Gruden says Griffin is the starter


During his introductory press conference, new Redskins coach Jay Gruden didn’t declare unequivocally that Robert Griffin III is the starting quarterback.

Then again, some things don’t need to be said.

Gruden said it later, during an appearance on 106.7 The Fan in D.C.

“Robert Griffin III is the starter,” Gruden said, via Chad Dukes of 106.7 The Fan.  “There will be no competition.”

It’s not a surprise, but some were curious about whether a competition could occur given that Griffin was frozen out of the process of selecting a coach.  That was likely more about creating the impression that Griffin doesn’t run the show and less about putting Griffin on even footing with Kirk Cousins, who recently said he assumed Griffin would be involved in the coaching search.

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  1. Robert Griffin is the best QB on the planet. Why anyone is surprised he’s starting is beyond me. Minimum 4 Superbowls with Jay Gruden and the Redskins in the next 15 years. Lock it up. #HTTR

  2. Gruden obviously hasn’t learned anything from the previous HC. Good Ol’ Shanny also confirmed RG III to be the starter, and the Skins went 3-13 and ultimately fired Shanahan.

    Welcome to the NFC East Basement, Gruden. Your tenure won’t be long, and the results will be the same as they were with Shanny.

  3. Gruden might as well have said “We fully intend to go 3-13 again next season”.

  4. The Snyder told him to make the decision, head coach or stay in Cincy. With that aging D and no receivers it will be nice to see them twice a year.

  5. Boy Gruden is showing he’s a take charge coach….
    He’s named RG3 the starter….You mean the same RG3 the owner hocked the francise to get two years ago?….Very bold move Jay…

  6. Hey Logical voice:

    Aren’t you tired of being the delusional fan of a disappointing franchise known as the 4-skins? I know I am tired of it for you.

    Come on, bro. Ease up on the meds, and come to your senses. I find you entertaining once in a while, but your annoyance factor is off the charts. How about you go and stay underground until the Redskins win a playoff game. See you in 2025.

  7. I never watch press conferences, but the TV happened to be on NFL Network so please correct me if I’m wrong. The first two questions had to do with the “drama” with the Redskins last season and Gruden said he didn’t really hear/know about it, so the next guy proceeds to ask how he could not have heard when it was pretty much every day drama on ESPN about the “Skins.

    The media sucks anymore. Seriously, let’s not ask about what his offensive plans are or other football related questions, instead let’s talk about “drama.” It really goes to show where the media’s priorities are theses days. I’m interested in football and not TMZ type stories.. I can’t be the only one annoyed by this stuff.

  8. What’s the controversy? Cousins isn’t that good. There is a reason why he was a 4th rounder and is a backup. Duh

  9. How is anyone surprised here? Robert Griffin the 3rd is one of the best players in the league. And with a great offensive mind like coach Gruden he will be the best player in the league by week 1. Rejoice redskin fans our leader has arrived, and multiple Super Bowls await!

  10. Generally, the quarterback paid the most, plays the most. So why is this news?
    Gruden has walked into a hornet’s nest. He has my sympathy. Coaching a team run by a pampered quarterback and his meddling dad can’t be easy.

  11. Good luck Skins fans…..he’s finally outta Cincy, and he’s your problem now. Good riddance.

  12. Go ahead and enable RGIII even more!!!! This is hilarious and I love it. The Redskins are a complete trainwreck – each day becoming more and more like the Cowboys!!

    Everyone in the organization has to kiss RGIII’s @ass and everyone is afraid to say that he’s not that good. Oh well, it will become obvious by the end of next year that he is a completely ordinary QB that is more hype that substance.

  13. Welcome to mediocrity.. Oh wait.. Been there for years. Btw St. Louis thanks u for the 2nd pick for that stiff rg 0. As in playoff wins..

  14. Whole RG3 thing is pretty sad, but does not have to have a bad ending. He came out, believed his own hype, immediately starting doing 5, 5, 5 dollar footlong commercials barely before he’d take his first snap. As a rookie consoled Tony Romo like RG3 had already scaled the mountain. Let’s see if RG3 gets back down to earth in his own head. I think he’s actually a smart guy, if he doesn’t change and get back to trying to actually quarterback a football team to victories, that’s either on his handlers or himself.

  15. Gruden says Griffin is the starter

    Ok, we know he already has kissing up to Danny down pat

  16. Gruden is a great hire but if he’s not allowed to make personnel decisions this won’t work. And how will it go over in the lockerroom if everyone has to compete for a job except for RG(ME!)?

  17. Of course the media asked him “drama” related questions. That’s all the Redskins have is “drama” and all they will have until they realize that RGMeMeMe is a cancer and needs to be cut out. Until then it will be a joy to watch.

  18. according to his michigan state teammates cousins is a better qb than russell wilson, so does this mean that rg3 is a better qb than russell wilson?

  19. Media makes me laugh when they try to make Cousins out to be a “good starter” and there will be some sort of competition.

    Cousins is a “good backup”, end of story. But I guess Florio gotta feed his family somehow, so he makes this nonsense up.

  20. No competition? RGIII is the unquestioned starter?

    The NFL is the ultimate competition.

    I understand when a player like Brady, Peyton, Drew Brees, Rodgers has no competition as they’ve earned it.

    Yes, RGIII had a great rookie season. Yes, he was hurt this past season.

    But he’s still only played two years in the league and the team was 3 and 13.

    3 and 13 folks.

    If RGIII is too weak mentally to be put into an open competition after only two yrs in the league and with the team coming off of a 3 & 13 season, then he shouldn’t be their QB.

    I have no doubt that he’d win the competition but people do better when pushed unless they’re like Petyon who pushes himself more than any coach can or has.

    Michael Vick had to win a competition with Nick Foles before this season and he was in his 10th or 11th season.

    There are ONLY two reasons I’m making a stink about this is because I think it’s because RGIII is too weak mentally so they won’t subject him to an open competition. One he should win with one hand tied behind his back.

    The second reason is that I don’t think the new HEAD coach had a say in this. I bet Danny boy told him RGIII was the starting QB and that there would be NO competition.

    Sad in so many ways.

  21. Given the history of how coaches have fared under Daniel Snyder:

    – Gruden will not last long.
    – He will be Snyder’s yes man.
    – Players and fans will get frustrated.
    – Washington DC lobbyist firms will still pay for luxury boxes and Snyder will make money.
    -Snyder will blame everyone else except himself for the organizational problems.
    – Gruden will be just another in a long line of scapegoats.
    – Somebody has to take the blame for playing that type of QB.

    The sad day when the NFL let Snyder best Cooke’s son will come back to bite the NFL.

  22. That’s actually the first post-hire sign of this being a good move for the skins. I still hope they lose every game though.

  23. Amazes me how many people are down on RG3 after one bad season trying to come back from a serious injury.

    Two seasons ago he was the absolute star of the NFL. His very presence on the field created a factor where you never know what he could do.

    He tweaked a knee and it’s going to take time to recover. Now he’s got a new coach and a totally new system to learn.

    Talk all the crap you want about Andy Dalton but he’s lead his team to the playoffs the last 3 years in a row. A lot of you guys are fans of teams that can’t even say that. If Gruden can get anything extra out of RG3 beyond his physical abilities, he could be a contender for years to come because he plays in the worst division in the NFL.

    I’m a Chargers fan, but all this piling on is crap, lets give them a chance.

  24. Wouldn’t it be funny if Andy Dalton gets better next year since he does not have to execute the Arena football offense of Jay Gruden?

  25. It is a MAJOR mistake to come in as a coach and say there will be no QB competition.

    The Skins, largely due to RGme, are 3-13 this year.

    At any other team, they would be bringing 3 or 4 QBs to training camp and having a heads up competition.

  26. So the new head coach said that the first round pick, second overall, who the Redskins sold the farm for, who had pretty much the best rookie season for any qb ever, is the starter? I don’t understand where the story is.

  27. RGIII is the “franchise” QB only because they mortgaged the entire franchise to get him. He has potential but so does Cousins, no way there shouldn’t be competition at the most important position. It makes everyone better when they compete and work to be better.

  28. I feel bad for Alfred Morris! If the ‘Skins get down by a mere point, Gruden WILL panic and call nothing but pass plays!! Hell, he just did it in the playoff game against the Chargers in the 2nd half and that was coming out with a 10-7 lead and averaging close to 5 yards a carry in the first half!
    Gruden: “Oh $hit!! We’re only up by 3 points!!”
    “Time to panic, abort the run game and quick!!”
    Then AFTER the game he takes no responsibility and says: “The OL was banged up and Andy tried to press a little too much, which isnt his strength.”
    Uh, hello? If you as the OC knew your OL was banged up and your QB’s weakness is trying to make something happen OUTSIDE the pocket then why did you abandon the run game with a 3 point lead??!!

    Enjoy Washington!!! 🙂

  29. It’s the smart thing to say. Even Cousins says he’s the back-up and the Chosen One is the starter. Maybe Bob will print up some tee-shirts that say “#1QB Week 1”

  30. Bengals fan here. you guys got a great coach. Problem is offensive coordinator is WORLDS different than HEAD COACH. ( just ask Marvin Lewis. Took him how many years to adjust?) Redskins fans the real and bigger question is who will be the coordinators for Jay? Since they will be the ones making the game plans and calling the plays.

  31. Robert should be the undeniable best QB on the Redskins. Having said this, it’s a real plus having Cousins with several starts under his belt. You hope it never happens again, but you need someone familiar with the offense as the number 2 QB. Trading him away is stupid if you have to spend a draft pick to replace him.

    Now to fix RG III’s footwork. It’s only going to happen if they repair the OL.

  32. Man, do I hope he FAILS! Not an if but a when! This guy is not a good coach at all. Giants had a really off season, Eagles will only get better, and cowboys are always good for 8 and 8 so i would be really interested to hear how he sold himself for this job.

    Maybe it was like this…..” have you seen what we were able to do in Cincinnati?”


  33. Lat year Cousins had 4 TDs and 3 ints in 48 attempts. RG3 had 20 TDs and 5 ints in 393 attempts. The numbers don’t lie. RG3 is more effective. Cousins is just not good enough. This year Cousins had 7 INTs in 155 attempts with a 52% completion. RG3 had 12 INTs in 456 attempts with a 60% completion. What is the puzzle? Most starters should have at least 60% completion. Cousins is just not as effective as RG3. Wins and losses belong to the team not the QB. Stop watching gossip masquerading as sports talk. The numbers support RG3 as the starter.

  34. Well considering RG3 got the last coach fired, we assumed he’d be the starter…Question is, who will be the head coach when the Redskins realize that RG3 is a bust?

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