Percy Harvin to have no limitations after nearly landing on injured reserve


Percy Harvin’s season with the Seattle Seahawks nearly ended two weeks ago.

Following Seattle’s 27-9 victory over the St. Louis Rams in the regular season finale, it was finally time for judgment day on Harvin’s injured hip.

Head coach Pete Carroll met with Harvin that Monday with a roster move to injured reserve fully on the table for Seattle’s prize acquisition of the 2013 offseason.

Harvin had appeared in just one game for Seattle in Week 11 against the Minnesota Vikings. He caught one pass for 17 yards and returned his lone kickoff return opportunity 58 yards. It was a small glimpse of the player Seattle traded for back in March. But his surgically repaired hip flared up again following the game and had kept Harvin off the field for the remainder of the regular season.

But Harvin pleaded for a chance to show he was ready to get back on the field.

“Coach came to me last Monday with the whole IR thing. I just looked at him and said ‘coach, I’m ready to play ball,'” Harvin said. “We talked to the doctors, just kept rehabbing. I could hit the practice field and it felt pretty good.”

Carroll added “I had to look him in the eye two weeks ago on Monday and say ‘this is the time, this is it. We have to make the call’ and he said ‘not now, let me have a shot’, and he was ready to go. With great work from the trainers and a very successful surgery, he’s back and ready to go.

Harvin returned to practice that Thursday during Seattle’s bye week and continued to practice every day this week. He’s now ready to go with no limitations against the New Orleans Saints on Saturday.

Harvin gave credit to his teammates for keeping his spirit high while he struggled to keep grinding away at a rehab process that wasn’t showing improvement.

“Came a time where I thought about maybe just kind of shutting it down,” Harvin said. “But the guys just kept giving it to me, kept giving me that positive energy I needed and it all started turning around for me. So I decided that I was going to give it everything I have and go from there.”

Harvin said he’s “absolutely” going to be available to return kickoffs for Seattle and is expected to be available for full duty on offense.

“We’re excited about him going and excited for him. It’s been a long, long haul for a guy that’s such a great competitor and that means so much to, and for him to have the opportunity to join us now is really exciting I know for him, and for us too,” Carroll said.

Considering Harvin was just hours away from injured reserve, it’s quite a boost for a Seattle offense that sputtered at times over the last month of the season.

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  1. It is really unfortunate that he got injured, but i dont think this guy has the will and heart. He pulled a nice heist tho, got to give him that. Damn Seahawks have a tendency to pay big for WR’s/TE with little or no production compared to their $$$$ Burleson, Rice, Branch, Harvin, Carson, damn the list is endless.

  2. Good grief….if I had 5 bucks for every Harvin story ive read here in the last 2 months id be rich. Jeezuz, paralyzed people have regained the use of their limbs quicker than this. Get on the field already!!

  3. If he’s as healthy as he says he is, this should be fun to watch. I definitely think the Saints have the ability to keep it close, but it will be a challenge. Go Hawks.

  4. I’ll bet the Shehawks coaching staff wishes they could throw one of those red ‘no contact’ vests over ole Percy this weekend.

    I give the guy a quarter and a half…


  5. No more hip problems???? let the migraines begin again!!! next up my shoulder hurts. put me in coach i’m ready to play 1 game again. lol seattle you got screwed and he keeps screwing you… what ? hip injury took precedents over migraines…lol

  6. Seatle, the place where WR move to die. Branch, Burleson, Houshmansata , Rice & Harvin is ready to carry on the tradition.

  7. PFT. Please lets hear more about Percy Harvin. if you really are journalist then why have we not heard why Percy’s migraine’s are all of a sudden non existent. Is it a miracle cure that the rest of the world should know about?????? Or an NFL thing that is no one’s business. I find it surprising that PFT. would not follow the migraine story closer or the fact that he played 2 plays in 1 game against the Vikings and has not played since or before til then. it’s a joke…….

  8. Oh one other thing, they don’t drug test in the playoffs, do they?…….just saying, LOUD & CLEAR!

  9. Percy Harvin with no restrictions should make for some sleepless nights for DC’s and DB’s.

    Here’s the scenario: Harvin, Tate, Baldwin and Kearse all lined up, with The Beast in the backfield.

    Do you drop back into deep coverage to protect the long ball, or stack the box to stop Lynch if they go play action?

    Pick your poison; it’s all still poison.

    Go ‘hawks!

  10. It is hard to believe he won’t damage the hip socket, pull a hammy, etc., however, if he CAN play and contribute to the offense, he could be THE difference-maker, stretching the field and/or pulling double coverage, something Hawks haven’t had ALL season.

  11. That is just great. Maybe he can cough up the ball like the last time he played the saints in the playoffs. Or he might get a little head ache and can’t play.

    I love how this wimp is the greatest thing ever. Yep shaking! Scared!

  12. Oh Percy. They say he’s ready to go. I’ll believe it when I see it. Of course, skipping out on the grind of the regular season to get to play this time of year seems about right for Headache Harvin.

  13. Might I also add that Percy Harvin played more than 2 snaps in the Minnesota game. He also came up with an awesome catch, and an even better kick return. It’s going to be awesome to see the packages Pete Carroll creates with Harvin this weekend and going forward.

  14. Good response Curtis / sleep apnea is no joke – the great Green bays, Reggie White, unfortunately passed away from sleep apnea at a very young age. How can anyone know pain another person feels in their body. Apparently blinded people are overrun with ignorance.
    Let Percy work through what he needs to work through.
    If he’s lying, then it will catch up to him, if he’s really in pain then people who talk trash about him just look stupid.
    It’s a shame that many sports players get injured, let alone injuries that keep them from playing the game they love to play. The fact that the man had major hip surgery, then had another surgery removing a mays from his body and has dealt with migraines along the way… That’s a tough place to be in… I’ve had back surgery and it’s taken two years to even be functional. This man had surgery in August – that’s 5 months – he’s a bad ass in my opinion – one bad ass mudda!!!
    GO HAWKS!!!! Go Percy!

  15. It’s funny to see haters still try to act like they have an impact on the 12th man fan base. The Seahawks will destroy your team if for once we actually get to be 100 % healthy. Minus KJ Wright

  16. “With great work from the trainers and a very successful surgery, he’s back and ready to go.”

    Nothing some PED’s can’t fix.

    Right, Pete?

  17. You don’t “really” think he was headed to IR, do you? I didn’t. I don’t think any serious Hawk watchers did. No matter what malarkey comes out of the VMAC.

    Two weeks from “almost” IR, to starting in a play-off game, stretches reality a little farther that I can go with it.

    GO PERCY!!!
    GO PETE!!!
    GO HAWKS!!!

  18. Yeah RIGHT. There’s no way you won’t get me to believe Pete and Percy didn’t deliberately decide early on that he’d get fully rested up for the playoffs after a token revenge appearance against his former team since the Seahawks were cruising to the #1 seed and best record in the NFC.

  19. Yeah RIGHT. There’s no way you won’t get me to believe Pete and Percy didn’t deliberately decide early on that he’d get fully rested up for the playoffs after a token revenge appearance against his former team since the Seahawks were cruising to the #1 seed and best record in the NFC.

  20. I hope Percy comes back and comes back in a big way. That’s the only circumstance that will shut up the Viking trolls posting on how the Vikings fleeced the Seahawks in a trade where one team finished in last place and the other team is the #1 seed in their conference.

    Go figure.

  21. Any of you had surgery, then came back a bit early and had swelling or fluid build up thus making you slow down a bit on your “athletic” hobby? I have. So, he had surgery, which was said to have a “4-8 month recovery time” he came back at 4 months, because he was cleared and felt great. He played, then had swelling and fluid build up, so he stopped, and went back to rehab. Now, he has went 100% in practice for 2 weeks straight and has had zero swelling or fluid buildup, so he is a full go. Get off his jock, he had migraines, yep, they were diagnosed, and he had meds, have any of you had them? You wouldn’t leave your bed, let alone play a full contact sport. Then the hawks damn near broke him in half last year, injuring him, like a lot of players. I have heard over and over from coaches and ex teamates (Adrian Peterson one of them) that he is the most competitive guy they have ever met. Why would they all lie? He is small and small guys often get hurt more than bigger guys. Beastmode out.

  22. “Miracles” tend to happen when malingerers face the consequences of their fraudulent behavior. IR was the consequence Percy didn’t want to deal with. He has done this since college. His migraines suddenly went away the same time Chilly got fired. He has consistently milked every injury until he feels like playing. Talented or not I wouldn’t want a guy like that on my team

  23. Hey, this Viking fan acknowledges that the Hawks are light years better than the Vikes and that Percy is a dynamic player (when healthy and not acting like a dope), but even the vaunted 12th men of the Hawks have to agree the trade was one-sided in favor of the Vikes. Regardless, I hope Percy has a great healthy playoff run.

  24. Seahawks are jumping for joy that Harvin is back………………..why?

    Worst thing that can happen in the NFL is Seahawks see the superbowl because theirs fans are clueless like the bunch down in Oakland and Atlanta. Where they think the return of a bust is going to save them.

    Heres the reality of it.

    Since the 34-7 thumping Seattle gave New Orleans a few weeks ago, the NFL came down on the Seahawks organization to get aggressive and stop the use of PED’s which several players have been suspended for this season, since then, that team has regressed and once the PED’s are out of their system (extra week), they will go back to playing Seattle football we are all use to seeing last season and years prior.

    The team is not talented like many of yall think, it was just nothing more than a team of steroid users running amuck.

  25. @sarentack

    Okay MR EXPERT, name those Seahawks playerS who were busted by the league this season for PED use.

    I’m waiting………….

    You have no factual football knowledge so you make up garbage. Big difference between trash talk and maligning someone with untrue garbage.


  26. @seaeagle: Nailed it.

    @saerentack; On behalf of all Seahawks fans:suckmysac.

    Let me guess; the Seahawks hand your favorite team their head on a pole, so that makes them cheaters.

    How about every player on your favorite team pees in a bucket, and then they test the bucket. Any banned substances, any at all, your whole team forfeits the next game.

    You up for that?

  27. Walter Thurmond
    Brandon Browner
    Bruce Irvin
    Richard Sherman (Appealed)
    Allen Babre

    ‘Seahawks lead the league in PED suspensions since 2010.

    Want me to go on?

  28. Bruce Irvin was dropped for four games because he didn’t have a proper prescription for Adderal, so technically you are correct on that one.

    Walter Thurmond was busted by the league for smoking pot, hardly a PED. It could be called an anti-PED as athletic performance is not “enhanced” by weed.

    Brandon Browner was not suspended for anything that happened this year, or even last year. It was because of an arcane league rule that he violated several years ago.

    Richard Sherman’s incident wasn’t this year.

    Allen Babre??? He starts for us? Don’t know him.

    It is you sir, that stated that the league came down on the Hawks after the drubbing we gave the Saints in December. Funny I haven’t seen anything about it in the Seattle papers, at the team website, at the NFL website, or any of the other football sites I frequent, not even PFT. It is you that have said that “several” of our players have been suspended “this season” for PED’s.

    Oh, we “are” playing as we did last year. Won eleven last year, and won thirteen this year.

    Peddle your garbage somewhere else.


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