Ex-Titans boss Mike Munchak has “great visit” with Lions


The Lions brought just-fired Titans coach Mike Munchak for an interview yesterday, even though he didn’t meet his potential quarterback.

It was just a great visit,” Munchak told Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press. “It was good to see the facilities – great facilities – and it was good. We’ll see what happens.”

While Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford sat in when Ravens coordinator Jim Caldwell interviewed last Friday, he wasn’t on hand when Gary Kubiak or Munchak interviewed this week.

Munchak didn’t have much else to offer, replying “You never know, . . . We’ll just wait and see,” when asked if he thought he had a realistic chance at the job.

But in one respect, Munchak has something valuable going for him, coming in on the heels of his former Titans co-worker Jim Schwartz.

“If you want to go the total opposite of Schwartzie, Mike Munchak is that,” former Titans safety Blaine Bishop said. “I mean, a mild-mannered, well-respected person. Hard, but fair. Those are the things that the players see in him, and I agree with all that because as a former player I think that’s how it should be done.”

The Lions are also expected to interview Chargers offensive coordinator Ken Whisenhunt this week.

3 responses to “Ex-Titans boss Mike Munchak has “great visit” with Lions

  1. I think they need somebody who can generate more fire and ferocity in the passion of the players. This team needs a culture change and an attitude shift, and they also need somebody that can teach them football in a proper and healthy way. I just would be surprised if Munchak can provide everything that we need, especially what we need in the back-7 on Defense and the QB position. Those are critical areas and he just needs to show why and how he is going to improve things. We also have a weaker roster for him to start off with than Schwartz had at the end now that we have a lot of UFAs and little money to work with. How is he going to overcome all of that? Unless he can show us why he doesn’t instill a lot of confidence after watching how things went in TEN. He didn’t get the job done at all, and they have similar concerns with their QB situation as what we have, and he didn’t do what I thought they needed to do with that QB either.

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