Hue Jackson expected to become Bengals’ offensive coordinator

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With Jay Gruden headed to Washington, the Bengals are in need of a new offensive coordinator. They apparently won’t be looking far.

Hue Jackson, whose current title in Cincinnati is special assistant to head coach Marvin Lewis and running backs coach, is expected to take Gruden’s place as the Bengals’ offensive coordinator, according to Albert Breer of NFL Network.

Jackson has plenty of experience as an offensive coordinator, having held that title in the NFL in Oakland, Atlanta and Washington (as well as in college at USC and Cal). He was also the Raiders’ head coach in 2011.

Promoting Jackson would be a sign that head coach Marvin Lewis wants to more or less stay the course with the Bengals’ offense, rather than make a major shakeup by bringing in an outsider. And as Lewis has said he still has faith in Andy Dalton as the starting quarterback, Jackson’s most important task will be getting more out of Dalton, who turned in an enormously disappointing game in the Bengals’ season-ending loss on Sunday.

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  1. I think Hue will understand Dalton’s limits and utilize him properly. Gruden said Dalton fit he scheme but I never understood what his scheme was. This is a guy who won quite a few games with Jason Campbell.

  2. Huge upgrade to the inconsistent Gruden. He’s also not a weak personality like Gruden and will get players to play up to their potential (your lazy days are over, AJ.) I’ll never forget Gruden crapping his pants in Hard Knocks when James Harrison refused to back down after hitting AJ.

  3. It isn’t so much Andy Dalton’s arm strength that is the problem…. it is that only A.J. Green (while always double and triple teamed) can get separation and a step before 50 yards.

    Marvin Jones/Mohamed Sanu/undependable, non-explosive jermaine gresham either are easily jammed/redirected at the line of scrimmage and/or lack explosive speed.

    Andrew Hawkins is a tiny 5’6″ who can’t play up high and gets lost if the offensive line doesn’t open up passing lanes.

  4. Somewhere Giovani Bernard is dancing. This kid is going to be running for days under Hue. Hue knows a run game exists in Cincy and was rarely used. He’s going to go back to AFCN style ground and pound. Can’t wait to see what this offense does under Hue!

  5. Marvin hired Hue Jackson after he left Oakland knowing he was going to be his next OC one way or another!

  6. All you Bengals fans are getting excited but Marvin is still there. I’ve lost faith in this team with Marvin as HC and I’ve been a fan forever.

  7. Great move, and probably an upgrade. Hue Jackson was the only one who has produced a competent offense in Oakland over the past decade, with career backups Campbell and Gradkowski at that. He should be able to get the most out of Dalton. Watching the Bengals and Redskins over the next couple seasons will be interesting. I think we’ll find out by the end of next year if Dalton has already hit his ceiling, if Jay Gruden really isn’t that good, or if RGIII is damaged goods.

  8. Hue Jackson will be the next HC in Cincinnati! Oakland should have never let him go. He damn near led them to the playoffs with no talent on that team.

  9. Good to see Jackson get another shot. Also, night and day play caller from Gruden the younger. Hopefully it works out for him this time as he’s been snake bitten in his career from having Al Davis die months after finally giving him his shot at a head coaching job, to the whole Falcon fiasco when he finally got a true shot at being an offensive coordinator having petrino quit on them 3/4 into the season, to being part of the Marty Schottenheimer disaster in Washington when Daniel Snyder got distracted by the shiny object in the corner, Steve Spurier, just one year in. Pray this time Hue, lol.

  10. Hue should be the head coach of the Bengals he could get them over the hump. He’s a great play caller and the Bengals have a lot of talent on offense. If Hue was the HC they’d win their first playoff game in 20 years.

  11. I wish Hue Jackson would have stayed in Oakland instead of the robot we currently have as head coach

  12. Congrats to Hue! He had the Raiders offense moving when he was here. DMac, Ford and Campbell all played their best ball while Hue was the coach.

  13. jaimelh02 says: Jan 9, 2014 3:19 PM

    I wish Hue Jackson would have stayed in Oakland instead of the robot we currently have as head coach


    He is a freaking robot!I didn’t want Davis to fire him until I heard his radio interview last week. His interviews are almost as bad as Reggie McKenzie’s.

    Dennis Allen needs to go

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