Buccaneers running back Michael Hill arrested in Missouri

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New Bucs coach Lovie Smith has had plenty of welcome demands on his time this week.  He’s now had at least one unwelcome distraction.

Buccaneers running back Michael Hill was arrested in Missouri on Thursday, according to the St. Joseph (Mo.) News-Press.

The incident occurred at a St. Joseph bar.  Two officers suffered minor injuries in the scuffle.

Hill, a rookie in 2013, was arrested for failure to obey a lawful order and resisting arrest.

“We have been informed of the situation involving Michael Hill and are in the process of gathering additional information,” Buccaneers director of communications Nelson Luis said.

A native of St. Joseph, Hill was signed from the Green Bay practice squad on November 13.  After the draft, Hill signed with the Chargers.

In 2012, Hill rushed for 2,168 yards at Missouri Western State University.

17 responses to “Buccaneers running back Michael Hill arrested in Missouri

  1. Who is Michael Hill?? We went through several RBs this season and have not heard of him. 7th string maybe?? Non story, cut him if still stealing a paycheck from 1 Buc Place.

  2. Add him to the top of this list and reset the counter to ZERO:

    1/1/14: Vikings LB Erin Henderson is arrested on suspicion of DUI.

    12/29/13: Chargers LB Thomas Keiser is arrested for misdemeanor battery.

    12/22/13: Bears DT Henry Melton is arrested for public intoxication and assault in Texas.

    12/20/13: Giants S Will Hill is arrested on a warrant related to child support.

  3. Michael hill is probably everybody looks up too, he is very kind hearted, this story is very very twisted!!!!!! He was trying to help the cops and they randomly jumped on him.!!!!! ST JOE IS A SMALL TOWN AND THE NEWS WANTS A BIG STORY!!

    This man is a great man. This is Disgusting

  4. Well you all obviously know nothing about st Joseph MO cops, news press, or mike hill himself. He is the nicest most caring, talented guy anyone could ever meet. Wouldn’t hurt a fly. Every kid in St. Joseph looks up to him. Cops there are very desperate for attention and are known to be racist at times as well. Eye witnesses even say mike was pushed and jumped on by the cops, when he was actually trying to help them with a drunk friend. He never pushed back or moved. Every cop wants to be the cop with his name in the pathetic st joseph news paper for arresting someone with a big name in the town. Get your facts straight before you talk smack people !!

  5. You guys are crazy. I grew up with this guy. Hands down, he is the hardest worker I know. He went from a small town school, small town college to the bigs. He’s obviously doing something right. Don’t judge the dood that you don’t even know or know the situation. I can bet he’s doing more with his life than most. Keep your head up Mike

  6. I have often said this if i were a replacement level talent, back-up, bench-warmer 2-7th stringer or what not i will be as inconspicuous as i can be. He gone. Too many idiots.

  7. I see people posting how Hill won’t be back with the Buccs next season. I hope they don’t think Lovie is going to get rid of him, and since he has final say on personal (which was the dumbest move by Buccs brass). Lovie is the one that kept fighting for Tommie Harris to stay with the Bears after being arrested for illegal weapons all over his house and other things.

  8. “arrested for failure to obey a lawful order and resisting arrest.”

    Does this remind anyone of the BS charge they tried to stick on Adrian Peterson? At least they added in the ‘failure to obey a lawful order’ this time around, because arresting someone for just ‘resisting arrest’ is obviously some shenanigans.

    I don’t have all the facts, but Hill’s track record of good character makes me want to know more before I just condemn the guy.

  9. For those responding negatively. Is every person who has been arrested a bad person? Are they always guilty? Is it a possibility that Saint Joseph police like to abuse their authority?

  10. LOL.. the only pic they could find was the back of his head.

    He may be the greatest guy in the world, but he barely made the roster (only due to a string of injuries)… so I dont expect him to be around much longer anyway.

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