Franklin elects for Penn State job despite NFL interest


Two of the big dominoes in coaching searches fell Thursday, one in the NFL and one in the college ranks, though they were intertwined.

Per multiple reports, Vanderbilt’s James Franklin has taken the Penn State job, after receiving interest from NFL teams.

Franklin had interviewed with the Texans, and was reportedly about to meet with the Redskins, before Jay Gruden accepted that job this morning. The Browns were also interested in talking to him about their vacancy.

Penn State is a legacy job, despite the current sanctions the program is under. And with Chip Kelly (Oregon-to-Philadelphia) greasing the skids and Bill O’Brien (Penn State-to-Houston) keeping things moving, the climate is right for college coaches to make the jump to the pro game if they choose.

12 responses to “Franklin elects for Penn State job despite NFL interest

  1. Did he get any interest from the Lions of Detroit? And congrats and good for him, it sounds like he beat out some NFL people with a lot of experience for that job. I think PSU made a fine decision, and likely a better value deal than the kind of money some of those NFL people were probably asking for.

  2. He was really doing a nice job turning Vandy’s program around…he will be missed. Hope he likes snow.

  3. Great Job! I watched him here at Vandy, and I am a Penn State Fan! Glad to see that we can carry on the tradition of great coaches! James, help restore PSU to it glory of Line Backer University.

  4. eaglesfanalways says:
    Jan 9, 2014 12:35 PM
    Hope he likes snow.


    Given that he’s from Langhorne, PA, pretty sure he’ll be able to cope with the weather.

  5. Clearly, the current school adm did not want to hire someone associated with Paterno. So you can view this partially as a political hire.

  6. With the kind of schedule Penn State plays, even I could win 8 or 9 games per season.
    Penn State needs a coach who is willing to replace all the “Northeastern Illinois” on the schedule with quality non-conference opponents and eventually compete for a national title.

  7. hrmlss says:
    Jan 9, 2014 1:48 PM
    Man, Penn State is a revolving door for coach’s

    I know… 3 Coaches in 47 years. When will they find the one?

  8. I’m really surprised…

    I know Cleveland seems not to be the brightest place to go but I would think the lure of the challenge to turn around one of only two teams never to reach the Superbowl would be incentive to prove how good a coach you really are.

    To go from one college to another…meh

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