going to play anybody that can crawl out on the field and worry about their players health later after the game.

  5. The Chargers will be confident but the Broncos will be better. Hopefully it will be a good game.

  6. So many haters !
    Why don’t you go and post on a chargers fan site how your going to win ! Please spare my your crying foul because your actually scared of what the broncos can and will do to the Chargers !

  7. Denver really does not have a problem on offense, their historic numbers against mediocre defenses back that claim…the problem as it has been all year is on Defense and even when healthy they are mediocre at best on that side of the ball. Going to have to ratchet it up significantly to be a real SB contender this year.

  8. Oh…cry me a river. SD lost both starting WRs before the season was even underway, Ingram is 7 months removed from an ACL tear and just now getting his legs under him, Philips the backup TE is out for the year, Freeney and English went on IR awhile ago…Matthews and Fluker are both in walking boots, Royal hasn’t practiced in months and Hardwick suffered a concussion last week.

    Shut it with the pre-emptive injury excuses. Every team is beat up, the Chargers have been dealing with their own injuries all year.

  9. The broncos haven’t needed to play at there elite status because they have been in the playoffs since week 11 so they only reason the chargers won the last game against the broncos is because the broncos didn’t need that game PERIOD !

  10. Denver fans are so sure of themselves. Have you seen Mannings record vs the Bolts in the playoffs? Have you seen mannings record vs Rivers? Have you seen the fact that your two lowest offensive games were vs the Bolts? Did you read that 6 seeds are 6-2 against 1 seeds since 05′? You sweeping up what I’m throwing down?

  11. Manning haters seem to try to pin the fault souly on Paton Manning for the loses why don’t you look at his stats then look at what those Defenses have done for him ! If you want to sling garbage about Manning why not pay attention to everything or maybe go like the sport Cricket

  12. Yeah what ever HOMIE ! Let the game Speak for itself then ! I could have your pipe dream and live in the past but this is Now and sorry to tell you this but chargers lose ! We had the last game if you really want to go there the only thing chargers do is stop are run game you don’t stop Manning ! So let’s do this !

  13. I also think MANNING and the broncos beat the Chargers both times last year so keep thinking what you want to think you have no proof for your logic and I did t prove nothing for you but that the chargers held the broncos under 30 points but sorry to say the game the chargers won was on the Broncos having Just 6 days rest ! So it’d cool

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