PFT’s 2013 coach of the year

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Of all the postseason awards for the recently-completed NFL regular season, coach of the year became the toughest one to decide.

Typically, the prize goes to the man whose team most significantly exceeded preseason expectations, with extra consideration given to any adversity overcome in the process.

This year, the PFT coach of the year is Panthers coach Ron Rivera.

Entering the season on a hot seat that got a lot hotter after an ugly loss to the Cardinals dropped the team to 1-3, Rivera led the Panthers to a mark of 11-1 over the final 12 weeks of the season, securing the No. 2 seed in the NFC.  In hindsight, all that keep Carolina from the top spot was a 12-7 Week One loss to Seattle.

The performance should be enough to persuade new G.M. Dave Gettleman to keep Rivera around for at least a few more years, if not longer.  The pieces are in place for the Panthers to contend for the next several years.  If not longer.

The other finalists for the prize (which doesn’t entail an actual prize beyond, you know, public recognition) were Chiefs coach Andy Reid, Saints coach Sean Payton, Eagles coach Chip Kelly, Cardinals coach Bruce Arians, and Chargers coach Mike McCoy.

Vote for your own coach of the year, and then make your case in the comments.  Or do what coaches do and complain about the official ruling.

134 responses to “PFT’s 2013 coach of the year

  1. “The pieces are in place for the Panthers to contend for the next several years. If not longer.”

    I don’t know about that. The RB position is getting old and injured for them, as is there #1 receiver who they currently don’t have a replacement for. They have Cam and on defense they’re good.

  2. Whenever I think my day is bad – I just think to myself… ha ha, at least I’m not a Vikings fan…. that would totally suck.

  3. Chip Kelly got the best results with by far the worst roster. The NFL is a player’s league and for a coach to get 10 wins out of that sad sack of a roster was pretty miraculous.

  4. Are you kidding me? Bill Belichick should have win, and you didn’t even give him a consideration? What team has dealt with more adversity?! The Pats in the offseason lost their star WR, one of their top two TEs was arrested, their other TE, the best in the league, only played 7 games, every defensive captain is injured, plus, multiple other star an pro bowl players are sitting on the IR, roughly 28 million of cap space on the IR. Players such as Dennard and Talib have been in NAND out with injuries. The rookies that Brady has to throw to are in and out with injuries. Rookies and 2 nd year players are rotating in and out on defense. And yet, the patriots through all of this end the season 12-4, earn a first round bye, and yet BB doesn’t get a consideration for head coach of the year…

  5. Chip Kelly made chicken salad out of (Andy Reid’s) chicken *bleep*

    No way should Andy Reid be higher than Chip. He ran the Eagles into the ground, his replacement took them to double digit wins and the playoffs, he inherited a team with 8 pro-bowlers, and then blew it in the playoffs in the most pathetic way imaginable.

    Andy Reid Coach of the year my keister

  6. Seriously? Bill Belichick is not even a finalist? How is it that coach of the year always means “turnaround recordwise.” Belichick has done a remarkable job keeping the team together and competitive through an insane amout of key injuries – a team that many thought wouldn’t be really good to begin with. Including a win against the allmighty Broncos and finishing with a 12-4 record.

    Just because we are expecting him to do things like that doesn’t mean he should not get the respect he deserves or we should give out honors to lesser coaches.

  7. What do the fans think this award signifies? Coach did better with less talent? Coach had an unexpected good record? Why no mention of the coaches with the best record in the NFL for the season? I’d argue that Belichick did more with less than most…and I dont even like the Pats.

  8. Rivera had a more potent QB and played in an easier division than Arians. Arians won TEN games in the NFC west with Carson Palmer at QB. More impressive IMO.

  9. “Typically, the prize goes to the man whose team most significantly exceeded preseason expectations, with extra consideration given to any adversity overcome in the process.”

    That’s Rex Ryan.

  10. Totally agree on Rivera as coach of the year. However, the contention that the pieces are “in place” for this team to be strong for years to come is inaccurate. As long as the salary cap exists very few teams can be assured of any sort of prolonged success. The Panthers window has just opened up….now they have about 2-3 years to win the superbowl before they embark on their inevitable trip down. The niners, for example, started the same trip when they lost to the Giants in the nfc championship game 2 years ago (their best shot to win).

    The window opens and closes very quickly in today’s NFL.

  11. I get that the Saints are better this year with Payton at the helm, but nobody in the right mind could say he should be coach of the year over Ron Rivera. Lots of great coaching this year…it was Reid’s award to lose and despite having a great turnaround, he lost my vote after last weekend. Chip Kelly had a nice season in what seemed to be a very giving conference this season. San Diego beat some great teams McCoy’s team also lost to some bad ones. They are a missed flag from not being in the playoffs. Arians’ team would likely be in the playoffs in most other years…but they aren’t this year. Gotta give it to Rivera if the vote was today…and it is today.

  12. I liked Andy Reid at first. But the more I thought about it, Reid’s team started out fast, but faded in the end. Whereas Rivera started out slow. Slow enough that he almost got canned. Then completely turned things around enough to secure the #2 seed in the NFC. That’s quite impressive…

  13. no BB but Sean Payton? Someone is drunk. None of these coaches could have turned the Pats roster into a 12-4 team this year.

  14. Coming from a Raven’s fan, this should have gone to Andy Reid.

    He turned the worst team in the league last year to a top 10 team this year. He pulled all different talent together and got them to play well with each other…in his first year. Ron Rivera has had the team for a while, didn’t show any promise, and i think overall, Cam Newton’s maturation had more to do with the turnaround.

  15. where do I vote for Bill Belichick?

    I don’t like him personally, and I always root against his teams, but no team overachieved like the Patriots did. that’s usually the mark of COTY.

  16. How about Carroll? 13-3 and no losses by more than a score in over two years? For a significant amount of time Hawks were playing down 4 starting offensive lineman and their starting tight end. I do think Rivera’s a good choice though.

  17. BB didn’t even make the list?

    You mentioned that adversity is considered when determining the CotY – what do you call the Aaron Hernandez situation!? The Pats were supposed to come in with two stud TEs and didn’t have either one for most of the season.

    Their WRs were either rookies, or hurt (Amendola). Speaking of unjuries, they also lost Shane Vereen, Vinve Wilfork, Jerrod Mayo, the rookie WRs took turns getting hurt at the end of the year, the list goes on.

    The Pats still managed to get a first round BYE in the playoffs. If THAT isn’t overcoming adversity, I don’t know what is…

  18. The Schwartz. It takes special skill to guide a team from 6 & 3 with a 2 game lead (plus tie breakers) over teams missing their starting QBs to a 7 & 9 finish and eliminated from play off contention before the season’s last game.

  19. Bellichick: with half the team injured, 2 best defenseman on I.R., no Hernandez, Welker, gronk, and the team gets a bye. Rivera was great too.

  20. It’s strange how despite being the 17th highest rated QB in the NFL and being average in so many statistical categories this season, Tom Brady is given MVP consideration because his team went 12-4 and got the #2 seed, yet Bill Belichick can’t get coach of the year consideration. W-L record is more of a reflection of the coach than one individual player.

    Yes, they lost Welker, Gronk, and Hernandez, and yes Brady did a great job considering who he was left with, but this team lost a ton of key players on defense. Was that Brady keeping the defense together all season? Don’t think so.

    This team won this year in so many different ways. Through the first half of the season, Brady was playing mediocre ball yet they went 6-2. The defense and a few late-game drives kept the Patriots winning. Then it was Brady/Gronk’s return carrying the load for about a 5-game stretch. Then the season finished with the running game dominating and the defense coming back to life. The offense finished 3rd in PPG and 9th in rushing. The defense finished 10th in PPG allowed (the most important defensive statistic) despite losing 2 of the 3 most important players on that side of the ball.

    As is the case every year, Belichick keeps this team in contention (a first round bye for the 4th straight season) yet gets no respect. Again, I honestly can’t believe how the 12-4 record despite injuries on BOTH sides of the ball is attributed to Brady’s greatness and not Belichick’s. Unbelievable.

  21. I don’t know how Mike Mccoy doesn’t get more recognition and praise for the job he’s done in San Diego. How many people expected them to go to the playoffs,let a lone win a game? My votes for Coach Mccoy.


    A Raiders fan

  22. Chip Kelly.They scored 162( 10 per game) more points than the 2012 Eagles, a total of 442 points, 4th in the NFL. They got that defense to play hard, and if you saw them play last year, that’s no small order. That heartless 4-12 team became a 10-6 division winner that was fun to watch and competed. The culture had to be changed first ;mission accomplished. As an Eagles fan, I can’t wait to see what the team is able to get done in 2014.

  23. I love having Mike McCoy but this year the nod has to go to Ron Rivera. This guy is a badass and his defense plays like Ron’s personality.

  24. I was going to say Carroll, but with that defense it’s hard to be serious. However, I would like to see how they do with an actual wr1, wr2 and wr3….instead of 3 wr3s. Maybe Harvin really is 100% and he can take this offense up a notch. But…kinda leery.

  25. Yes folks, BB doesn’t even get an honorable mention from Florio. Do we really need to ask why?

  26. Great choice. I was thinking Arians but River Boat Ron, facing sure dismissal after starting slow, righted the ship. That takes stones.

    Not 100% all in on Cam Newton but with a divisional playoff round this year, these guys will be downright scary next year if they lose Sunday.

    Good to see a Cal Bear win PFT COY

  27. seriously?! no consideration for Belichick?! Brady had an off year, they lost 6 pro-bowl starters to IR, lost another starter pre-season for criminal conduct and lost two key stars to free agency. Every en starter missed at least two games, and 11 rookies started at once in at least two games. Yet they were one bad call from winning home field advantage in the AFC during Manning’s record year with a mortgage-the-future all-pro roster that managed to stay healthy almost all season. He is singularly responsible for the Patriots success during a genuine rebuilding year.

  28. sean payton’s a good coach, but the improvement was on defense, so he shouldn’t be on the list. belichick should be. even with the perennial advantage of the afc east schedule, he did a hell of a job.

    but if you’re going to exclude carroll and jim harbaugh, you should call the award the coach whose team most exceeded expectation this year award…. because in a short time, both have built very complete teams.

  29. Should have been Reid. There wasn’t a bigger turnaround in the NFL than the Chiefs. Yeah, they had it rough in the end, playing the number 1 seed in the AFC as well as the resurgent chargers 4 times over the last six games of the season. Their last lose to the Chargers is debatable considering the starters were benched and a muffed field goal/noncall by the refs. They lost by 1 point in the playoffs on the road to a great team but put up 44 points. Seriously, what did Ron do over te last few years that was greater then what Reid did in one? But whatever, KC is a small market and nothing but fodder for the east coast biased that is the NFL. Hell, BB should have gotten it over RR. The Panthers sitting at number two in the NFC has more to do with #1 then it does with Ron.

  30. Andy Reid then Rivera then Belichick then Kelly. Reid deserves it more than Rivera. Belichick maybe should win, but the year over year improvement for Reid and Rivera are hard to argue.

  31. This year saw some excellent coaching, no doubt about it.

    Personally, even though I’m a Vikings fan I think Mike McCarthy of the Packers deserves some consideration. His team lost it’s superstar quarterback, but still made the playoffs despite having a VERY shaky quarterback situation for half the season. A whole heaping lot of that was due to McCarthy’s disciplined play calling and Eddie Lacy’s admirable campaign. His team may have only gone 8-7-1-, but everybody expected them to lay a goose egg after Rodgers went down.

  32. How in the world Pete Carroll didn’t make your cut is a mystery….13-3 and played 8 games without 2 starting tackles – and played a 3 game stretch with no (zero) starting o-line available.

  33. Pete Carroll should win it. How many hyped teams with aspirations for the #1 seed actually live up to expectations and not flop?

  34. No hate against Rivera, but why no BB, Pete Carroll or John Fox even mentioned?? The point of this game is to WIN GAMES, and you fail to mention the coaches who have their teams sitting and watching the first round of the playoffs.

    Sure the rest of them are great stories, but this isn’t a Disney movies, this is about results.

  35. This probably won’t be a popular pick but Pete Carroll does deserve some recognition. He took over a 4-12 team in an extreme downward spiral, turned over the entire roster, and now has them at 13-3 and the number one seed in the NFC in just 4 short years.

    You can make all the PED and adderall jokes you want but

  36. Steeler fan here, but I think Bill Belicheck deserves consideration. Nothing but respect for him as a coach and to the Patriots as an organization.

  37. Pats fans are pathetic. This is the first year in many years that they have had some injuries to deal with. Big deal. They are fortunate to have been mostly injury-free for years. All teams have had the injury problems New England has had this year. Get over it.

    I’d say it’s either Rivera, McCoy, or Kelly. Each is a good choice.

  38. Not having Belichick – the Coach of the Year – as a finalist renders your award silly and pointless. Not a Patriots fan – and I have Rivera second – but Belichick dealt with more distractions and injuries than any 3 coaches.

    One of his best players was arrested for MURDER. That would have destroyed many other coaches all season. On top of that, they’ve lost so many players from last year due to injury, it’s insane. He had street free agents starting many games – and the Patriots still got a bye. That is amazing to me. Clearly, he’s the Coach of the Year.

    How can he not be a finalist?????

  39. Congrats Coach Rivera…you went from a coach on the hot seat with a QB that was starting to be labeled as a bust to–Coach of the Year! That’s how you freacking coach Rivera! You’re my team for these playoffs–GO PANTHERS!!

  40. McCoy had to follow up the worst coach in the nfl… Norv. His bad game management cost the chargers at least two games and that’s a conservative estimate. The dude has rivers who whether you like him or not is one of the 5 best qbs in the NFL.

  41. Even when they aren’t supposed to be even this good, the Patriots consistently compete at a high level. They do so because of determination, and expert coaching. I’m sure this determination flows throughout the player and coaching ranks, as well as ownership, but BB, serving as both head coach and general manager is probably largely responsible for creating this culture. He’s done a great job this year. I’d love to see him finish it off with a Lombardi. That would be phenomenal, and against the odds. Like in 2001.

  42. For those who said Chud, should be here, I digress. Sure he’s a sentimental favorite and sure the Cleveland FO, treated him like old bacteria (cutting him was a poor move showing no class, or a long-term view of the future), but let’s face it, the Browns were crap this season. If Hoyer, had stayed healthy things might have been a lot different. But maybe, just maybe, Chud should have done more via his coaches, to keep Hoyer in one piece?

    It’ll probably be back to a coordinators slot somewhere for Chud, and that’s too bad. But realistically, he doesn’t have a HC’s resume that looks like anything.

    Rivera’s a good choice. The Panthers haven’t been getting a lot of love from the media, and this year they do deserve better.

  43. My favorite team’s coach didn’t even make the list? Man…my team had 36 guys on IR, they played the toughest schedule in NFL history, and still won their division!

    -Every person posting here

  44. My vote goes to Rivera…. from the hot seat he’s turned this team around, and won a stacked division that no one gave them a hope-in-hell of winning!

  45. The saints have lost almost the whole starting defence this year and are still one if the best if there was a DC of the year no one can argue it would go to rob Ryan

  46. Chuck Pagano deserves some consideration. 11-5 and a playoff win without Reggie Wayne, their top-two running backs, their best tight end and a host of injuries along the offensive line. Nobody gives this guy any credit either and all he’s done is coach the team to back-to-back playoff seasons in two years since being hired. I think they’ll be Belichick’s Patriots this weekend, too.

  47. “The pieces are in place for the Panthers to contend for the next several years. If not longer.”

    lol, that’s a good one.

  48. Rivera coach of the year!?!?! Rivera would’ve been fired if he couldn’t win 10 games with the schedule they had this year! Why is it no one ever mentions the opponents records when we look at a teams wins/losses. Carolina finished 12-4, but only beat 4 teams that were 8-8 or better. NO, SF, NYJ & NE (And everybody knows that the NE game was a gift by the refs, AKA this years GB/SEA Hail Mary play) Hands down Bruce Arians should be coach of the year with what he did with Arizona.

  49. Do Patriot fans ever stop whining? Belichick’s claim to fame is that he is a cheater. The rest of us all know it. Get over it ans yourselves.

  50. Idiotic that this wouldn’t go to Reid. 11-5 a year after the team went 2-14?! Rivera was the coach when the Panthers started 1-3, was he not? That team was a disappointment last year at 7-9 and it’s somehow the most amazing story in the NFL to get 5 more wins. Rivera was my 4th choice.

  51. Reid had the easiest schedule in the league with 6 Pro Bowlers from last year and the top pick of the 2013 draft.
    The Pats have 15 rookies on their roster, lost most of their top players not named Tom Brady to injury or prison and STILL got a 1st Round Bye!!!

  52. Again Andy Reid is able to fool 4 out of 10. Wait until 2014. The real Andy Reid will surface and the Cheif fans will teased with so close, but yet so far away.

  53. Not really sure how coaching a good team to play to its potential is considered coach of the year.

    How about Mike Smith who started undrafted rookies along with drafted rookies and kept games competitive? They were devastated with injuries at key positions and he wouldn’t let his team give up.

  54. Sorry, buddy, there’s one GLARING ommission! If the gods hadn’t come down from the heavens with that 4th quarter storm-of-the-ages in Brady’s face to stop Bellichick from beating the Bengals , the Pats would be the #1 seed. And, what did Bellichich accomplish such a feet as 12-4 with? Most of his ace-defensive players out for the year and receivers (except for Edleman) who, if they could actually catch the ball, would have made put the Pats at 15-1 or 16-0. Give me a break. While I chew my nails, worrying at every game, fear you not, Bellichick is THE coach of the year. Duh!

  55. No coach got more out of a team of players this year than Rex Ryan. Lost Revis, rookie QB, new GM rendering Rex as a lame duck, no offensive talent whatsoever, Jets were supposed to finish 3-13.

  56. I hate to admit this…

    But truth be told Rex Ryan deserves to be on the list. PFT ranked the Jets as 32 out of 32 before the season started…

    With the problems on that team especially the QB situation Rex deserved to keep his job and should be on the list. 8 & 8 with that roster was quite an accomplishment.

    There is now a new Circus in town (Hint RG3)…LOL

  57. I was drumming up support for CHUDZINSKI but could not get Bummer or Dumbardi to vote. Haslam took the fifth! (Bummer & Dumbardi drank it-draft preparation).

  58. To not have Belichick as even an option is an embarrassment. Florio’s rampant bias against the Patriots has always been apparent and obvious but this just confirms it.

    Belichick guided the Patriots through a multitude of off-season departures, a rash of unexpected injuries to a good amount of his best players (Vollmer, Mayo, Wilfork, Kelly, Gronk), a situation where one of his players was charged with first degree murder, all while integrating an entirely new receiving corps.

    The Patriots through all of this are 12-4 (the same record as last year) and earned a first round bye. How can Belichick not be the front-runner for this award? Nobody did a better coaching job than him this year.

    This is a joke.

  59. “Typically, the prize goes to the man whose team most significantly exceeded preseason expectations, with extra consideration given to any adversity overcome in the process.”

    If that doesn’t mean Rex Ryan then nothing ever written will be taken seriously!!!

  60. My question would be why doesn’t Coach of the Year extend to coordinators? The most incredible turnaround this year to me was the Saints defense. Yes, Payton gets some credit for that as he is the guy pulling all the strings, but the defensive coordinator (Ryan) took the worst defense ever and turned them into a top 5 unit. Last time I checked the coordinators are coaches too…

  61. So many pick the Colts to take a step back this season. They lose their best TE, two starting running backs, their hall of fame WR…place at least 15 guys on IR. They beat both of the #1 seeds in Seattle and Denver. Go 11-5 and win the division. No consideration for Pagano at all?

  62. I’m a Chiefs fan. I voted for Andy Reid, although I knew they had the players last year and severely underachieved so I could make the case that it ISN’T Andy Reid as well.

    However, if PFT is going to have picked this it should have either done so BEFORE the playoffs started, immediately following the regular season or after the Super Bowl. Not after the first weekend of playoffs.

  63. So Chip Kelly is the frontrunner because his team played in a horrible division? If it wasn’t for Orton’s bad pass which was his last of the season, Kelly probably wouldn’t even be in this discussion.

  64. I also agrue that Mike smith should be up for consideration! Not win but at least but in there! He lost his most dynamic playmaker for all but 5 games, his other top Wr was either laying injured or didnt play at all for all but 4 games! His starting RB missed a month! He has between 7-11 starters on IR and played half the year having to start mostly undrafted Rookies or very inexperienced practice players in Key defensive roles and his entire offensive line! AND he still managed to keep almost every game close including games he almost won against NE, SF, CAR and NO! Now thats not the easiest season to have!

  65. Tough year to pick a coach (so many good candidates). Anyone expect the Cardinals to be 10-6 (Arians is my pick because look what he did with Palmer as QB)? Chiefs 11-5? Panthers to become dominant? Eagles? Patriots with so many missing parts? Saints to act like last year never happened? McCarthy should get a coaching demerit (when the Patriots lost Brady for an entire season all they did was go 11-5 … McCarthy barely kept the Pack going without Rodgers and fluked into the playoffs – makes me wonder if McCarthy’s holding them back). Anyone expect Philip Rivers to become relevant again (ever)? Or even Carroll (with a young QB) or Harbaugh (who had to overcome poor play from Kaepernick – and after their rough beginning, I thought the ‘9ers could tank). I had a difficult time picking one coach out of that not-quite-complete list.

  66. It’s a crime to leave Belichick off this list…but people just tend to expect greatness from him, I guess.

    That said, Rivera is extremely deserving. I knew it was going to be him before I even clicked this article. BB and Rivera should be the only ones in the running…if Rivera wins it, I’m cool with that.

  67. How is Belichick not on this list?

    Run down the list of players lost for the year or a substantial portion of the game. Run down the roster and see how many UFAs he’s had to turn to to play starting roles.

    Not only does he have them playing their roles well, he’s got them at 12-4, with the 2nd seed, and a bye last week, and a home game.

    There’s tons of teams with fewer excuses that will be watching the playoffs from home. Belichick at least deserves consideration for taking a rag tag team of backups to a 12-4 playoff season.

  68. Arians. He took over a crappy team and ended the year with one of the best. He played probably the toughest schedule – 8 playoff teams, including 7 games against teams alive in the Divisional round and his team won 10 games.

    Forget Reid. He took over a roster with a ton of good players that only needed a QB.

    Payton had a good year but not better than Arians.

    BB…. yeah they won 12 games but they only played 4 playoff teams and were 2-2. The rest of that schedule was a joke.

    Kelly – another crappy schedule. 4 playoff teams and the one they beat didn’t have Aaron Rodgers.

    If there is anyone who might have a better argument it would be Mike McCoy but he has a better QB.

  69. Belichick not being on here is ridiculous. he had less to work with than any of the coaches combined minus Brady. his defense even had injuries and they still beasted the competition.

  70. How is this not Andy Reid? 2-14 team to 11-5 in one season. (Not to mention one of the losses was because of playing 2nd string and bad reffing). Most people picked the Chiefs to be a 6 win team before this season began.

  71. How in the blue hell does Belichick not even get consideration for Coach of the Year? You want to talk about adversity? Their defense has been basically held together with string and duct tape, and the offense lost their top 5 offensive weapons during the offseason. We got Gronk back, only for him to go down again. Belichick deserves ALL of the votes for Coach of the Year for this squad.

  72. Chip Kelly is offensive coordinator of the year by a landslide, however his actual HC leadership of basic fundamentals is embarrassing. And he did ZIP to prepare his team for the playoffs.

    Had the Eagles not gone 10-6 I’d say Andy Reid deserved it for the Chiefs, but for some college rookie to take the same exact players that Reid drove into the ground and actually win with them, shows major weakness in Reid’s coaching game.

    Rivera wins by default.

  73. The Eagles won 7 of their last 8 and played a close playoff game with the Saints losing in the final seconds, Fat Andy’s Chiefs lost a few down the stretch and gave up a 28 point lead to lose in the playoffs. Edge goes to Kelly

  74. Belichick not being on this list just goes to show that the Patriots era of relevance is underappreciated. While everyone is happy to point out that they have not won a Super Bowl in a decade, they have been to two in a losing effort and their one non-playoff year was an 11-5 Bradyless miracle.

    Belichick deserves to be on this list at least for all the reasons listed above by other commenters. Rex Ryan absolutely did more than anyone thought he could do with that roster as well and should be on the list too, probably ahead of McCoy (who got lucky that all the other AFC playoff candidates crapped their pants the last three weeks).

    I don’t dismiss anyone on the list. But the fact that a football analyst can’t look at the NFL and have Belichick on a list of the 6 best coaching jobs of the year is an abject embarrassment to their craft.

  75. As a Dolphin fan, and Pats/Belichick hater, yes it obvious there is some slander hear towards him as many others have posted. The Pats weren’t even that talented of a team before all of their injuries, and the only way they get to 12-4 is with an amazing performance from coach and staff.

    1. Belichick
    2. Arians
    3. Rivera
    4. Reid
    5. McCoy

    Honorable mention: Rex Ryan

  76. Panthers had the #1 hardest schedule entering the 2013 season.

    2011- Offensive Rookie of the Year.
    2012-Defensive Rookie of the Year.
    2013-Coach of the Year.
    2014-Cam ohhh Cam… MVP

  77. How can it be anyone but Arians? From tragically underperforming at 5-11 to 10-6, in the toughest division in the league.

    The Cardinals were the best team to not make the playoffs this year and it wasn’t even close. If they had played in the NFC North they would have won that division by at least 3 games.

  78. I would have gone for Kelly, Arians then McCoy in that order. Reid inherited a team with 8 pro bowl players, Payton had his same team he coached before he was suspended, and Rivera had his offensive and defensive systems in place already.

    For guys like Kelly who got a late start, switched schemes defensively without the proper personnel and brought with him coaches who a lot of people questioned it was remarkable what they were able to do. McCoy did a heck of a job in San Diego. Arians has done it two years in a row. First as the interim in Indy and now in Arizona in a tough division. They barely missed out on the playoff party.

  79. There are any number of coaches who can have a case made for them, and most of the choices above are reasonable. (I’ll assume the Shanahan guy was going for the laugh) But one thing I’m sick of reading is the argument which has the basic form “If not for…” , then they fill it with everything from the back breaking INT to a penalty they wanted to have called in the final minute of the game, that wasn’t. Those things are part of the game. Good teams find a way to win. If you lost ,you lost. My team fell behind 20-7, fought back to take a 24-23 lead, gave up a long KR, followed by a dumb penalty ( on’ Sconces’part, not the refs),gave up more yards on D and lost on a last second FG. You know what? They deserved to lose! No qualifiers, no whining, they had a good season, but they deserved to lose. I won’t be running down Sean Payton or anyone else. If the coach won , he won. I’m sure they can find any number of plays that could have added to or subtracted from a coach’s total. But it’s a bottom line deal.

  80. Geeze, did Belichick hire shills to come post here or something? He probably didn’t get a mention for the same reason John Fox didn’t… they have legendary quarterbacks running their offenses – guys who could run the show with sand-lot play calling and still manage to win. Fox had his share of adversity this year too, but… Manning. Let the lower-echelon coaches have their day in the sun.

  81. “Typically, the prize goes to the man whose team most significantly exceeded preseason expectations,”
    Anybody that thinks it’s not Reid is only fooling themselves.

    “with extra consideration given to any adversity overcome in the process.”
    The cop-out that is applied when the team that most significantly exceeded preseason expectations isn’t the sexy pick the reporter wanted.

  82. “Chip Kelly got the best results with by far the worst roster. The NFL is a player’s league and for a coach to get 10 wins out of that sad sack of a roster was pretty miraculous.”

    I would not say he had the worst roster, but he did a great job making no-name players play pretty well.

  83. And the four coaches that aren’t sitting on a couch next Sunday are Belichick, Fox, Carroll, and Harbaugh, none of whom are even on your list. Hahahaha.

  84. coach of the year should have gone to bruce arians. just because the rivera lead the panthers to secure the #2 seed doesn’t mean he should be granted coach of the year. B.A. did a lot more than rivera did. coming into his actual first head coaching job leading a losing team to a great season ending at 10-6. rivera has been with the panthers long enough to get comfortable with the way his team plays but for bruce to take over the cardinals and make them 10-6, calling plays all in his first year is very much impressive. I believe they should rethink this. not just cause im a cardinals fan but great job arians did to this team. 2014 watch out for the az cardinals!!

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