Report: Browns interview adds to Ken Whisenhunt’s busy week

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Chargers offensive coordinator Ken Whisenhunt has plenty to keep him busy this week.

He will be preparing the Chargers offense to face the Broncos in a Divisional Round matchup on Sunday while also reportedly interviewing for three head coaching vacancies. The newest addition to that list of conversations is the Browns, who Adam Schefter of ESPN reports will speak to Whisenhunt on Saturday. That will follow a Thursday interview with the Lions and a conversation with the Titans on Friday.

The interview with Cleveland may have a familiar ring to it for Whisenhunt. His Saturday interview with Cleveland would take place almost exactly a year after he had a second interview with the team as they searched for a coach for the 2013 season. Cleveland settled on Rob Chudzinski and gave him a four-year deal that they decided was a bad idea after less than a year on the job.

Whisenhunt is considered a strong candidate to wind up with his second head coaching job this offseason, with Detroit believed to be particularly interested in having him replace Jim Schwartz on their sideline. Whisenhunt was 45-41 in six years with Arizona and took the team to the first Super Bowl in franchise history after the 2008 season.

18 responses to “Report: Browns interview adds to Ken Whisenhunt’s busy week

  1. Remember when Haslam/Banner said that they were not going to re-interview any candidates from last season?

  2. Very good HC.

    He would be an excellent hire for any of the vacancies out there.

    If he could take the Cards to the SB, he could take any team to the SB.

  3. machine it was Banner not Haslam who said “he didn’t think”. That means unlikely, but possibly. Watch the interview again.

  4. Don’t let him leave town w/o getting him to say yes. Wisenhunt’s a winner & he knows the AFC North for his time w/ that other team in the division.

  5. Machine64, I don’t care if they eat crow while interviewing their first “very qualified” coach.
    Do not let him out of the room without a contract Jimmy!!!!! Bout damn time!!!

  6. Whisenhutt thought he had this job last year. But Banner and Dumbardi wouldn’t agree to his choice of assistants, most likely Coordinators. They liked the idea of bringing in Turner, which both Horton and Chud promised.

    Whis is an adult something sorely needed in the Browns organization. He will have more leverage than any other candidate.

    The question is can he leverage Dumbardi out of the leadership? And can he force them to provide the players he needs to win?

  7. I find the timing of this weird. Josh McDaniels just removed himself. From the beginning everyone believed Josh was their guy. Now he is out and reports are saying he was not the guy. Yet the Browns just add a very qualified canidate to the search. I think Josh has an ego. I don’t think the Browns were willing to give him the power he wanted. I believe the McAdoo interview was for OC. After four days Josh was stressed about the situation and decided to stay at his ez job with Brady and Bill.

  8. Please hire this guy… out of everyone that’s been mentioned or interviewed so far, this is the first one that is actually an upgrade over Chud.

  9. How can he possibly focus on the upcoming playoff game when he is interviewing for head coaching jobs? That is a huge distraction no matter what anyone says. This practice is not right and should be stopped. Why can’t other teams be required to wait a couple weeks???

  10. I can’t help but think that is a back-hand way of revealing that Haslam is neutering Banner to some degree. Whisenhunt was said to have actually walked out of his second interview with the Browns because Banner insisted on having final say-so on Whisenhunt’s assistants. If Banner hadn’t insisted, Whisenhunt would have been the Browns coach last year.

    It sure seems like there is a power shift happening in Cleveland and, as a Browns fan, this is welcome news.

  11. I wish the Cleveland Browns still had that behind the scenes show that they had last season just for how awkward this interview is going to be…

    “So…uh…how’s things been since we talked this time last year?”

    They should probably also interview Pat Shurmur and Rob Chudzinski for the job while they’re at it.

  12. Whisenhunt makes the most sense…you wouldn’t have to blow up the defense because his old DC is already here

  13. @ lennydpocketqb,boltchicks, I agree with both of you, I also think that this very ,very bad timing to e having one of your coaches running around interviewing for a job. IMHO, I just do not understand one thing, just why is the Chargers letting Ken Wisenhunt, run around doing interviews when the team needs him during the play offs ? Unless they do not plan on bringing him back next season, think that might have anything to do with these interviews ? Correct me if I am wrong, but my understanding of the NFL rules was that “NO ” coaches would be allowed to be interviewed during the play offs, as long as their team was still in the play offs ? In fact I just seen on the NFL web site,where some coaches were not allowed to talk to another team while their team was in the play offs. So, what gives with the Chargers ?

  14. As a Broncos fan, I’m happy to hear that they’re so relaxed about the upcoming game. You know, instead of devoting every waking moment to the upcoming task at hand like a smart person would do.

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