Paul Tagliabue not a Hall finalist for fifth straight year

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For the fifth consecutive year, former NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue is not a finalist for the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Tagliabue, who was commissioner from 1989 through 2006, was one of the 25 semifinalists for the Class of 2014, but he is not among the 15 modern-era candidates and two senior candidates to be considered when the Hall’s Selection Committee meets on Saturday, February 1.

Tagliabue was a finalist in 2007, 2008 and 2009, but he did not receive the support necessary for induction.

The commissioners who preceded Tagliabue — Pete Rozelle (1960-1989) and Bert Bell (1946-1959) — are each in the Hall of Fame. Each were inducted as contributors. As MDS noted last year, considering contributors alongside of players can provide challenges for the committee.

The Hall can elect as many as five modern-era candidates as well as two members recommended by the organization’s Seniors Committee, which considers candidates who have been out of football for more than 25 years.

20 responses to “Paul Tagliabue not a Hall finalist for fifth straight year

  1. Perhaps this is the Goodell hater in me, but I wonder if Tagliabue’s involvement in the Bountygate scandal last year had any effect on his status as a Hall of Fame finalist.

  2. Tagliabue deserves recognition for the business aspects of his career. The PFHoF has a means to recognize writers; it should do the same for the businessman who built the league. this simple change will help his case and deserving players by unclogging the pipeline.

  3. Someone explain to me why Taliabue deserves to be enshrined. Placing a franchise in J-ville was a smart move-population wise-yeah right- while Los Angeles still does not have a team. Pro Football in the deep South is a misnomer-college football rules! Just look at the attendance!

  4. Really no reason for any modern Commish to be in there, they simply take their marching orders from 32 billionaires and try to wring every last red cent out of the game.

    Nothing noteworthy about that.

  5. He let the Oilers, Browns, Rams, and Raiders move….but forced the Saints to stay in New Orleans where he could then eventually help settle their dispute with Goddell over BountyGate.

    Not a bad tool for certain owners. Hall of Fame?


  6. I’ve read in a number of places that Taliabue has a very prickly personality and didn’t bother to get along with a lot of people while he was commissioner.

    He certainly didn’t get along with the press all that well.

    All those things really work against you later in life, when you’re under consideration for enshrinement and honors from the same people you might have been abrasive with earlier.

    But to his credit, Tagliabue certainly doesn’t publicly come off like Ron Santo (loudly and crassly proclaiming how he belongs in their Hall, etc.)

  7. Tagliabue was no better than Roger is now.

    Old Paul blocked the deal that would’ve brought Elway to the Silver and Black- he allowed a lesser deal to be done between the colts and denver and the rest is history.

    Also, Tim Brown and a slew of other Raiders are overdue for induction.

    It’s just the new generation of HOF voters who are born hating the Raiders.

    Carry on, simpletons…

  8. I’d like to hear one reason why Tagliabue should be in the HOF.

    I don’t know of any, he did nothing.

  9. Tagliaboo has the real blame for the Browns leaving Cleveland. Although Baltimore had the best expansion offer to the NFL in 1993 (same deal Art Modell later took) – Tagliaboo insured Baltimore was not awarded because of his affection for Jack Kent Cooke (Redskins owner) who didn’t want a team in Balt. Instead he made sure teams were awarded to Jacksonville and Charlotte. Charlotte has been good – but what about Jacksonville? Baltimore has sold out EVERY game since they have been there (real sell-outs, not just paid attendance). There were a few teams that were interested in the Baltimore deal & Modell jumped first. Tagliaboo will never be forgiven in Balt, I’m afraid – who felt horrible about what happened to Cleveland. Balt should have been awarded an expansion team on merit – but Tagliaboo blocked it..

  10. This is the guy who gave Jacksonville an expansion team and told Baltimore they should just build a football museum to remember the Colts. This set in motion the move of the Browns. So if Art Modell, who REALLY helped developed the league as we know it isn’t getting in, no way Tagliabue should even be on the ballot.
    – I believe I speak for The City of Baltimore on this one.

  11. Why always the rush to put Commissioners & coaches in? At the very least don’t have them count against the 5 modern player max. Jerry Kramer needs to go in next, period.

  12. Bert Bell set the template for what the NFL was to become. Pete Rozelle made it come to fruition. Tagliabue just allowed killers and drug adicts run amok with impunity.

  13. I don’t mind some commissioners making the Hall of Fame, but there’s no reason all of them should automatically make it. Why hasn’t Tagliabue made it in? Compare his tenure to Pete Rozelle’s and it becomes pretty apparent. Rozelle was commish for 28 years and was largely responsible for creating the league as we know it. Tags was on the job about half as long and saw some minor expansion but nothing was night and day different the day he left from the day he started.

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