David Wilson will have neck surgery


Giants running back David Wilson’s 2013 season came to an early end because of a neck injury that doctors told him carried an increased risk of further problems if he continues his playing career.

Wilson said during the season that he intends to keep playing, but he’ll need to rehab from surgery before he can do that. Giants General Manager Jerry Reese said on WFAN Thursday, via Ralph Vacchiano of the Daily News, that Wilson will need to have an operation on his neck this offseason. Owner John Mara, speaking on the same radio station earlier in the day, also touched on Wilson’s status.

“We’re hopeful that David will be able to play for us again next year. Time will tell on that one,” Mara said.

There was no timetable given for when the surgery will occur or when Wilson might be ready to resume a full workload. His status is cloudy at best, though, and that should make running back an area that the Giants address the offseason because an Andre Brown/Michael Cox combo isn’t a particularly appealing one for a team trying to return to the playoffs.

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  1. Taking a RB in the 1st round is a waste, unless it’s an Adrian Peterson type of talent.
    Imagine if we took an OL 🙂

    GO BIG BLUE!!!

  2. Why didn’t he have surgery at an earlier date to ensure he’s 100% to start next seasons offseason programme?

  3. And that ladies and gentlemen is why you teach your children to keep their head up when tackling. See what you’re going to hit and hit it with your shoulder.

  4. leanback360 says: Jan 9, 2014 3:38 PM

    Why didn’t he have surgery at an earlier date to ensure he’s 100% to start next seasons offseason programme?

    Maybe his doctor told him to wait because it was too risky. Maybe the MRI showed something we do not know about. It would be nice to see him start the offseason programme but his health is more important. Another issue is that in this country, one cannot get stem cell therapy, which is why ¨Peyton Manning went to Germany to have his neck surgery. There they inserted stem cells.

  5. Maybe Michael Bush is worth a 5th round pick to Chicago? I would like to see him as a featured back with Eli. He has much better hands than most big backs, and can do well with short yardage and tough running inside.

    Wasted behind Forte in Chicago, and doesn’t do as well in the draw/delayed running game that Trestman likes. A direct or power run game is ideal for his skill set, and he has gotten very little damage over the last 12 months, so he should be healthy.

  6. “Why didn’t he have surgery at an earlier date to ensure he’s 100% to start next seasons offseason programme?”

    The doctors advised him to wait until the swelling subsided.

  7. Has anyone noticed that the only two Giants capable of doing a standing backflip, JPP and Wilson, were the only two Giants who needed spinal surgery in the last umpity zillion years?

  8. People often assume that once an injury happens, surgery should be done the next day. Smdh, so many factors come to play, swelling, can it heal on its own, dr advice, patient concerns blah blah.

  9. Agreed, people make it sound like surgery is no big deal, just get it and start rehabbing and you’ll be as good as new. Any surgery should be last resort, especially when dealing with the neck and back.

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