Gruden says he hasn’t spoken to Griffin yet


Redskins coach Jay Gruden wasn’t asked by the media during his introductory press conference whether quarterback Robert Griffin III was involved in the interview process.  The media didn’t need to ask, because it was clear that the two men have had no communication.

“I have not talked to Robert,” Gruden said.  “I look forward to it, though.”

Gruden separately addressed the issue of trust with his quarterback.

“It’s gotta be genuine, he’s gotta believe,” Gruden said.  “And I’m gonna let him know I’m a trustworthy guy.”

Gruden also made it clear that he expects Griffin to work hard and, when necessary, to be accountable.

“I expect him to take the blame on some throws,” Gruden said, a remark sparked a memory of the the strong stance receiver Santana Moss took in November regarding the importance of a young leader periodically taking blame, even when the blame perhaps doesn’t belong to him.

Still, Gruden said that he’s excited to coach Griffin, and that Griffin has “every trait that a quarterback has to have to be successful.” Gruden hopes the feeling of anticipation is mutual.

“Hopefully he’s excited to play here,” Gruden said.

Gruden doesn’t actually know whether Griffin is excited because he hasn’t heard it.  Griffin has been quiet throughout the last 10 days, reading a prepared statement to the media during a conference call and then otherwise dropping out of view.

Even on Twitter, Griffin has said nothing about his new coach.

And so the relationship between new coach and incumbent franchise quarterback will continue to hover over the franchise through the offseason, and likely beyond.

UPDATE 5:18 p.m. ET:  Griffin opted to go old school just before 5:00 p.m. ET, posting a message on Facebook, not Twitter.  “Excited about the hiring of Coach Jay Gruden. Can’t wait to get to work with him & the guys!”

UPDATE 6:02 p.m. ET:  The same message also has been posted on Twitter.

47 responses to “Gruden says he hasn’t spoken to Griffin yet

  1. For a former college QB who is only 46, Jay is packing quite a belly.

    Oh well, good to have him on board in DC! 🙂

  2. This seems like an upgrade to me, and this is coming from a Steelers fan. If it wasn’t for Hue’s ill-advised loyalty to Carson Palmer, he would most likely still b the head coach of the Raiders.

  3. Welcome to the greatest Franchise in Sports Jay. You are now in the elite halls where Joe Gibbs once roamed and now your here with the best QB in the sport, Robert Griffin the 3rd. I said it yesterday, the Redskins TAKE who they want on any level, player or coach. It was never a tug of war. It’s the Redskins or nothing. Here’s to you winning Superbowl upon Superbowls for the next decade plus Mr. Gruden! #HTTR

  4. RG3-13 is using Ed from Goodburger as his double these days. Everyone knows he’s been hiding in the heisman house getting hazed by true legends like Bo Jackson and Barry Sanders

  5. Hmm….I guess Florio does not frequent TMZ. They had several photos posted of Robert vacationing on a beach in Hawaii with his wife.

    As far as no tweets, a simple look up shows Robert stopped tweeting back on Dec 7 to stay low. Smart of him to do so.

  6. Personally, I think that RG3 is doing the right thing by not saying anything. He should enjoy his vacation in Hawaii, that could possibly his honeymoon.

    Regarding Gruden, he is also doing the right thing by making talking to RG3 a nonissue by saying he will, but he hasn’t yet.

    As long as they talk somewhat soon, then again, Gruden should talk to all of the players soon.

  7. I don’t see Gruden as a good hire at all. Maybe he will surprise us, but I don’t think Griffin will fit in Gruden’s offense. This might be worse than the Shanahan hire.

  8. Hate,Hate,Hate and more Hate,Enough already!!!!!

    I`ve been seeing you guys post hateful comments about the Skins all year and the only point you guys are right about is the fact that they are awful.

    All the brain dead comments…..for example

    “No one is going to want to coach this team”
    “Free agents are not going to go to Washington”
    And the winner is this ridiculous post…..

    “Robert Griffin III is done”
    It`s going to be oh so sweet to watch all of you haters eat some crow come September!!!!!

    Do you really think that a 23,24 year old is done????……More hate than thought!!!!!

  9. This is not good that Gruden has not spoken with RG3 yet. Whats Gruden going to say when RG3 tells him what kind of offense he is going to be running the next few years? RG3 better hold a press conference and tell us his plans for Gruden as a Redskin.

  10. “I have not talked to Robert,” Gruden said. “Why would I talk to the second string quarterback, I just got here”

  11. RGIII is on vacation with his wife – who knows how to fill a bikini – and good for him because why does he have to respond to every petty play in the media gotcha game? It’s January of a year the ‘skins aren’t in the playoffs. I’d say don’t bother me until draft day but nothing happens for the ‘skins then during the draft either. Let me know when OTAs start.

  12. Jay’s not interested in talking to either RG or Cousins. He knows that he’ll be drafting his new franchise QB with the no. 2 overall pick. oh wait…..

  13. Funny clip on Sports Center showing all the Dan Snyder Redskin coach intros – hell more coaches than playoff games under Disco Dan – sad

  14. Wow the hate from all of these posters is funny the 2 haven’t spoken. All the drama is for the birds RG3 is the QB and Gruden is the coach if your team isn’t still in the playoffs come join us on the couch. And check on the issues YOUR team has!!! HTTR!!!

  15. More Gruden / Griffin articles please.

    For instance, in 15 minutes you can post another that says, “Gruden still has not spoken with Griffin. Griffin silent on twitter.”

  16. For a while, the circus mostly revolved around the Raiders and the Cowboys. Now, for all our enjoyment, the Redskins are part of that hallowed club.

    There will be so much pleasing calamity and chaos in DC, during Gruden’s two or three year run. It’ll take the heat off Oakland and Dallas. But only for a slim amount of time. Then, they’ll jump back in with their usual losing antics.

    What a great time to be a fan, not of those three teams!

  17. I was skeptical initially but after seeing his press conference I came away impressed. He seems to have leadership qualities and is driven.

  18. As a rabid pro football fan I say ” When any franchise depends any one player to carry a mediocre team into a Super Bowl that team is in for a huge surprise RG three and out is much to full of himself and just can’t handle playing with the big boys for long

  19. Gruden says he hasn’t spoken to Griffin yet

    In other words, we should never believe a word in any article written by Sally Jenkins of the Washington Post (of Lance Armstrong fame and a media pal of Mike Shanahan) ever again? Thanks, but I already knew that.

  20. The Redskins are well on their way to winning yet another offseason to allow their fans to gloat all the way to September (at which point the games that count start).

    Gruden’s variation of the West Coast offense requires the quarterback to read the defense as he approaches the line, make adjustments and hit the hot receiver. I’m not saying that Griffin can’t do that, just that he has little experience doing it. So 2014 will be an adjustment year as Griffin learns an entirely new system he’s never played in while mastering a new set of skills. Add to that the likelihood that Dan Snyder will want to spend as much of his $36 million as possible on new faces, and you’ve got a pretty steep learning curve for Griffin.

    Maybe I’m wrong, maybe like Kyle Shanahan did so effectively in 2012, Gruden will adjust his offense to play to Griffin’s strengths (assuming Griffin hasn’t permanently lost a step due to injury).

    If Snyder has the patience to stick with Gruden beyond two years, this might work, but I suspect that won’t be the case. So Gruden really only has two years to coach Griffin up, integrate a whole lot of high-priced free agents, fix the defense and the special teams…

  21. RGMe will be out of football by 2015 you heard it here first. He’ll be benched like Tebow but Tebow will have lasted longer, you can bet the farm in that.

  22. Jay, you deserve better than us. We’re the crappiest team in pro sports and. We’ve got the worst owner in football, and we were recently blown out in our annual scrimmage against the local Pop Warner team. We haven’t had a meaningful moment since Joe Gibbs brought us a Lombardi. You’ll go down in infamy with other Redskins coaches such as Shanahan and Zorn, causing DC area fans to scream in anguish and want to slit their wrists. It’s okay. Soon, the Redskins will be moved to London and be renamed the Redcoats. Here’s to many winless years together! #FTR!

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