Report: Jay Gruden agrees to become Redskins head coach

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The Redskins and Jay Gruden were reportedly making progress toward an agreement for Gruden to become the team’s next head coach when Thursday got underway.

It seems that process has reached its finish line. Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that Gruden has agreed to leave his post as the Bengals offensive coordinator to become the head coach in Washington and Jay Glazer of FOX Sports reports Gruden has informed the Bengals that he’s leaving the team.

Gruden interviewed with the Redskins on Wednesday and was scheduled to interview for the top job in Minnesota on Thursday, but it seems the Vikings will have to take things in a different direction. That’s also true of the Titans, who interviewed Gruden on Tuesday and are scheduled to interview Chargers offensive coordinator Ken Whisenhunt on Friday.

It will be Gruden’s first head coaching job in the NFL, but he has been a head coach in both Arena Football and the UFL. The Redskins are expected to make an official announcement of Gruden’s hiring later on Thursday.

96 responses to “Report: Jay Gruden agrees to become Redskins head coach

  1. Now all us Bengal fans need to see is Zimmer go too, and meanwhile watch the one guy who should be gone (Lewis) stay forever.

    Thanks Mike Brown, as always.

  2. Thanks for helping with the turn around in Cincinnati Jay, but I think you took them as far as you could. Time to let Hue Jackson take over.

  3. Solid choice…and good for Dan Snyder for finally selecting a coach and not just a marquee name.

  4. I don’t think he got the very best out of Dalton; but he did do a good job with him. If he can get the same out of RGIII or Cousins, the Redskins will be ok.

  5. I liked this guy watching Hard Knocks. Too bad he’s got to go to work for Snyder. May have been on the cheap in Cinci but now he’s got all the money he needs with no ability to coach without the Anointed One and Snyder “correcting” him. This will end like all Snyder coaches. Too bad.

  6. As a Ravens fan this is awesome. Gruden had that offense clicking big time. Too bad Dalton couldn’t stop throwing INT’s or they would have gone deeper.

    No more AFC North crowns for you Cinci !!!

  7. I guess we’ll have to see if he turns out to be the next Joe Gibbs or the next Jim Zorn!

  8. There isn’t going to be a QB controversy. Lest we forget RGMe is pretty much co-owner at this point. This was his choice as much as anyones.

  9. It will be very interesting/entertaining when the ‘skins are on MNF. Jon has the reputation of saying every player and coach is amazing…so just imagine how he’ll talk about his brother!

  10. I’m not writing off RG3 yet because losing an entire off season with a serious injury is a big deal being as young as he is. Gruden had the Bengals offense doing well, but the playoffs are what you play for and the Bengals have looked really bad the last two years.

  11. I’m a Redskins’ fan and absolutely hate this pick – what has this guy done in Cinncy? The team is average at best on offense in the regular season and is winless in the playoffs.

    This is a choice that smells “this is the best we could get” and suggests the others turned the Redskins down.

    I can see three more years of losing records before this guy is canned – hopefully he’ll be so bad that he’ll last two.

    This will be even worse if Robert Griffin the Turd has input and is restored to being the starting fake Quarterback.

  12. Charger defensive players said they were ready for everything the Bengals did and the Bengals made zero adjustments during the game. That is the man now running the Redskins?

  13. LOL epic fail for the skins.. Gruden is a horrible game planner

    Skins to Gruden: who’s bright idea was it to continue to call pass plays where the WR’s had to go 15 yards down the field while the chargers blitzed every single down… Hey Gruden ever heard of a screen play.. & why did your play maker AJ Green disappear in 2 playoff games? just reaffirms Snyder doesn’t know WTF he is doing

  14. Jay Gruden’s offense was fantastic, especially for a team like the Bengals. It’s not his fault Dalton keeps choking in the playoffs, that’s on Dalton. He also seems to be very well liked by his players, and that is important.

    I think it’s a good hire, but ultimately the Redskins success will be determined by getting production out of the QB position and keeping draft picks going forward. Hiring a new coach isn’t going to fix everything immediately.

  15. The embarrassment of riches continues for the best team in the NFL. It’s not enough that the Redskins are the most dominant team in NFL history, now they add the best offensive mind of the current generation as their new coach. Gruden gets to work with RG3, the best player in NFL history and Kirk Cousins, the second best QB in the NFL today. With Garcon and Griffin, expect more offensive records to fall to the Redskins. #ThankGodI’maRedskinsfan

  16. This isn’t John, it’s his brother Jay and what exactly has this guy done to become a head coach? While he seems to thrive in the reg season he can’t come up with a winning game plan in the post season at all just ask Cinci.

  17. So a coach that specializes in making strong arm passes FROM THE POCKET is taking over a team with one decent lineman and a mobile qb. This is going to be good…

  18. With the Bengals, Gruden had a good OL, above average RB’s, above average WR’s and TE’s, and an average QB, and scored only 10 points AT HOME when it counted.

    Other than his last name is Gruden, why does Gruden get a HC’ing job over the countless other assistants that have much more compelling resumes to offer.

    Who knows, he may turn into a very good NFL HC in the end, because everyone who gets to that level of the game has the technical knowledge of the game (X’s and O’s) We example after example of players who come into the league with no pedigrees, and turn into starts. Why not coaches. But still, on the surface, it make no sense to these eyes

  19. He did a decent job with the Bengals. And he got the most out of Andy Dalton that he could. So I don’t think it’s a bad hire. Let’s see what happens before we rush to judgement.

  20. Interesting hire. He’s not the worst candidate thats out there, looks like Washington pounced before other teams had the chance to scoop him up. But not sure how he will do running the ship. One thing to be clear about Skins fans is he is not his brother. The one & only Chucky is still in the booth on Monday nights.

  21. Certainly a lot better than (deer in the eadlights) Caldwell! Snyder reputation prevents this organization from hiring any young talented up and coming coach!

  22. this just means skins will blow for the next 3 to 5 years nothing like signing a coach from a perennial loser

  23. Anyone who thinks this is a good hire either hates the Redskins…or didn’t watch the total beatdown the SD defense put on Jay’s offensive offense last Sunday. His play calling was clueless and his adjustments non existent. Outcoached in every possible way.

    I can hear the cheering in Cincy…and I’m in Daytona Beach.

  24. Great coach..

    doesn’t even matter..
    the Skins have so many holes, so many aged players, and no draft picks.

    The team wants a quick turn around, but he is set up for failure for the next 2-3 years. The previous regime set him up for failure, and thats what will happen.

    too bad.

  25. Does anybody else think Jon was waiting for Jay to get his shot before making a comeback?

  26. Ask yourself. Jay Gruden vs Kyle Shanahan….This is s better day for the Redskins. Besides, who said he would be calling the offense? I would like to see maybe Kubiak or even hit Norv up as OC. HTTR

  27. Nice guy. But he was overmatched against the Chargers’ John Pagano. Can’t see him doing any offensive miracles with RGIII.

    Seems like this will be one of those “mediocre mistakes”– the Redskins will be around .500 for the next five years, going just under or just over depending on strength of schedule. Too bad. Would have liked to see RGIII have a good career.

  28. Redskins will be back in the playoffs next season…book it.
    Allen will get some some solid FA players and draft picks, which are all high each round.

  29. Coughin retires in two years, Jon Gruden makes the long-awaited return to coaching and takes the NYG job, and it’s FAMILY FEUD time in the NFC East.

  30. Being a Redskin fan in San Diego I know Charger fan’s weren’t all that excited about Mike McCoy at first. So color me unexcited as well, but I say welcome to Washington.

  31. Apparently Snyder didn’t see Sunday’s game, abandoning the run, which saw Ellis averaging almost 8 yards per carry cost the Bengals the game. He will ruin RG3. Bengals gain is Washington’s loss. Snyder has no idea what he is doing. Glad he is gone.

  32. stevelibrandi says:
    Jan 9, 2014 1:52 PM

    Apparently Snyder didn’t see Sunday’s game, abandoning the run, which saw Ellis averaging almost 8 yards per carry cost the Bengals the game. He will ruin RG3. Bengals gain is Washington’s loss. Snyder has no idea what he is doing. Glad he is gone.
    Dalton has improved every year while Gruden was O coordinator, the whole offense has steadily improved as well. Good luck staying with Marvin Lewis

  33. Snyder “GET ME GRUDEN!!”
    “But sir, we called him, he will not come out of the booth.”
    Snyder “Get me Gruden or you are all fired!!”
    “Yes sir.”
    Next day:
    Snyder “Did you get Gruden?”
    “Yes sir.”
    Snyder “Good, you can continue to grovel at my feet until the next time I decide to fire you. BTW who is this Jay person that just showed up on the payroll?”

  34. Glazed over in this article is that Whisenhunt is interviewing on Friday for Titans. Dude has a game on Sunday. You think you might want to focus on that first? Or are you planning to start your new job on Monday?

  35. I can see it now..

    Daniel Synder: “Nice to have you aboard, Jon.”

    Jay Gruden: “It’s Jay, sir.”

    Daniel Synder: “What!? Jay? I thought I hired the guy from MNF.. Ohhhh, mannn..”

  36. gruden didn’t even watch all 11 film with the whole offense think about that every coach does that for a specific reason…..enjoy redskins you got your amateur can’t wait to see the new Bengals play as 1 team on offense not 3 or 4 groups!

  37. I hope the skins stay down and really don’t have a read on the 2nd Gruden’s skill….but remember the same negativity was flying when Kelly was hired in Philly, he’ll fail, be out in 2 yrs, blah blah blah.
    If the players like him, they’ll improve, can’t really go down from where they are.

  38. I am sure Dan Snyder is happy to have hired “Chucky” after all he was ecstatic when he bought that car that was once owned by Jon Voight

    Yes, I know they hire the “other” Gruden but I doubt Lil Danny Snyder knows

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